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He is the founder of the Shinobi World

Super Powers[]

Shadow and Light Style used to create Nine Tailed Beasts from the Ten Tails Chakra.  

  • Light Style: Founded upon Physical Energies that govern life and can be used to instill life into that form. 
  • Shadow Style: Founded upon Mental Energies that govern imagination can be used to create form out of nothing. 


The Five treasuered tools of the Sage of the Sixth Path. According to the Fourth Raikage A no normal Human can weild those tools. They drain away massive amounts of Chakra. So must who try die. Except for someone who has the Nine Tails Chakra. 

  • The Kohaku no Johei the Amber Purification Pot is one of the 5 treasured tools. It was used to seal away the Eight-Tails. You don't need the other tools for it to work. All you do is say the targets name and if they respond there voice is recorded and there trapped inside