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The place where Asgardian warriors go to when they die in battle. It is ruled by Hela(Earth-TRN123).


The episode includes no seque from the previous episode, Thanos Rising, and the opening scene finds The Avengers being interviewed in Avengers Tower following the Avengers being awarded the "key to the city". As the Daily Bugle reporter, dressed in green, interviews each Avenger, it becomes clear she is attempting to cause a raucus between the Hulk and Thor. Eventually the Hulk smashes Thor through one of the walls of the tower and fight ensues on the ground amongst civilians.

To prevent further collatoral damage on earth, Thor summons a portal to Asgard so that Thor and Hulk can battle in an arena to determine who is the strongest Avenger. As they enter the portal, the reporter uses magic to change the destination of the portal to Valhalla, the land of the dead. It is at this point that the reporter reveals herself to be Loki.

In Valhalla, Loki makes a deal with Hela, the ruler of Valhalla. Hela would receive the greatest earth warrior, (Hulk or Thor), while Loki would receive the magic horn which controls the army of the dead.

Back on earth, Loki summons the army which resemble skeleton corpses, which the Avengers fight. Following this, Loki summons an ancient undead hollow giant. The Avengers determine that the only way to take down the monster is to cause an implosion by detonating a device inside it. This is done by Black Widow.

In Valhalla, Hela shows off the power she has in her realm by temporarily returning Hulk to his Banner state. She then lets Thor and Hulk continue their contest. Thor eventually explains to Hela that she has been tricked by Loki. That is, the victor of Thor and Hulk would have no one to fight (provide entertainment to Hela) since Loki has taken the population of her realm to earth. Hela then teleports herself, Thor and Hulk to earth.

Loki is accused of trickery by Hela and she directs Thor and Hulk to fight him. In the meantime she reclaims her magic horn. Thor and Hulk fight hard, but after a few heavy hits from Loki, pretend to give in and admit that Loki is the greatest warrior of the three. Hela takes this battle as sufficient evidence and teleports herself, her army, and Loki back to Valhalla, where Loki would apparently serve eternity.

In the end the Avengers are victorious, but they admit they might need to return the key to the city back to the Mayor.