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Sha Shan is a student at M3 High. Flash invited her to his birthday party, which she didn't attend. Flash was interested in her, but she coldly rejected his advances, much to his frustration. She auditioned for a play that is directed by St. John Devereaux. In yet another attempt to get Sha Shan to become his girlfriend, Flash joined the school play, A Midsummer Night's Dream, but Sha Shan still rejected him. She ultimately accepts Flash's attention when he tells about Harry's addiction to the Gobulin Green helping them win the championship, showing that he only wants to win fairly. She went out with him on Valentine's Day, causing Flash to behave strangely in an attempt to behave properly. She told him that she accepts him for who he is, an honest caring person, and agreed to dance with him after he told her "I honestly want nothing more".


Sha Shan appears as a minor character in Spectacular Spider-Man, voiced by Kelly Hu


  • Sha Shan makes a cameo in Catalysts but her first full appearance isn't until First Steps.