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Yoshi (ヨシ, Yoshi) is a female Bount under the service of Jin Kariya.


Yoshi is a woman of medium height and slightly dark skin with dark green-teal hair that reaches the middle of her back, falls over the far left side of her face in a stomach-length bang, and has a slight part in the middle. She has pale green eyes with thin and furrowed eyebrows as well as a flat mouth. Yoshi wears a sleeveless purple qipao that is slit up to her thigh and fastened at the front with several thin braids over beige pants with black shoes.


Yoshi is an aggressive, sadistic, and bloodthirsty woman whose sole goal in life is being able to acquire whatever she wants by violently taking it from those weaker from her; to this end, she does not want any battles she participates in to have any meaning beyond fulfilling her own desires. She is also willing to take risks in order to acquire power; when warned by Mabashi that consuming living Souls would drastically age the bodies of the Bount as it did Sawatari's, Yoshi pointedly dismissed this as irrelevant in the face of how much the Bitto would empower them and further claimed that the age of their bodies did not matter since they cannot die of old age anyway. Like the other Bount, she was visibly amused by the news of Hō and Ban's deaths. However, she has some level of control over her impulses and emotional responses; when confronted by Mabashi and attacked by his Doll, Ritz, Yoshi wisely decided to retreat and take revenge on him at a later time rather than risk being possessed and forced to fight for him despite her anger.

In battle, Yoshi is ferocious and ruthlessly pragmatic, having no compunctions about performing surprise attacks on enemies who do not even know she is present. She also prefers to fight men instead of women when possible, as she considers them to generally provide more of a challenge to her. When tasked by Jin Kariya with fighting Rukia Kuchiki, despite not holding any particular grudge against the latter, Yoshi expressed fervent glee at the idea of tormenting her with various fighting techniques, was pleased by Rukia prolonging the fight by running away to treat her injuries, attempted to humiliate her by pulling off Rukia's shihakushō with Nieder, and vowed to cut her up until her flesh and blood were indistinguishable from each other, demonstrating the depths of her sadism. She is also more than willing to harm and kill children - in order to get Rukia to lay down her sword and end the fight after getting impatient, Yoshi took a young girl and a baby from the Rukongai hostage and threatened to crush the girl's head if Rukia did not comply, emphasizing this by tightening her grip until the girl's skull began to crack. Additionally, as noted by Nieder, she displayed a masochistic side by screaming in ecstasy when her body was painfully reforming itself from being hit by an explosive Hadō #33. Sōkatsui. During her battle with Uryū Ishida, though willing to pause and discuss her outlook on life and the situation at hand with her opponent, Yoshi focused more on mocking the instability of Uryū's power and viciously exploiting his comparative inexperience, taking pride in her own power and prowess as being superior to his own. However, Yoshi repeatedly underestimated Uryū's resolve and strategic capability while simultaneously misunderstanding the limits of his Quincy Bangle, which led her to assume that he could not overcome her defense and led to her being fatally injured when he took advantage of the gap between her transformations of Nieder, a weakness she was not even aware of, to fire a Heilig Pfeil when she did not believe he could do so anymore. In her last moments, Yoshi readily admitted that she had lost and expressed gratitude to Uryū for giving her a fun last battle.

Though she coexists with the other Bount in Kariya's group, Yoshi has no particular fondness for any of them; she does not like Kariya not treating her and the other Bount as his equals, though she does acknowledge that he has begun acting like a real leader, and looks down on Ugaki's sycophantic tendencies toward the former. In particular, Yoshi feuds with Mabashi, who disagrees with her on the value of sacrificing youth for power and considers her to be an old hag, with Yoshi in turn criticizing him for getting drunk on his first taste of a living Soul and later mocking his death against Suì-Fēng as being the result of his unbearable naïveté. By her own admission, she only aligned herself with Kariya's plan to destroy the Seireitei for a chance to run wild and display the heads of her enemies without reservation.

Yoshi has an unorthodox relationship with Nieder; though the sword and fan share her desire to cut up enemies and will aid her to this end, Yoshi is frequently on the receiving end of criticism from them regarding her fighting style and often gets into arguments with them over their effectiveness in battle. Additionally, despite the tactical and offensive advantage it offers, Yoshi hates being fused with the sword of Nieder in their Happonjin form for the entirety of a battle and will intentionally end the fusion mid-combat if it has been active for too long. Despite this occasionally hostile relationship, Yoshi is willing to accommodate the demands of Nieder in combat in an attempt to improve their performance, such as assuming a pose and meditating for an extended period of time, though she does not appreciate it when this leads to her enemies receiving an opportunity to run away.


Bount arc (anime only)[]

When Jin Kariya begins putting his plan to eradicate the Seireitei into motion, he calls Yoshi and all the other remaining Bount to the Bount Mansion, where they learn that Hō and Ban have just been killed and are amused by it. Yoshi and the others proceed to listen intently as Kariya promises that they will soon be able to emerge from the shadows of history which they have lived in for so long. Two days later, Yoshi joins Kariya and his fellow Bount in the main hall of the mansion when Gō Koga captures Uryū Ishida, where she watches Ryō Utagawa's battle against Ichigo Kurosaki with amusement and rejects his attempt to overthrow Kariya.

Escaping from the mansion as an assault by Jinta Hanakari and Ururu Tsumugiya burns it down, Sawatari regroups with the other Bount in the cave system formerly lived in by their clan. Some time later, having created the Bitto, Kariya joins Sawatari and the others in the cave system and reveals that drinking the concentrated living Souls collected by the Bitto will increase their current abilities to over ten times their current level. Intrigued by this, Yoshi drinks the serum alongside the other Bount and is enraptured by the increase in power that it grants him, leading her to admit that it is not bad and that the sensation is addictive.

When given an opportunity to go out and test her new level of power, Yoshi encounters Rukia Kuchiki, Orihime Inoue, and Kurōdo, whom she immediately attacks before they even know she is there. Though Rukia initially intends to fight her alone, Orihime and Kurōdo join the battle as well, which Yoshi is bemused by. Yoshi proceeds to overpower Rukia, leading Kurōdo to copy 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai and his fighting skills in order to engage her personally while Rukia charges up a full-incantation Hadō #33. Sōkatsui. However, when the blast is fired at her, Yoshi shifts the fan of her Doll, Nieder, to its armored form and emerges unscathed.

As the fight continues, Yoshi's attacks with Nieder begin missing, and when she reprimands the fan and sword of Nieder for this, Yoshi is advised by them to meditate in order to center herself and ends up doing so, giving Rukia and Orihime an opening to run away. Upon seeing this, Yoshi throws Nieder at them, but is shocked when they bounce off of Orihime without inflicting any harm. When Mabashi shows up and begins bragging about his new power, Yoshi criticizes him for getting overconfident, only to find herself attacked by his Doll, Nieder, whom she ends up running away from to avoid being possessed while vowing to take revenge on Mabashi for this later.

The following day, Yoshi rejoins the other Bount in the cave system along with Kariya, who alerts them to the arrival of the Shinigami strike force sent by the Gotei 13. When Ichigo makes it to the central chamber after Ugaki is killed, Yoshi watches as Kariya effortlessly overpowers and physically dominates him. Once Uryū arrives and uses his newly-regained Quincy powers to modify the Senkaimon created by the Bount so they can enter Soul Society, Mabashi grins alongside her comrades and passes through the portal with them. The day after entering Soul Society, Yoshi is sent by Kariya to attack Rukia and finds her in the Rukongai.

Yoshi quickly begins attacking an unarmed Rukia, who resorts to using a cracked sword embedded in a nearby wall to defend herself and finds herself outmatched due to Yoshi's strength and versatility. Suddenly, Ririn intervenes and uses her illusions to disorient Yoshi, but when Rukia blasts her at point-blank range with Hadō #33. Sōkatsui, Yoshi simply heals herself with Reishi from her surroundings and resumes her assault. After a wounded Rukia flees from her, Yoshi tracks her to an abandoned house and takes the young girl she was protecting hostage to force Rukia to drop her sword before grievously wounding and attempting to kill her prior to 6th Division Captain Byakuya Kuchiki intervening.

However, Yoshi heals herself from Byakuya's attack and reveals that this was just a diversion prior to leaving as bombs go off around Senzaikyū. Two days later, Yoshi and Mabashi defeat Danzōmaru outside the Black Ride Gate of the Seireiheki, allowing villagers from Kusajishi to raise the gate with a massive siege engine. Once inside the Seireitei, Yoshi begins creating distractions by attacking groups of Shinigami, during which she notices and is amused by Mabashi's death. Eventually, Yoshi is confronted by Uryū, whose fluctuating power she notices and exploits to land a powerful blow, though Uryū continues attacking her.

Annoyed by Uryū's determination and amused by his desire to end meaningless battles, Yoshi explains her motivation for fighting to him and continues her barrage of attacks, further wounding Uryū but not defeating him. Realizing that Uryū's attacks vary in power and seem to be weakening, Yoshi is nearly hit by a powerful Heilig Pfeil that Uryū did not intentionally fire and decides to finish him off, only for Uryū to exploit an opening left by the transformation of Nieder to fire a Heilig Pfeil directly through her chest. After Uryū details how he accomplished this, an impressed Yoshi admits defeat and thanks Uryū for giving her an enjoyable fight before her body turns to ashes.

Powers & Abilities[]

High Spiritual Power: Yoshi possesses considerable Reiryoku, allowing her to fight off Rukia Kuchiki, Kurōdo, and Orihime Inoue all at once, dominate Rukia in a solo battle, and overpower Uryū Ishida during their fight.

Master Hand-to-Hand Combatant: Using a style similar to wushu, Yoshi fights with incredible accuracy and grace, delivering powerful and precise kicks while maneuvering through attacks with great speed and flexibility.

Master Swordswoman: Yoshi is incredibly proficient in wielding the jian sword of Nieder; when facing off against Kurōdo, who was copying the power and skill of Zanjutsu master 6th Division Lieutenant Renji Abarai at the time, Yoshi evenly matched and pressured him during their sword clashes. Later, she dominated a weakened Rukia, an expert in Zanjutsu, whenever they crossed blades during their battle in the Rukongai.

Reishi Absorption: Like all Bount, Yoshi can absorb Reishi in her vicinity; though nearly useless in the Human World due to the low concentration of Reishi in its atmosphere, this ability is immensely strengthened in Soul Society where everything is composed of Reishi. By absorbing Reishi, Yoshi can heal all physical damage to her body and clothing, which breaks down the structures that the Reishi is absorbed from in the process, but she cannot heal immediately lethal injuries in time to save herself.

Enhanced Strength: Yoshi possesses great physical strength augmented by the consumption of Bitto serum, allowing her to leap to great heights effortlessly from a standing position. During her battle with Rukia after consuming even more living Souls, Yoshi effortlessly held the latter up in the air for several seconds with one arm and no visible strain when Rukia attacked her from above, threw Rukia into a wall hard enough to smash through it with the same single arm, broke out of a Bakudō #1. Sai with just her bare arms, punched through a wooden wall without injury, and held a young girl up by the head with one hand before threatening to crush the girl's skull, which she backed up by tightening her grip and causing it to begin to crack with little effort.

Highly Perceptive Combatant: Despite her aggressive nature, Yoshi can be considerably analytical in combat, having deduced from the varying power and trajectories of Uryū's Heilig Pfeil that he could not fully control the Quincy Bangle supplementing his powers.


Nieder (ニーダー, Nīdā; German for "Down") is Yoshi's Doll. A combination of a jian and a fan that are connected by an extending chain and have separate personalities and genders, Nieder has multiple functions and attacks; the fan can fire thick spikes and the chain can restrain opponents, while both the jian and the fan have armored forms that greatly enhance Yoshi's offensive and defensive capabilities, respectively. Yoshi summons them by taking their sealed closed fan form and morphing it into the two weapons.


  • (To Mabashi regarding consuming living Souls) "You're so annoying. What matters is that we are going to gain power. It isn't like we can ever die or anything."
  • (To the fan of Nieder) "I'm terrible with the little details. Wouldn't it make more sense to kill two or three of them at once?"
  • (To Nieder) "Are you forgetting who's in charge here? Why don't you two just shut up and do your jobs?!"
  • (To Mabashi) "All you are is a cocky little punk who's drunk with the power of tasting your first living Soul!"
  • (To Rukia Kuchiki) "You certainly are cute. It's making me excited!"
  • (To Rukia) "You don't give up easily, I'll give you that...which means that for me, the fun just lasts longer!"
  • (To Rukia while holding a girl hostage) "Throw away your sword, now! I have a lot of patience, but your silly little games have taxed me to the limit! And don't try anything funny, or I promise I'll crush this girl's head before you can move!"
  • (To Rukia) "How foolish you are. Interesting. I find myself getting excited just thinking about all the different ways I might finish you off!"
  • (To Nieder) "Do it all at once! Let's slice her up until her flesh and blood are indistinguishable from each other!"
  • "Mabashi's Reiatsu has disappeared. Can't say I'm surprised. I always knew he didn't have what it takes. So long, loser."
  • (To several Shinigami) "So this is all there is? Haven't you got anyone worth fighting around here?!"
  • (To the jian of Nieder) "Oh, just shut up! You know I hate the feeling of being fused with you for the length of a whole battle!"
  • (To Uryū Ishida) "Honestly, if you wanted to have a chance against us, then you should've brought a better weapon!"
  • (To Uryū) "You said before that you wanted to put an end to this meaningless battle, but over the years I've discovered that there's no such thing as a meaningful battle! They're all meaningless!"
  • (To Uryū) "Kariya has devised a plan to exterminate every single Shinigami living in the Seireitei, and it will work! But honestly, I couldn't care less! I just came along because I thought it might be fun to bust this place up! It didn't used to be like this. There was a time when I would dive into battle and risk my life to get what I wanted. I was willing to sacrifice everything - I found a certain satisfaction in that. But then time marched on and the world changed. I'll never understand what's wrong with the strong killing the weak! I have denied my thirst for far too long! And now, my thirst has grown into an unquenchable desire! But I don't have to hide in the shadows anymore! I can proudly display the heads of the weaklings I defeat!"
  • (To Uryū) "I guess you win...and I lose. Can't say it wasn't fun..."