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Sheriff Rick-Dan Wat-Senn is a Plumber with a cowboy-look stationed on Revonnah.


Sheriff Wat-Senn is green-skinned humanoid alien. He has a white mustache and sideburns, with a bald spot on top of his head.

He wears a light orange shirt, with dark orange vest and trousers. He wears black gloves, with white stripes on the back, a Plumber's belt, and a gray bandana around his neck with the Plumber symbol on it.


He seems to prefer a quiet life, having specifically requested to be stationed on Revonnah due to the lack of criminal activity on the planet.

He shares a friendly rivalry with Max Tennyson, spending most of Rook Tales competing with him in various activities.



In While You Were Away, Wat-Senn was interrupted by Rook Shar from eating a slice of pie. He followed her outside, only to find Young One fooling around with his harvester. He and Rook Shar later found out that the Incurseans were attacking Revonnah, and they hid underground.

Later, he and Shar would team up with Ben, Rook and Young One to stop the Incurseans. Unfortunately, Wat-Senn and Shar fell under and the effects of the Ogia Concentrate, and turned against their allies. Gravattack and Rook subdued them, leaving Young One to keep an eye on them.

Once Ben and Rook destroyed the pipeline, Wat-Senn returned to normal and was freed by Young One from his restraints alongside Shar. As they were returning to the surface, the trio were confronted by Incurseans. Wat-Senn activated a smoke bomb and handily dealt with the invaders, before meeting back up with Ben and Rook.

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Powers and Abilities[]

The Sheriff, while training Plumbers, gained many new skills, including hand-to-hand combat, weapon use, etc.


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WYWA (296)

Mind Control Vulnerability

Wat-Senn is vulnerable to being mind controlled by Ogia Concentrate.[1]



Season 3

While You Were Away (first appearance)

Season 7

Rook Tales


Wat-Senn's name is a pun on the name "Watson" and Rip Van Winkle.


Wat-Senn asked to be stationed on Revonnah purely because nothing eventful ever occurs on the planet.

Wat-Senn is an old rival and friend of Max Tennyson.