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Wind Dragon DCAU

Wind Dragon was the leader of the Ultimen.


Wind Dragon served as the leader and spokesperson of Maxwell Lord's popular superteam the Ultimen, giving corny speeches that made even Superman groan. Eventually, the Ultimen discovered that they were genetically engineered and had been given implanted memories as part of a project to create a team of superheroes loyal to Cadmus.

Distraught, Wind Dragon and the rest of the Ultimen (except Long Shadow, who had switched his allegiance to the Justice League) rebelled and went off to destroy the labs that created them, hoping to take down the League to boot. Wind Dragon almost defeated Superman by using his wind power to force the air out of Superman's lungs. However, Wind Dragon was talked out of it by Long Shadow, who pointed out that Wind Dragon used to idolize the Man of Steel and only ever wanted to be a hero himself. Wind Dragon was taken away with the rest of the Ultimen, where it is presumed that they soon died in captivity from cellular degradation.

In order to support Galatea's attack on the Justice League Watchtower, Cadmus manufactured an army of Ultimen clones, including Wind Dragon. While retaining the Ultimen's powers and expertise in using them, the clones were essentially mindless, possessing no free will so as to be used only as living metahuman weapons of destruction (which, ironically, was what the original Ultimen feared the government wanted them to be all along). The clones served to distract the League while Galatea went after the reactor. However, the assault failed as the League successfully defended their base in a massive battle. During said battle, even a trio of Wind Dragon clones were no match for the areokinesis of Red Tornado, who literally blew them all away.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Aerokinesis: An aerokinetic, Wind Dragon had the power to generate and manipulate hurricane-force winds, similar to Red Tornado and Slipstream. His tornadoes allow him to fly, along with others when he chooses to. During the battle with the magma creatures, he also suddenly developed the ability to cool off the air in those hurricanes to far below freezing point for a "freeze wind" attack.

Background information[]

Wind Dragon is an update of the Japanese hero Samurai from the Super Friends series. Samurai was a character meant to add racial diversity to the team, but is ironically regarded as a racial stereotype today.

Unlike Samurai, Wind Dragon did not speak Japanese magic words before using his powers.


Justice League Unlimited[]

  • "Ultimatum"
  • "Flashpoint" (clone)
  • "Panic in the Sky" (clone)