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He is a Leaf Village Shinobi. He is also a member of the Nara Clan. He was trained by Asuma Sarutobi. His wife is Temari.


  1. Get Yota back from the ANBU Black Ops.
  2. Find and Rescue Sasuke Uchiha.
  3. Track down and eliminate any and all members of Akatsuki. 
  4. Get revenge for Asuma Sarutobi by killing Hidan and Kakuzu.
  5. Your Mission is to rescue the kidnapped Hanabi Hyuga. Shikamara you will lead this 4 man team. I am also allowing Hinata Hyuga to join.

Ninja Academy Training[]

Chakra Nature: Lets start with the basics. The properties of Chakra. Generally we all posses one Chakra Nature. Besides the Nature we obtain from training that is. There are different Chakra Natures. The more Chakra Natures you have the better. That's why most Jounin posses multiple Chakra Natures. However some shinobi are different they are born with two Chakra Natures. They are able to fuse those two Chakras and by doing so create a new Chakra. They are known as Kekkai Genkai Shinobi. 

Sensory Perception:  

Super Powers[]

  • He can create Shadows within Shadows. 


  1. Armageddon Countdown Clock
  2. Chakra Blades
  3. Kunai Knives
  4. Paper Bombs


  1. Clone Jutsu
  2. Earth Style Barrier
  3. Human Boulder Yo-Yo
  4. Ino-Shika-Cho Formation
  5. Ninja Art: Shadow Possession Jutsu
  6. Ninja Art: Shadow Stitching Jutsu
  7. Ninja Art: Shadow Strangle Jutsu
  8. Portable Water Field
  9. Shadow Clone Jutsu
  10. Shadow Grab Jutsu
  11. Shadow Possession Shuriken Jutsu
  12. Shadow Pull Jutsu
  13. Substitution Jutsu
  14. Transformation Jutsu: Transform


  • According to Asuma, Shikamaru has the mind of a great General. Because of his ability to come up with quick strategy's on the Battle Field.
  • Asuma Sarutobi's and later Shikamaru Nara's trench knife-style "chakra blades" are designed to be used Reverse Grip way.
  • Shikamaru is now an Instructor at the Ninja Academy.
  • Shikamaru's Test Scores at the Academy when they graduated were even worse than Naruto's.
  • The Shadow Possession Jutsu was invented as a delay tactic.
  • We find out that Shikamaru used to look up to Sasuke.
  • When Shikamaru Nara was caught by this illusion, in the manga, the flesh of his arm was melting off his bones; in the anime, his entire arm was melting, including the bones.