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Thelma Freeman was a slave who first appears in the episodeThe Story of Catcher Freeman. She's Tobias Lynchwater's wife, and Robert Freeman's ancestor from the 1800's who he calls "A Saint".


Several versions of Thelma are told in this episode. Robert's version has her portrayed as this typical damsel in distress who is rescued by "Catcher" Freeman and eventually falls in love with him when he starts a revolt. Ruckus' version portrays herself as the "a cheap no good hussy" who uses her wiles to seduce Catcher; who was portrayed as a wild like Tarzan character in his version. She traps him so he cannot help protect Master Colonel from the slave revolt.

However, Huey goes online and does research on the real story. The truth was, Catcher was really named Tobias Freeman, the possible biracial son of the Colonel. But Tobias was cowardly and weak, and had no desire for freedom. Thelma, on the other hand did. She and many of the other slaves also had a personal disdain for Tobias due to his weak and cowardly nature. Despite this, Tobias was very much infatuated with her. One thing was partial true, in Robert's story he had told of how Catcher Freeman had saved Thelma from sexual assault.

One night, Thelma attempted to escape and was caught and came close to being sexually assaulted. But in self defense, Thelma murdered her attacker, this sparked a greater desire for her to gain freedom. Thelma, not Tobias, planned a revolt against their Master and many of the slaves were in full support. Except for Tobias, who wanted to gain his father's respect and begged them to give him a day to at least let the Colonel see his "script". Thelma, coldly but reluctantly, agreed.

However, she lied and started the attack not too long after Tobias had presented the script to the Colonel. Thelma lead the charge and began a swordfightt with the Colonel, only to have Tobias shot him. Though unknown to her and the others, he had shot the Colonel by accident. Tobias quickly picked the winning side and pretended he had killed the Colonel on purpose. Thus, gaining the others' respect and Thelma's affections for him. After escaping to Canada where they married and lived somewhat happily ever after.