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Sugoroku Space is a place in the universe where people are sent when they are sucked into a wormhole. The caretakers of the place host a board game to see if the person has the desire to live. If the game is won, the person can leave, but if they lose or are caught cheating, they die.


Sugoroku Space is seen in Dragon Ball GT when Goku is stuck there after Kibito Kai drops him during Instantaneous Movement.

The Space Lemurs Sugoro and his son Shusugoro had been sucked in through a wormhole, and in the process, their spaceship was somehow destroyed. Without a ship, they were stuck there for many years. When Goku arrives, the two Space Lemurs pretend to be hosts, but after Goku sees through their ruse, the real caretakers realize that they had been cheating all those years. As punishment, they try to kill them by ripping the place apart, but Goku saves the two Space Lemurs and all three escape Sugoroku Space thanks to Kibito Kai's help.