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He is a Magister Plumber. He was promoted by Magister Maxwell "Max" Tennyson. He is also partners with Ben Tennyson. He was trained by Master Kundo.


Regular Appearances[]

Rook is tall, with periwinkle-blue colored fur, black markings on his face, and pointed ears. The middle of his face, his chest and his stomach are white. He has black stripes on his shoulders, waist, lower legs and lower arms. He carries the Proto-Tool on his shoulder and wears very durable blue-and-black Proto-Tech Armor.

Occasional Appearances[]

In The More Things Change: Part 1 and The Frogs of War: Part 2, Rook briefly wore a brown hooded robe and a red cap.

When under Fistrick's bro essence in No Honor Among Bros, Rook's hair is spiked up to look like a Mohawk and his Proto-Tool is gold instead of white. He lacks the Proto-Tech Armor and instead wears a tank top with a skull on it. He has golden spikes on his waist, legs, and wrist bands.

While riding the Tenn-Speed in The Color of Monkey, Rook wore a helmet resembling his Proto-Tech Armor with an orange visor.


Unlike Ben, Rook is more stoic and prefers to think before acting. He used to treat Ben more like a superior instead of a friend/partner as he usually addressed him as 'sir' when they first met. He now tends to see Ben as a lesser or equal being such as saying he always has to save Ben and that, "[Ben] wouldn't even be alive without Rook's help." Although, Ben still manages to impress him from time to time. While he is very intelligent, his lack of experience can make him somewhat naïve and often the rear of Ben's constant jokes. He seems to dislike chili fries, but he is crazy about meatball subs.

Rook still has difficulty understanding his Earth expressions, and he says that he still can hardly deal with 16-year-old Ben. However, when Ben said that he doesn't always get Rook, but finds him to be cool, Rook explains that the feeling is mutual.

Rook is quite formal, initially calling Ben "sir" or referring to Gwen as "Miss Tennyson". When Rook first met Ben, he was respectful of him, and Kevin exasperatingly pointed out that he's "so polite". Rook never uses contractions except once when he heard that his former teacher Kundo hurt his father.

Generally speaking, Rook is open-minded and gets along well with everyone, though there are certain individuals that push his patience to the limit, and he sometimes has to resist an urge to hit them, like Pax and Kundo. When his family is in danger, Rook is willing to defend them by any means necessary.

Rook considers the Vreedle Brothers to be his sworn enemies due to them destroying the Plumbers' Academy and with this, making him taking his final exams on an asteroid. However, when he met Sceles Vreedle, he was very confused for multiple reasons. He was attracted to her, but had mixed feelings due to the fact he already has a girlfriend who is, in his opinion "quite attractive". Additionally, there is the fact that she was a Vreedle and a criminal; his sworn enemy who he as a textbook plumber was supposed to be opposed against.


  • According to Rook Plumber Records show that the first recorded sighting of an alien craft on Earth occurred was in 1773.