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A member of the J-Team.


Originally, Viper first appeared as a master thief whom Jackie met in the New York Metropolitan Museum, where the Snake Talisman was exhibited. Her original target, however, was the Pink Puma, a large pink diamond also on exhibition in the museum. At the very same night, Jackie (with Jade in tow) and Viper attempted to steal their respective targets, but caught each other in the act, and a fight ensued. During their scuffle, they lost the bags which contained their objectives, and accidentally picked up the wrong ones when the police arrived, so that Viper got the Snake Talisman while Jackie ended up with the Pink Puma and - subsequently - a stay in prison.

Upon discovering the talisman's power, Viper used it to break Jackie out and agreed to a meeting with Jade to switch the talisman for the Pink Puma. However, the talisman she gave to the Chans was a fake, but as she returned to her apartment, she found Valmont and the Shadowkhan waiting for her. Viper fled from the Shadowkhan to the nearby Thanksgiving parade, where Jackie and Jade located and aided her against her pursuers. In the end Viper managed to slip off, though without any booty, and after her run-in with the Dark Hand she gave up her life of crime to work as a security consultant. Later on Viper was recruited by Jade to become a member of The J-Team. She also aided Jackie and Jade in independent missions, such as apprehending the magical thief Origami.


Viper is a trained master thief par excellente, with finely honed reflexes and dexterity. Thanks to her former profession she has extensive knowledge about modern security systems, can pick locks, slip out of restraints and can use stealth to move around areas undetected. She is also a very skilled martial arts fighter have the same fighting style as Jackie. Unlike Jackie, who uses innovative techniques when fighting his opponents, she prefers direct attacks and does not use any weapons, with the exception of Talisman magic. She may be the weakest member of the J-team in terms of the strength (with the exception of Jade) but she is most agile.


Season 1[]

  • Enter the Viper

Season 2[]

  • The J-Team
  • Origami
  • Demon World (Part 2)

Season 3[]

  • Re-Enter the J-Team
  • A Jolly J-Team X-Mas
  • Attack of the J-Clones

Season 4[]

  • The J-Tots
  • Ninja Twilight

Season 5[]

  • The Powers That Be (Part 2)