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Wuya (voiced by Susan Silo in the original series, Cree Summer in the second series) is an ancient Heylin witch. She served as the main antagonist of the first series and the principle antagonist against the entire Xiaolin side. Wuya was once the most powerful and evil being in the universe and conquered the world 1500 years ago, and is often implied to within the continuity of the series the embodiment or representation of the Heylin side. However, she was trapped in a Chinese puzzle box by Grand Master Dashi in the first Xiaolin Showdown. She was then released from her puzzle box prison by Jack Spicer, whom she needs to complete her work for her, though she thinks he is useless to her for messing up so many times. Wuya can be returned to her physical form by combining the Serpent's Tail and Reversing Mirror, which has been used on her twice (once by Raimundo, and once by Chase Young). Her physical form is youthful, beautiful, powerful, and usually barefoot. Her first revival allowed her to transform the world on a large scale without the use of any Shen Gong Wu, and made her largely invulnerable to their power. In her all-powerful form Wuya is far more powerful than Chase Young and Hannibal combined, but her second revival, while still superhuman, was not nearly as strong. For the first season, except for the last episode, she is in her ghost form. Then after having her physical form destroyed by Raimundo, she is a ghost for the second season then is restored for the third season and remains tangible. Throughout the series Wuya has been the only antagonist to actually succeed in world domination more than once, in which firstly 1500 years ago before the start of the show and again at the start of the second season.


  1. Clay Bailey
  2. Kimiko Tohomiko
  3. Master Fung
  4. Omi
  5. Raimundo Pedrosa

Shen Gong Wu[]

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