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Trixie Tang is the most popular girl in Dimmsdale Elementary School who Timmy Turner strives to win over, among every other boy at her school. She is part of the popular kids social group at her school, and in some episodes is their leader. Her best friend and sidekick is Veronica.

Sexual Harassment[]

Episodes Harassment By Timmy
Odd Jobs; Movie Magic 3 Times
Imaginary Gary 7 Times


Trixie Tang: Hi!

Timmy Turner: (looks around confused)

Trixie: No, silly! I said hi to you.

Timmy: Really?

Trixie: Yeah, uh... I know you've had a crush on me and I was wondering if you wouldn't mind...

Timmy: Going steady? Taking you to a dance? Being sweethearts through high school? Going to college together? Getting married? Remaining deeply in love as we grow really old together and spend our golden years traveling the world and extending our lifespan with the advanced technologies that will be available in the future until we eventually crumble into atoms and we're scattered across the cosmos where we'll float together for all eternity?

Trixie: Um... no. Introducing me to your cool new friend!

Bus Driver: Announcing the arrival of Trixie Tang. Passengers prepare for submission.

(Trixie walks onto the bus, students begin to bow and grovel before her)

Students: We're not worthy! We're not worthy!

Timmy: Hi Trixie, I-

Trixie: Not worthy.