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It was an offensive use of the lightsaber. It is not clear if it was an ability in its own right or a technique combining powers such as Force Pull. The Force user, whether by manually locking the blade in the 'on' position or holding in the activation button using the Force, could throw the lightsaber in a boomerang fashion, with it cutting its way through obstacles and (usually after deactivation) returning to the hand of the caster. Variations in the skill of users meant that some could hurl their lightsabers great distances, make mid-air course corrections, or keep them hovering in place. These techniques, finely honed, could be combined to make telekinetic lightsaber combat possible.

Also, there was a destructive variation of the technique where the saber could be thrown straight towards the target.

It was extremely damaging to anything alive, if it hit vital parts of the body, such as heart or head. Galen Marek was a notable practitioner of this skill. His clone was also quite skilled with it, and would often throw both of his weapons simultaneously into troop formations to devastating effect.