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Super Moose is a popular fictional character within Jackie Chan Adventures. Super Moose has a comic book series, toy line, and his own amusement park.


Super Moose does not really exist, but Jade's stuffed animal is sometimes brought to life by the Rat Talisman. Jade only does this when she needs to put together a makeshift team to take down a foe, (the team is known as the T-Troop). The team also includes, Mordecai, Eggbert, and Jade/T-Girl. Super Moose was used to take down Tarakudo in the Season 4 finale, (Ninja Twilight). Super Moose was also used to remove the Oni Mask from Jade's dog Scruffy in Season 4, (The Amazing T-Troop). Super Moose, first appears in Season 2 (The Amazing T-Girl) when Jade accidentally absorbs the powers of the talismans and brings her Super Moose toy to life to help battle Daolon Wong. Super Moose also shows up twice in Season 3 (Aztec Rat Race) and (Animal Crackers) to fight Daolon Wong and his Dark Chi Warriors again.

Powers and Abilities[]

When empowered by the Rat Talisman, Super Moose is capable of human speech and possesses the powers of flight, extreme endurance, accelerated speed, and super-strength and "antler action".

One Super Moose was strong enough to crack open the energy sphere Daolon Wong used to imprison the god Quetzalcoatl, and punch out Zhen.


TV Series[]

Season 2[]

  • The Amazing T-Girl

Season 3[]

  • Aztec Rat Race
  • Animal Crackers

Season 4[]

  • The Amazing T-Troop
  • Deja Vu
  • Ninja Twilight

Season 5[]

  • The Powers That Be (Part 2)

Comic Strips[]

The J-Team[]

  • Time Switch (Part 1) (poster)
  • The Mask of Mighty Moose

One More Thing[]

  • Jade's Adventures #5
  • Jade's Adventures #58 (poster)


  • Ostensibly, Super Moose referred to a superhero variant of a character originally known as Melvin Moose in Season 1, although for unexplained reasons from Season 2 onwards this character was referred to in select episodes as Marlon Moose (unless the episodes dealt with Super Moose in particular). The character-inspired amusement park was titled Melvin World in Season 1, and in Project A, for Astral Jade desired to go there - and eventually did in astral form while Jackie was pursuing 'Jade' (under the care of Captain Black and his colleagues at Section 13) who was possessed by the much-displeased astral projection of Shendu. The theme park was known simply as Moose World from Season 2 onwards.