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Todd Snap

Todd Snap (Japanese: トオル Tōru) is a professional Pokémon photographer. Making his debut in the anime, he is most notable as the main character of Pokémon Snap, and has appeared in various other media, including Pokémon Adventures.


Todd first appeared in Pokémon Paparazzi. He had recently become famous after he took a picture of a supposedly extinctAerodactyl - namely, the very same one that tried to eat Ash (who was also on the photo, although blurred). He was hailed for being able to "capture any Pokémon on film". After seeing the article in a magazine, Meowth misunderstood the wording, not seeing the "on film" part. Team Rocket disguised themselves and hired Todd to capture Pikachu.

Todd set out to capture the perfect picture of Pikachu, which irritated Ash; the two boys eventually settled their differences, however. Todd traveled with Ash and his friends for a short time, but left at the end of The Breeding Center Secret.

Later, Todd showed up again in Moving Pictures up in the mountains of Johto, trying to capture a picture of the Legendary bird,Articuno. After successfully photographing the Legendary Pokémon in Freeze Frame, Todd went his own way once again. 


  • Todd is the only spin-off game character to appear in the Pokémon Adventures manga proper, and, due to his introduction in the anime long before Pokémon Snap was released, the only anime-introduced character to appear in Pokémon Adventures.
  • He had two separate names in the English-language dub. He is known as Todd in the Kids' WB! and the Cartoon Network version and Snap in the DVD/VHS version. When Poké announced that the episodes featuring him would air on Toonami Jetstream to celebrate the release of Pokémon Snap on Virtual Console in December 2007, they remedied the conflict by making Snap his surname.
  • Including spin-off games, Kellyn and Todd Snap are the only human player characters who don't wear any sort of headwear.