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Scorch, known as Rikuo in the Japanese version, is one of the top Duelists in a gang of thugs in Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL along with Chills, and was one of the Number holders.


Like his brother, Chills, Scorch is a violent, rude thug. He shows little respect for other members of his gang, save Chills, and cheats in Duels. Under the influence of "Volcasaurus", he believed himself capable of doing anything with impunity. He demonstrates a large amount of loyalty to Chills as well. After losing to Yuma Tsukumo and Shark, his personality changes drastically, and he runs off in fear.


Their gang took in Shark after he quit Dueling, explaining that Shark's former fame would be of use to the gang. When Yuma Tsukumo, Tori Meadows and Bronk Stone come to their arcadehideout looking for Shark, he catches Bronk by surprise and grabs him in a choke-hold, letting him go when Shark asks him to.[1]

Scorch and Chills later learn of a rare Deck being put on display in a museum, featuring "Chaos End Ruler - Ruler of the Beginning and the End", and set out to steal it with Shark in tow (planning to frame Shark for the theft). Another gang member informed Yuma of their attempt, allowing Yuma to intercept them and challenge them both to a Duel, betting his own "Number", "Number 39: Utopia". Scroch and Chills are surprised that there are "Numbers" other than theirs. Shark teams up with Yuma, making it a 2-on-2 Tag-Team Duel.[2] During the Duel, Shark correctly guesses that Scorch and Chills had cheated by turning off their D-Pad's shuffling function and placing their cards in a set order so that they know which cards they will draw, allowing Scorch to Summon his "Number" with ease early on. After Chills loses due to protecting him, Scorch angrily attempts to finish Yuma and Shark off, but Yuma is able to reduce the damage they take and Shark ends Scorch's Battle Phase. Yuma and Shark able to beat him with Shark's "Armored Xyz". After he and Chills lost, the two thugs ran away from Shark in fear, having lost the influence from the "Number" cards.


Scorch uses a Burn/FIRE-Dinosaur Deck focused on beatdown tactics. His Deck works hand-in-hand withChills', with Scorch's being more on the offensive side. He also uses a large amount of support for Level 5 Monster Cards. His Deck was spearheaded by "Number 61: Volcasaurus" until it was absorbed by Astral. All of his Dinosaur Monster Cards have the "-saurus" suffix while Chills' dinosaurs have the "-don" suffix.

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