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Zombie / Effect


All face-up Zombie-Type monsters you control gain 200 ATK. If this face-up card on the field would be destroyed, you can send 1 "Vampire Bat" from your Deck to the Graveyard instead.

  • In episode 31, Camula uses this card during her duel against Vellian Crowler. She summons this card in Attack Position. This card's effect increased the ATK of all Zombie-types Camula controlled by 200. After "Zombie Werewolf" (whose ATK was 1900 due to its own effect and this card's effect) attacks and destroys "Ancient Gear Soldier", this card attacks directly. Crowler then activates "Damage Condenser" to Special Summon another "Ancient Gear Soldier" from his Deck. Later Camula activates the effect of "Infernalvania" to discard "Vampire Lord" and destroy all monsters on the field. Camula then discards another copy of this card in order to prevent this card's destruction. This card then attacks directly. Later "Ancient Gear Golem" attacks this card, but Camula discards another copy of this card to prevent this card's destruction, however Camula still takes Battle Damage. Later "Vampire Genesis" (whose ATK was 3200 due to its own effect) attacks and destroys "Ancient Gear Golem". "Zombie Werewolf" and this card then attack directly, defeating him.
  • Vampire bats are a kind of bats whose food source is blood.
  • This card is not one but a swarm of many small monsters who form one big monster.
    • When this card is neutral, the swarm forms the one monster. When it attacks, the monster splits into the swarm and proceeds to bite their target until either the monster is destroyed or until their direct attack is complete.
      • This alludes to how actual vampires are known for vanishing in a swarm of bats.