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Rebecca Lee (レベッカ・リー Rebekka Rī), mainly referred to as Revy (レヴィ Revi) and sometimes Two Hands ( Tūhando), is the main female protagonist of the Black Lagoon series and a member of the Lagoon Company.


Revy is a Chinese-American, slightly tan-skinned woman of moderate height in her mid to late twenties. She has upper back-length burgundy hair (brown hair in the manga) that she typically keeps in a low loose ponytail with rather large bangs falling onto her forehead on either side along with two shoulder-length sidelocks framing her face, amber-brown eyes, a tribal tattoo on her upper right arm that reaches all the way up to her neck, and a slightly muscular build that she does not conceal in the least. According to art that series creator Rei Hiroe illustrated, Revy has an E-cup.

Main Outfit[]

Her wardrobe typically consists of a black tank top that leaves her stomach exposed, very short cut-off jeans (turned into denim shorts) that she never bothers buttoning up as she uses a U.S. Army webbing belt to keep them up instead, a pair of U.S. military jungle boots without socks, and a pair of black fingerless gloves. Revy also sports a pair of brown leather cross-draw shoulder holsters to store her twin Berettas in whenever she is not using them. She has stated on at least one occasion that she dresses in short clothing because such clothes are easy to move in and do not cause her to overheat, rather than because the outfit is revealing.

Winter Outfit[]

For colder climates, such as winter in Tokyo, Revy resorts to something a little warmer, including a red beanie hat, a white fur-lined brown coat, her regular fingerless gloves, a black turtleneck, a horizontally striped red miniskirt (plaid in the manga), black tights and brown cowgirl boots.


Revy is a troubled, loud, rude, sarcastic, deadly, competitive, short-tempered, cynical, confident and considerably aggressive nihilist who also exhibits a wild temperament. Unlike Rock, Revy is undiplomatic, believing in the use of brute force and coercion to get her way. Out of all the characters in the series, Revy uses the foulest language and is also a heavy smoker and drinker. Revy is merciless and sadistic, and is more than capable of killing anyone, even unarmed civilians. Despite her merciless nature, she is also capable of being humorous and witty, and she can be quite a talker when she is not mad. Another aspect of her personality is her racial insensitivity:

  • She has mocked Shenhua's broken English and syntax by calling her "yes-lady" (「ですだよ」姉ちゃん). In the English versions of the anime and manga, the term Revy uses toward Shenhua is "Chinglish", a portmanteau of Chinese and English
  • She has used the anti-Chinese slur "chinky" toward Feng Yifei
  • She has demeaned Leigharch for his Irish heritage (in the English version of the manga, the insult she uses toward him is the anti-Irish slur "mick")
  • She refers to Isaac as "that creepy Jew"
  • She calls a FARC soldier a "beaner"
  • She refers to the Frenchwomen of Les Cinq Doigts as "frogs"

Although most people call her "Revy", she usually addresses herself as Rebecca to elderly people like Sister Yolanda and Praiyachat. At the beginning of the series, Revy was a merciless, sadistic and skilled killer without conscience, more than ready to kill anyone at the slightest provocation, even unarmed civilians (as demonstrated in the U-boat rampage), and she kills in cold blood as seen when she murders a wounded FARC soldier after promising him to take him to a hospital in exchange for him disclosing Roberta's location. She takes maniacal glee in killing anyone she fights or otherwise comes into conflict with, while having very little remorse for her victims. Whilst appearing to be driven by general bloodlust, it is shown throughout the series that Revy subconsciously uses violence as a dysfunctional and destructive coping mechanism and outlet for her deeply repressed emotional and psychological issues. An example of this is when she becomes uneasy at the idea of accepting Rock into the Lagoon Company; Revy then vents her trust issues by becoming particularly unpredictable during several ensuing missions and getting what Dutch refers to as "Whitman fever," going on indiscriminate shooting rampages and executing hostiles and innocent bystanders alike. However, it should be noted that the above incident was indicated by Dutch to have been concerningly out of character for her, and he rather harshly chastised her for it.

The inhabitants of Roanapur tend to take Revy at face value as an incredibly destructive, volatile, sadistic, gun-crazed psychopath and this is how Revy initially thinks of herself, ignoring the psychological trauma and emotional turmoil that fuels her behavior, possibly putting on this act to prevent others from discovering her emotional scars, keeping them hidden even from herself. It is only when Rock arrives and begins to confront her over her actions, as opposed to immediately backing off or enabling her, that she begins to develop some reluctant introspection and to seriously think about who she has become and who she really is.

One of the ways Revy's subconscious pain and emotional scars manifest themselves is her aversion to the empathy of others or others trying to relate to her. People presuming to understand what she has been through or how it has affected her is a huge trigger for Revy, causing her to react in a violent rage, suggesting the depth of the bitterness and grief her early life has bred into her. She has a changing but volatile attitude towards Rock, the newest and most outspokenly humane crew member of the Lagoon Company. Although she respects him later in the series, she is at first mostly hostile towards Rock, as she tried to intentionally kill him on at least two occasions and threatened him on countless others. However, she does have a tendency to save Rock from critical situations, and later on, she becomes closer to him.

Due to an impoverished upbringing which involved verbal, physical and sexual abuse from those who had power over her (such as her father and the police), Revy has developed an obsession towards power, over both herself and others, which causes her to appear fiercely independent and violently assertive, often using verbal or physical violence as a response to anyone who crosses her or to assert her dominance. However, while Revy initially appears to be tough, savage and strong-minded, her exterior actually covers up a profound lack of inner-strength and fear of the powerlessness she felt as a child. Her independence is actually more of a reactive attachment disorder, alienating others as much as possible to prevent the exposure of her own weaknesses and vulnerabilities. Revy believes the chief source of power in life is money, the "one thing everyone respects and agrees on", and consequently has developed an obsession with maximizing the profits from each job as much as possible, such as ransoming others and looting corpses when she feels that the Lagoon Company is not paid enough given the risks involved and/or the work put in.

Later on in the series, it is suggested that, despite her insistence otherwise, deep down Revy actually hates Roanapur, her lifestyle and the person she has become, and that she wants to change but does not know how. In Tokyo, Revy opens up to Rock, saying that she has lived "on dirty air" her whole life and, though she temporarily forgot it, she would be incapable of living in "a good place" like the one Rock came from. In Roberta's Blood Trail, after Revy states that Fabiola Iglesias sees the world as a garden of roses, Fabiola retorts that Revy is actually the one who sees the world as a garden of roses, one that she herself was expelled from. This feeling that she was unreasonably denied a happy life causes Revy to adamantly view the world as bleak and desolate, to the exclusion of all contradictory evidence.

One of her funnier aspects is sometimes being quite forgetful, implying that her brash attitude caters to her stupidity; at one moment being unable to recall remembering Lotton the Wizard, let alone shooting him, during the "Greenback Jane" arc, much to Shenhua and Sawyer's amusement and falling for Roberta's trick that her shoe was untied. Revy has no completed formal education, most likely due to her poor & horrible upbringing and her dropping out of junior high. Despite her lack of formal education, she does have some deduction skills, and she is able to understand a little Spanish and claims to know a tiny bit of Cantonese.

In Volume 10, Revy suggests, though does not outright confirm, bisexuality by telling Jane that she has "won over some sex-starved dykes by playing the man's role." It should be noted however, that this statement was given in the context of a threat; she was in no uncertain terms telling Jane to back off of Rock after Jane revealed that she wanted to involve him in an orgy. Outside of these instances (one of them being an out-and-out joke), Revy does not seem to have either a sex life or any visible interest in sex, most likely due to the trauma she went through when a corrupt policeman raped her.

She has also complained on a few occasions about Jane's overt love of sex. Despite this, in the manga, she was involved in Rowan's S&M show, which may have been more to satisfy her sadism as well as her subconscious self-loathing (or simply as an easy way of making money). Conversely, Rowan stated in the anime that he wanted Revy to return to his employment as she was an S/M dancer previously, to which she retorted, "Forget it, Rowan. I'm not coming back. Even if there is whipping." Revy has a particular degree of comfortability around Rock wherein she is comfortable wearing lesser clothing around him, indicated in various chapters.



Revy is the driving force behind Lagoon's military might, being the fighter of the team who can single-handedly defeat an entire fleet of small boats. Her role in Lagoon is at the vanguard, being the protector when her team faces danger and the striker when the team needs to eliminate an enemy. She also plays special roles, such as infiltrator, rescuer and courier. Ultimately, Revy is the reason why Lagoon Company is a force to be reckoned with.


Revy is one of the deadliest fighters in the series and the main gunfighter in the Lagoon Company, whose skill with firearms and ability to dodge bullets is almost superhuman and unparalleled. She is capable of high movement like jumping and maneuvering herself around crowds. Roberta and Ginji Matsuzaki are a few characters who can hold their ground, or at least be a match against her, in combat. In moments when she has "Whitman fever", she pretty much kills anything in sight.

Revy also appears to have some hand-to-hand combat skills, being able to hold her own in a fistfight against the formidable Roberta (although this was more of a comedic fight rather than a serious one). She has also taken down other hostiles with flying kicks. She works out and has been seen engaging in upside down abdomen crunches, which contributes to her physical strength despite frequent smoking and drinking.


Revy's weapons of choice are a pair of modified Beretta 92F's; which are made out of stainless steel and had their barrels extended from 4.9" to 5.9" each (the 5.9" is the combat MOD barrel) and are threaded to be able to accept muzzle breaks, suppressors, compensators, etc. They are engraved with the message "9mm Sword Cutlass" on both sides, as well as the Jolly Roger of the infamous pirate Calico Jack (which is also inlaid into the ivory grips), and a manufacture inscription in Thai showing that Praiyachat modified her Beretta pistols. Her 92F's were also used for melee combat at some point in her fight against Ginji. Due to her ambidextrous marksmanship skills, she is nicknamed "Two Hands" by the denizens of Roanapur.

She is also skillful with a wide variety of weapons, ranging from being able to single-handedly fire an M79 grenade launcher while standing on the deck of a moving boat, casually yet effectively firing a PM-63 submachine gun, to wielding a Gepard Anti Materiel Rifle against a helicopter gunship. Revy is of course very knowledgeable when it comes to firearms, as she was seen in a rare state of excitement when Dutch handed her an APS underwater rifle.


Revy is by far the least intelligent member of the Lagoon Company. She tends to let her judgment be run by her emotions and base her actions upon her feelings, a flaw that has gotten her into trouble numerous times. Even so, she's still intellectual to some degree, being able to tell a losing battle from a winning one and being able to gather and piece information together to formulate battle strategies.

In a lot of ways, it would be better to see Revy as uneducated as opposed to unintelligent. She has the ability to make connections based on evidence and information, as well as develop both combat and social strategies, but given her poor upbringing she likely never finished her education (formally or otherwise) and has put extra development on her violent streak.

However, it cannot be denied that she is generally portrayed as being rather unintelligent, and outside the context of battle, tends to have poor judgement. The other inhabitants of Roanapur seem generally to agree with the former sentiment, with her on one occasion being referred to as "the airhead two hands." The police lieutenant Saensak also shares this opinion.

Black Lagoon history[]

Revy hails from New York in the United States of America. Few details are known about Revy's past as what is gathered is from brief flashbacks from both the manga and the anime. Revy was born as Rebecca, a Chinese-American, in Manhattan's poverty-stricken Chinatown district of New York City. Growing up on Mott Street, she was raised by an abusive, alcoholic father. One day, after fleeing from one of her father's rampages, she was arrested, beaten and raped by a corrupt police officer. Upon being returned home following this ordeal, Revy shot and killed her father after he callously asked her for another drink, using a pillow as a make-shift silencer.

In her youth, she had also spent time in a child welfare center, and she quit school partway through middle school. There were apparently similar incidents between Revy and Buffalo police, particularly at the 27th Precinct. Eventually, the assaults resulted in Revy losing her faith in God, leading her to believe that the police abused her because to them she was "just another little ghetto rat with no power and no God." Revy has alluded to doing time in prison (in Buffalo Hill) and it is hinted she is an escaped felon. It is unknown how or when she ended up in Roanapur, where she worked as a performer at Jackpot Pigeons and then joined Dutch's shipping company not only due to her weapon skills but also thanks to her diving skills.

Black Lagoon[]

Around the beginning of 1995 during a business trip for Asahi Heavy Industrial Co., Rokurō Okajima's ship was hijacked by the Lagoon Company run by the pirate individuals Revy, Dutch and Benny, who on a job for Hotel Moscow sought the disk that Rokurō carried. Dutch punched Rokurō onto the ground as he and Revy pointed their guns at him, finding out that he did have the disk. Upon preparing to leave, Rokurō was thankful that he would survive, but Revy pointed her gun at him, saying that he would come with her. Rokurō for ransom and kept aboard their PT boat, the Black Lagoon. On board, Dutch berated Revy for bringing the Japanese salaryman on board, causing her to lash out by shooting several bullets around Rokurō and scaring him. Dutch disarmed her until she agreed to calm down, and Dutch took Rokurō onto the deck.

In between their trip to deliver the disk, they stopped in Roanapur at the Yellow Flag to await further orders from Balalaika. This was Rokurō's first encounter with Roanapur and his first-hand experience of the type of environment which Roanapur is built upon. Dutch then told him about the bar's history as a refuge for ARVN defectors, and he got up to make a call to Balalaika, referring to Rokurō as "Rock," confusing him. During the crew's drinking, Benny casually explained to "Rock" that he had a run-in with the mafia and the FBI in Florida two years ago and was saved by Revy. The latter quickly interrupted before he could finish his story, saying that Benny was still too young to reminisce about the past. She then quickly insulted Rock for drinking beer, saying that he may as well drink piss. Then, Revy casually pushed a cup of Bacardi towards Rock and told him to drink it if he was a real man. Offended by Revy's provocation, Rock drank the glass in one go, which led to the both of them engaging in a drinking contest. However, little did they know that the bar had become surrounded on all sides by the Extra Order mercenaries lead by the Captain, ready to take their lives.

Upon realizing the danger, Revy and the rest of the crew quickly took cover. In the beginning of the chaos, the rounds of bullets fired into the bar nearly killed everyone who was in it. When The Captain and his team entered the bar to check for survivors, Dutch told Revy to give them "a taste of Two Hands," so she jumped into the fold and killed the mercenary group with ease. Rock, who witnessed Revy's valor, could not help but find it strange that Revy was able to smile and laugh while mercilessly killing other people. Bao, trying to defend his bar, told Revy that she would have to pay the damages or he would "weld her asshole shut" and make a new one in her head. As Revy and Dutch provided cover, the latter sighed and agreed to take Rock with, escaping the bar and the onslaught. After escaping the ambush using a man's body as a shield, Revy got into Benny's car and tossed a grenade behind her.

On the way back to the Black Lagoon, Revy told Dutch about Bao's comment, with the latter sarcastically replying that he was scared. While crossing the sea, Revy berated Rock for complaining to her and Dutch since he was basically using the boat as a personal taxi, but she then heard Benny state that he was able to successfully contact Rock's employers using an assault dial, so Rock took the call with one of his bosses, Kageyama. Rock's boss told him to die at the hands of the mercenaries hired to take down the Lagoon Company along with the disk. With all hope lost, Rock fell into despair and began vomiting on deck, with Revy asking him why he was so seasick. Soon, the E.O. captain came after the Black Lagoon with an anti-tank aircraft, so Revy tried to use an anti-material rifle to push back the helicopter. Rock put on a life vest and tried to flee, making Revy tackle him and yell at him for trying to leave.

The helicopter turned back and shot multiple rounds onto the deck again, interrupting Revy and Rock. With no hope of winning, Dutch tried to steer Black Lagoon into the open sea where they could avoid a direct attack, but they were forced by the Captain to sail towards the river fork, which meant that they would eventually run out of places to hide. After chasing Black Lagoon to a place with a wrecked ship, the Captain stopped and hovered his aircraft to a standstill, letting Black Lagoon go. Dutch thought that the Captain had abandoned his chase only to find out that the river had led them to a dead end. With no place to go, Black Lagoon had no choice but to turn back and face the Captain, with Revy accepting the end. Thinking to himself after panicking earlier, Rock told everyone that he came up with a wild plan to use the wrecked ship as a ladder for Black Lagoon to reach the aircraft in the air and fire their torpedoes.

Dutch called Rock crazy for thinking up that plan because the boat would be in midair and it required the Captain's aircraft to be right in front of them in order for the torpedo to hit. Knowing that they lacked many choices, Revy then replied that at that point, the plan was the only thing they had, stating to Dutch that she would follow whatever action he took. Dutch once again called Rock a crazy bastard for thinking up such an impossible, but smiled and agreed to the plan, so Revy took Rock with her on deck.

Seeing that Black Lagoon had come back, the Captain readied his aircraft for battle. With Revy firing at the Captain to start the Chicken Contest, the Captain hovered right at Black Lagoon. On deck, Revy told Rock to use the flare gun, and he fired a flare when two missiles charged toward the PT boat, successfully diverting the missiles using their heat-tracking against them. As Revy and Rock quickly entered into the cabin, the Black Lagoon slid on the wrecked ship like a ladder and flew into the air. At that moment, Dutch fired the torpedo, which landed right into the Captain's face, crashing the helicopter into the sea and killing the helicopter crew. Black Lagoon landed back on the river with a bang, shaking everything in it. When Dutch and Revy came to consciousness, they found Rock unconscious but alive, lying happily on a barrel. Afterwards, Revy and the others were able to deliver the disk to Balalaika on time on Palawan Island and the negotiation with the Asahi Industries boss went as planned.

Having met his boss, Kageyama, alive and well, Rock was invited back to Asahi Heavy Industrial Co. Not wanting to go back to the company that sold his life for a disk, Rock casually repeated Kageyama's words back to him, saying that he was already a dead man. With that, Kageyama left Rock and went back to Japan. Free and with no ties to chain him down, Rock told the three pirates that he had nowhere else to go, and Revy smiled and asked him if he wanted to be a sailor like them, so Rock joined the crew of the Black Lagoon.

Chase for ring ding ships[]

On his first job, Rock boarded the Black Lagoon and stood on the boat's stern as Dutch swerved the PT boat in front of a large ship, the St. Jones. He tried to calmly warn them with a megaphone that they would need to surrender or face consequences, but the boat radioed to Benny that they would force their way through, so Dutch told Revy to use her means. The female gunslinger fired an RPG at the front hull, grabbing Rock's megaphone and yelling at the crew that she would not tolerate opposition. After pirating the ship of its goods, Rock went back into the boat with Revy as Dutch sailed the boat back into Roanapur, with Revy wanting to get some food.

While Revy was reading a magazine, Rock returned to the Lagoon Company office with some fruit. Trying the food and immediately spitting it out due to its taste, she informed Rock that he got scammed. As Rock laid on the couch, she advised Rock that he needed to learn how Roanapur operated or he would end up getting cheated out of everything. As Rock was napping, Revy angrily woke him up since they had a job, so Rock hurried up and got into Benny's car. As Benny drove them to the docks, Dutch told them about Donnie Yen hiring the Lagoon Company to to pick up a package from the Vietnamese Navy. Unconcerned about the generic job, Revy asked Rock why he was not wearing the Hawaiian shirt that she bought for him, but he answered that it looked ugly and he felt better wearing his business shirt and necktie.

After setting sail, Revy sat with Rock on deck. Seeing that Rock could not tie a monkey knot, Revy took it from him and complained about how Rock could not even do what a monkey could. Not offended, Rock replied that it could not be helped, seeing how what he did for a living had nothing to do with his new pirate life. Revy nonchalantly asked Rock about the things he did before he came to Roanapur. In response, Rock casually explained his job to Revy which was basically him sucking up to his boss and getting his ass kicked by his superiors. Surprised, Revy asked Rock if he was a masochist for taking so much crap, but Rock replied that anyone would put up with bad things in order to survive. Curious, Rock then asked Revy what she did before she came to Roanapur, and Revy replied with a serious tone, saying that what she was doing now was no different from what she did as a kid.

Rock, thinking that Revy was joking, sarcastically asked if Revy was waving around a gun shooting people as a kid. With a dead look, Revy looked at Rock and confirmed that it was exactly what she did. Realizing the depth of Revy's words, Rock was left speechless. During their travel to deliver their shipment, the Black Lagoon was soon chased by what seemed to be the local police looking to capture pirates according to Benny. After examining closer, Revy quickly realized that they were not being chased by police, rather by other pirates. When the pirates reached them, the captain revealed himself to be Luak, a mercenary pirate that worked for Chen. Unfortunately for Luak, the keen Dutch suddenly slowed his boat down, making two enemy boats destroy one another via friendly fire. Revy volunteered to destroy the boats, so Dutch told her to start with the leftmost boat, swerving the Black Lagoon close to it to allow Revy's rampage.

Playing some music on her Walkman, Revy first shot the leftward boat with a grenade launcher and then hopped onto the second boat and shot all the men using a submachine gun. With smoke blocking the enemy's sight from firing a grenade again, Revy used the chaos to her advantage and knocked out and killed all the men on the boats, soon defeating all five. Revy then casually returned to the Black Lagoon, with Rock watching the whole battle in awe. Seeing that all five of his boats sank, Luak tried to flee but Revy launched a grenade at his fleeting boat, killing him. Upon turning Luak's trap back onto him, Revy and co. returned to Roanapur afterward, and at sunset Balalaika called Dutch to inform him of Chen's loose lips, and he heard an explosion during the phone call, realizing that Balalaika killed Chen at that moment. Once Balalaika ended the call, Dutch told his crew that they could go to the Yellow Flag to compensate for the dead-end job, exciting Revy. As the crew began to head out, Revy once again told Rock to wear the aloha shirt since they were not on a job, but Rock again rejected her request.

Rasta Blasta[]

Once the Lagoon Company picked up Garcia Lovelace to ship him to Roanapur and deliver the boy to the Manisarera Cartel, Revy grabbed the boy and watched him in the Black Lagoon's hold. When Garcia threw some food at Revy, she lost her temper and threatened to kill Garcia and "show him what he ate for breakfast," so Rock intervened and held back Revy, taking over babysitting for her. As Revy angrily waited in the boat's cabin, she later commented that Rock would probably sympathize with the child and try to persuade the pirates that they should not traffic the boy. After making the comment, Rock emerged with a disheartened face, with Revy remarking that she knew Rock would cave in.

To her partial curiosity, Rock was actually concerned about the cartel lying about the details of the boy and his background, although he did not deny that he felt sorry for Garcia. When Rock stated that they should wait before handing the boy to the mafia, Revy demanded Rock not to take pity on their cargo and not imagine where the boy would end up, adding that all that mattered was the Lagoon Company getting paid and that the world would still turn even if justice did not exist in the world. Dutch nonetheless agreed to call Balalaika to research the background of both their client and cargo, with Revy shrugging it off. Once they arrived in Roanapur, the Lagoon Company brought Garcia to the Yellow Flag to wait for finishing the delivery, with Revy hitting Garcia along the way.

In the bar, Garcia wanted a drink, so the annoyed Revy went to the counter and got a soda from Bao. In a bad mood, Revy looked at the Colombian woman sitting at the counter and asked her if she looked like she was happy, to which she calmly said Revy did not look happy. When Revy returned to the table, Garcia adamantly told them that his maid Roberta would come and save him, making Revy laugh. She then remarked that having a servant and being pampered all the time must be nice, but Garcia brushed off her remarks. As they continued watching the boy, the Manisarera Cartel entered the bar and their leader asked the Colombian woman what she wanted since she asked for them around town. Bowing, the woman bowed and then pulled out an arsenal of firearms and began a firefight. When Garcia told the Lagoon crew that the woman was Roberta, Revy and co. became shocked.

As Roberta began using her umbrella and briefcase as shields and weapons, Revy and the others took cover under a table with Garcia. Deciding that the job was too much, Dutch told everyone to follow him out of the bar and leave the boy behind. As Revy crawled onto the ground, Bao saw her crawling away and yelled at her, accusing her of starting the barfight somehow. Revy rebuffed his accusation loudly, garnering the attention of the Manisarera Cartel and Roberta. As Roberta saw that the Lagoon Company had Garcia, Revy saw her expression and instantly ran to the boy, putting a pistol to his head and threatening to kill him if Roberta tried anything. Thinking to herself, Roberta told Revy that she thought about it, starting to say a prayer in Spanish.

Finishing the prayer and telling Revy that she would use the "hammer of justice in the name of Santa Maria," Revy let go of the boy and tried to run, but Roberta fired a grenade round at her shoulder, incapacitating her. Benny noted to Dutch that Revy was still alive but unconscious with a concussion. Dutch then carried Revy and told Rock to hurry up since Roberta was going to chase them, leaving with Revy. Rock soon followed them back to Benny's car with the boy when Roberta became shocked that Garcia told Rock to take him with them. When Rock got into the car and Roberta soon chased after them in another car, Dutch urgently told Rock to wake Revy up since they would need her gunslinging skills.

Rock tried his best to wake up Revy to no avail, and Roberta continued chasing the Lagoon Company to the Roanapur Harbor, where Benny's car crashed into a shipping container, totalling the car. Roberta was still alive from the crash to the Lagoon Company's horror, but Revy thankfully woke up and asked where the maid was. Rock pointed her to Roberta, and the eager Revy exited the car and began a duel with Roberta using her pistols. In the long duel, Revy and Roberta managed to knock each other onto the ground and point their pistols at one another in a standoff. Exchanging a furious look and threatening to shoot each other, the two women were interrupted seconds later by Balalaika and her Vysotniki. When the two women refused to put their guns away, the Vysotniki forcibly shot the firearms out of their hands.

Revy then sat by as Balalaika did her best to eventually convince Roberta to cease her rampage in Roanapur since Garcia was in good health and the Manisarera Cartel's base in Venezuela was being destroyed. After Roberta and Garcia embraced in a heartwarming reunion, Revy was angered since they still needed to settle their fight, and so Balalaika agreed to let them settle their fight with fists. Standing across from each other, Roberta told Revy that her shoe was untied, and Revy looked down, giving Roberta the opportunity to uppercut the woman, surprising the spectators. As Revy and Roberta exchanged more punches and kicks, Rock tried to calmly persuade them to talk it out instead, causing both Revy and Roberta to yell at him to mind his business.

Hours later when the sun rose, both Revy and Roberta were beaten with multiple bruises, and they both knocked each other out with a cross counter, and Balalaika tiredly judged the battle as a draw. With Revy lying on her back, Balalaika arranged for Roberta and Garcia to leave, and she and her men left the area. To wake Revy up, Dutch poured a bucket of water onto the tired and injured Revy.

Das Wieder Erstehen Des Adlers[]

In March 1995, getting a job to salvage some treasure, the Black Lagoon left port, and Rock worried to himself about the recent job since it required him to scuba dive, an activity with which he had little experience. Revy herself laid back onto the hold's seating and told Rock to stop complaining since that was all he had done since they embarked the boat. Benny and Dutch then entered the hold with a table, plans, and computer to discuss the job. Benny explained that they had a Spanish-nationality client who collected Nazi artwork and wanted them to retrieve the painting "The Twelve Knights Led by Brunhilda" from the sunken German U-boat U-234. Revy was unimpressed by the painting, and Benny continued discussing the U-boat's history and their plan, telling her and Rock that they would enter the boat's torpedo tube and then seal it off and find the painting inside.

When Revy asked how they would exit the boat, Dutch told her to use explosives and make their way out since they should not care what would happen to the boat. On deck, Rock was donning his scuba gear and complaining once more when Revy interrupted him to ask if his equipment was ready to use. With Rock not totally confident in his answer, Revy berated him and told him that she would toss him overboard if he continued complaining, adding that she would also leave him behind in the Nazi graveyard if he drowned from lack of equipment safety. Dutch interrupted them to give Revy an underwater rifle from Balalaika, greatly exciting her. Immediately, Revy and Rock then dived 50 meters to the bottom of the sea to find the U-boat, with Dutch remarking that he let Revy join the Lagoon Company not only for her firearm skills but her diving skills too.

Outside the U-boat, Revy prepared the explosive device and created an opening in the torpedo tube, sealing the entrance after she and Rock got inside. Rock complained to Revy that she could have warned him about the bomb, but Revy reminded him that she could not talk underwater, and they began exploring the U-boat. Both soon found themselves surrounded by skeletons, frightening Rock but not budging Revy a bit. Inside, they quickly searched for the painting, and Revy noted the Schutzstaffel symbols on one of the skeletons' outfits. Rock then found the painting near Spielberger's skeleton, relieving Revy. Despite having the painting, to Rock's objection, Revy decided to stay and salvage more out of the corpses by taking their badges since the painting only earned some money for them. Upon Revy's return, Rock told her that she should leave the badges behind because they were meant as a symbol of honor for those who died. Elaborating, he believed that the people who deserved to have them were not pirates like Revy, instead belonging to the soldiers like Wentzel H. Ahbe and their families.

Annoyed, Revy began to grow tired of Rock's never-ending lecture of goodness and justice and decided to put Rock in his place. Sitting down, Revy coldly explained to Rock that the sentimental values Rock put on everything was an illusion and at the end of the day, the only thing that truly gives something value is money. She then explained to Rock how those sentimental values of love and friendship, along with faith in God, "didn't do shit for her" when she was being abused as a child. The only thing that was true to her, the only that could protect her, was money and guns. Hearing this, Rock was overcome with a sense of pity for Revy and her life, which Revy was quick to rebuff. She told Rock that she did not want Rock's sympathy because she was fine with whom she was. Finishing her calm anger, she then told him that if he were to ever think that what she was doing was wrong again, Rock would no longer be one of them and Revy would kill Rock, causing Rock to hesitantly nod in agreement.

Upon finishing their conversation, Revy and Rock were intruded on by Kruppen Feller and his crew. Preparing her rifle, Revy told Rock to hide and began a shootout with Feller's men in the U-boat, but Rock accidentally dropped the painting onto the other side as he tripped, allowing Kruppen Feller to snatch it. With the boat rapidly flooding, Revy ordered Rock to move quickly so that they could re-don their diving gear. Exiting the U-boat, Revy and Rock followed Feller by swimming to the ocean surface, only to be under fire by Rachmann's neo-Nazis on the White Heather. Angered, Revy continued to fire back. Rock, who knew that they would be killed if they continued to shoot back, grabbed Revy and forced her to descend down into the sea. Thinking that they were dead, Rachmann and his men stopped the attack and sailed away from the salvage site. When Revy and Rock resurfaced onto the Black Lagoon thanks to their tracking beacons, they learned from Dutch that the enemy were neo-Nazis. Revy herself was in a very bad mood, half from letting the painting get stolen, the other half from her conversation with Rock.

At sunset, the Black Lagoon slowly followed Rachmann's ship at a distance, waiting for night to fall and for the moon to disappear. On deck, Rock visited Revy there to give her some food, and she did not respond. Rock left the food behind her, but before heading inside he decided to bring up the conversation they had in the U-boat to apologize. Revy quickly shot him down, saying that there was nothing to talk about. Night finally came as Dutch and Revy readied themselves to set out towards Rachmann's ship, with Revy knocking Rock's arm away as she left. As they got off board onto a Zodiac motorboat, Dutch quickly noticed Revy's overly angered attitude towards him, asking her if anything happened between her and Rock, but Revy simply replied "No."

Arriving at the ship's side, Dutch and Revy climbed on board with a grappling hook and killed a guard outside. Dutch told Revy to distract the neo-Nazis while he searched for the painting, and they separated. Revy kept a calm demeanor and killed several neo-Nazis, also killing Kruppen Feller as he tried to prepare a weapon from the armory. Once Dutch finished killing other neo-Nazis, he tried to radio Revy but she did not respond, realizing that she was still in her bloodthirsty state. Finding Revy in the ship's bridge, Dutch dragged her out after she shot a non-combatant sailor, berating her for acting like Charles Whitman (in the manga, Revy had killed all the non-combatants). The annoyed Revy brushed off his concern and asked him why he was trying to lecture her like Rock did. The two pulled their pistols out on each other, but they quickly turned them to neo-Nazis to the side. Revy formed a small smile and remarked that she thought that they would kill each other, and they continue to raid the boat.

In one area, Revy was walking when Blitz Stanford emerged from a door, asking the unfazed Revy if she was scared. As Stanford arrogantly spoke about his customized weapon and how Revy should be honored that she would be murdered with such a weapon, Revy shot him in the chest, telling him that he should have noticed her uncaring attitude towards his grandiose oration. After shooting Stanford in the head, Revy reconvened with Dutch in Rachmann's office just as he finished his conversation with their client Alfred. Revy then gave Rachmann one of her pistols and told the scared man that he could shoot himself. Revy then said to Dutch that she bet "black" and Dutch replied that it was not a contest and also bet "black" (that Rachmann would turn the gun on them instead of committing suicide).

As Rachmann cried and held the pistol to his temple, he became enraged and pointed it at Dutch to find that the gun was not loaded, making Revy laugh. The two gunslingers then shot Rachmann dead and took the painting, getting outside so that Dutch could fire a flare to signal Benny to pick them up. As the Black Lagoon sped to them, Revy confided to Dutch that she could not work with Rock since he did not share their amorality.

Calm down, two men[]

With Benny needing to do repairs on the Black Lagoon's engine, Dutch told Rock to run errands with Revy since he needed to help Benny, but Rock was hesitant. Dutch told him that he would need to solve whatever tension with Revy he had on his own since Dutch was not involved. Taking Benny's car, Rock drove around Roanapur and tried to appeal to Revy with jokes, but she calmly guessed his punchlines and then yelled in anger for having to accompany Rock. They first went to Rowan's strip bar to inform him of his shipment of alcohol bottles arriving in a warehouse. Rowan tried to tell Revy to join his club as a performer, but Revy rejected his offer. With Rowan telling Rock that he could come to him should he be down in a bad mood, Revy dragged Rock away and smiled, telling Rowan not to forget the payment.

Afterward, Revy and Rock went to the Bougainvillea Trade Company office to tell Balalaika on behalf of Dutch about a late shipment, with Rock awkwardly taking his eyes off Balalaika's small television screen that had pornography. On the other hand, Revy was surprised at the footage and asked the tired Balalaika if the woman in the video was "taking it in the ass." Balalaika told them to inform them of further updates on the shipment, so they left. Finally, the two went to the Rip-Off Church, where Revy knocked on the chapel door and impatiently called for Sister Yolanda, but Eda found her and told her to come with her since she could not enter the chapel. Beginning their conversation about a weapons deal, Yolanda told Revy that she could not give the Lagoon Company a weapon on their list since another client needed it, but Revy angrily refused to give her a discount. Nonchalantly reacting to Revy's threat, Yolanda told her she could bring Dutch if her anger was so important, causing Revy to pull out her pistol on Eda, who pulled out her Glock in turn. To ease the tensions, Rock negotiated with Yolanda first by relating to her with their shared interest in good tea flavors.

Revy told Rock to shut up, but he ignored her and informed Yolanda that he knew about the Rip-Off Church's unauthorized drug shipments as well as the uneven amount of weapons leaving and entering Roanapur originating from the church. Responding nonchalantly to the accusation, Yolanda replied that Rock was relying on mere conjecture. In closing, Rock told the elderly nun that the Lagoon Company was on friendly terms with Hotel Moscow (the main drug trafficker in Roanapur), but that did not mean that the Lagoon Company told them everything they know, also adding that he knew the Rip-Off Church was dealing in weapons off agreed routes. Impressed by his research, Yolanda allowed the Lagoon Company to receive the extra weapon, making Revy and Eda sheathe their pistols. The old nun informed Revy and Rock that they had to leave since mass was starting, with Yolanda happily telling Rock to come back soon. As Revy left and displayed her middle finger to Eda, Yolanda told her that she should emulate Rock's behavior, making Revy insult the old woman and leave.

At a market at sunset, Rock got Revy some soup, telling her that eating it would make her feel good. Bored, Revy wanted to take the car keys and go home, but Rock reminded her that he would have to come with too but had to eat. As Revy insulted Rock, he told her that he would not put up with her bossy attitude anymore, shocking her. She gave him a chance to recant what he said, but Rock then stood up and slammed the table, iterating that he would not put up with her attitude. Revy then calmly pulled out her gun and pointed it at Rock's forehead, scaring nearby citizens to run away. Revy asked Rock what he wanted on his tombstone, and he answered "There is no cure for a fool with gun," and Revy fired a bullet, but Rock pushed the barrel out of the way in time, only grazing the top of his head.

Angered by Revy, Rock grabbed her by the collar and told her that he thought he was done kissing up to people until he accompanied her. He added that she kept acting like a badass but would not confront her problems, causing Revy to angrily step back and toss a cup of chopsticks to the ground, telling Rock that he had no idea about the hell which she had endured throughout her life, insulting Rock as a white-collar guy. Agreeing and calming down, Rock replied that he did not know what she went through, telling her that she could not judge him since she did not know anything about him beyond being white-collar, stating that everyone in life had to suffer in some way regardless of background. Telling her that she did not understand that, Revy shouted at him that their life was not a happy one, adding that she was not Robin Hood. Rock then asked her why she did not become Robin Hood, causing Revy to stutter and walk backwards, saying that she would kill him.

Rock told her she could try, but she would only be chasing her tail like a dog. Angered, saddened, and confused, Revy punched him in the face, but Rock endured the punch, shocking her. Grabbing her fist, Rock reminded her that the reason that he was in Roanapur was because of her, remarking that she saved him from his cyclic business life and from being killed after being tossed aside by his bosses. Finishing, he told her that he hated to see his rescuer act like the very same people who treated him like dirt back in Japan. Pushing herself away and calming down, Revy told Rock that she did not know what he was talking about, then telling Rock that he would get killed for his stupidity. Rock replied that they were both idiots, causing both of them to back-and-forth angrily call each other an idiot until the Roanapur City Police showed up seconds later, pointing their guns at them.

From the small crowd of cops, Chief Watsap told Revy that she could not discharge her firearm in public. Irked, Revy asked Watsap if he was not satisfied by the "stipends" (bribes) that they gave to him frequently. Watsap responded that he did not care what crimes she did so long as they were out of sight, then told both pirates that they had to come to the station to fill out some paperwork, so both Rock and Revy got into a police car. With Rock getting a light on his cigarette from the police officer in the passenger's seat, Revy asked Rock one more question about whose side he was on. Rock only replied that the side he was on was where he was sitting. In response, Revy told him to give her a light, but the confused Rock told her that the cops had the lighter. Correcting him, Revy told him that he had a light on his cigarette, so Rock and Revy leaned in toward each other as Rock lit her cigarette, making a cigarette kiss. Revy remarked that she just wanted to get home and sleep, with Rock agreeing.

Bloodsport Fairy tale[]

At the Lagoon Company office, Rock got a call from Boris of Hotel Moscow to learn that their meeting with Balalaika was cancelled, with Dutch asking what Rock learned on the phone. Revy interrupted to say that the meeting was probably cancelled due to the recent murders of Hotel Moscow members. That night, Revy and Rock went to the Yellow Flag to talk with Bao about the rumors of the murders, learning from Bao that the bounty on the murderers was $50,000. As they continued to talk, Eda entered the bar, greeting the three and trying to flirt with Rock to Revy's annoyance. Seeing that people already knew about the bounty, Eda told Revy and the others that Balalaika was planning on going to war, also mentioning that guys like Ronny CK and Green Tooth Johnny came to town to get in on the hunt.

Later after the murders of Private Sakharov and Corporal Menshov, Revy and her fellow pirates were at the office once more as she told them that Balalaika was likely going to deploy the Vysotniki, the highly-experienced ex-Soviet soldiers of Hotel Moscow. As Dutch talked about the killers in a derogatory manner, the phone then rang, which Benny picked up and gave to Rock since it was Balalaika specifically requesting him. While trying to ponder Balalaika's words that the killers used, Rock told Revy to be quieter as she talked to Benny, and at that moment he saw an image of Dracula on the page in Revy's magazine which she was reading, then telling Balalaika that the killers were most likely Romanian.

Once Hänsel and Gretel began their attack on Verrocchio and his men at his office at night, Eda called Revy to tell her about the police going around the city, saying that they could not just sit around. Revy had already prepared her pistol and then told Eda to quit yelling, asking her where to meet up. Eda then told her that a man named Joey had a room at Palcana Square, so Revy tossed the phone away and headed there. While waiting with the bounty hunters and looking out the window to spot the twins, Eda told her to come to her away from the window. With Revy confused what she wanted, Eda deduced that Balalaika had the biggest grudge against the twins and would already had the area cordoned off if the twins were going to be there.

Knowing that Balalaika's soldiers would not act on speculation, Revy commented that the twins would likely try to find a blind spot in Balalaika's attack and try to use a diversion in the approximate area. Eda then complimented Revy and told her that she had good knowledge for someone without high school education and asked her where the best street was for Hotel Moscow. Revy replied with the likely street, but rebuffed Eda's comment by accusing her of lacking formal education as well. Using the alleyways where the twins would hide, Revy rested on a horizontal beam while Eda waited on the ground. When the twins ran to the area, Eda shot a bullet from her pistol as a threat, telling the twins to stay still. As the twins tried to negotiate with Eda by offering her a higher pay than the official bounty to let her go, Eda asked Revy above her what they should do, and Revy greedily smiled and stated that they could get the money from both the twins and the bounty.

As they began shooting at the twins, a car with several Vysotniki came by and started shooting, angering Eda. Revy warned her to get out of the way since Hotel Moscow would kill her if she interfered, and the two women promptly exited the area. Once the shooting ceased and the two twins separated, Revy and Eda walked away, angry that they would get no money from the ordeal. The two began to insult each other for supposedly messing things up but stopped once they both realized that there was nothing else they could do. When Revy began heading to her car, Eda asked her to tag along since she was alone, but Revy refused to do so and left, making Eda insult her.

After Gretel appeared and took Eda hostage once Revy left, Gretel managed to convince the Lagoon Company to ship herself out of Roanapur. Although hesitant, Revy did not mind but was worried what would happened to Rock, as he was watching the girl in the hold. After Rock left the hold disgusted and shocked due to Gretel showing the Japanese pirate her genitals, Revy told Benny to comfort Rock as she went in the hold to deal with the girl. Punching the child in the face onto the ground, Revy sat in a chair and angrily told Gretel that Balalaika was not the only person who wanted her dead. Soon, the Black Lagoon arrived in Pangkalpinang to drop off Gretel with Elroy, but the latter shot and killed Gretel upon disembarking. Sitting on the ship's turret, Revy was unfazed but found her last words about the sky's beauty to be ironic.

Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll[]

Going to Revy's place, Rock woke the hungover Revy up while he heard about the U.S. embassy bombing in Zaire on Revy's television. Revy wanted to continue sleeping, but Rock elaborated that Dutch told him to wake her up since they had an important job to do for Mister Chang of the Hong Kong Triad. The two then quickly went to the Lagoon Company headquarters, wherein Chang told them that he had not started yet. Commencing the meeting with Revy listening, Chang told Dutch that his men got intelligence documents from a Bulgarian spy relating to a Hezbollah terror plot and failed to negotiate with Hezbollah, so Chang decided that he would give the documents to the CIA instead. Chang elaborated that there would be five teams, including Lagoon Company, leaving Roanapur at the same time to split Hezbollah's forces, and only Dutch's team would have the real documents. Finishing his explanation, Chang told them that delivering the documents to the military base on Basilan Island had a deadline of two days, although they would have a getaway driver.

As Dutch and Chang were finishing the discussion, Revy heard noises outside and walked to the window to look out, seeing several Hezbollah soldiers surround the building. Seeing that one soldier had an RPG, Revy yelled "RPG" to warn everyone and jumped over the couch to avoid the blast. Unharmed, Chang pulled out his customized double pistols and offered to help the Lagoon Company escape, with Revy agreeing to show him the way out. Accordingly, Revy and Chang burst through the door's room and killed the first set of soldiers who attempted to raid the building. As they walked into the hallway, Revy froze upon seeing a grenade tossed at them, but Chang kicked it back and told Revy that hesitating would get her killed. As they provided cover for the other three pirates, Revy shot at a soldier above them, telling Chang to watch his back.

Smiling, Chang told her not to get cocky and shot another soldier that Revy did not notice, making Revy admit that she was not on Chang's level yet. Very soon, a Hong Kong Triad car arrived outside the building to escort the Lagoon Company crew to their boat while Chang and the Triad members fought the rest of the Hezbollah soldiers. As the four pirates jumped off the railing to enter the car, Chang yelled at them the password so that they could identify themselves to the getaway driver. Now in the Black Lagoon, Revy remarked that Chang's password "The Triad is super awesome" was a lame password. As the Black Lagoon sailed southward, Benny informed Revy in the cabin that several motorboat ships approached them from the rear.

Standing above the starboard turret, Revy told Rock to get her a Remington rifle, so Rock found her one, which she used to shoot at a few ships. Unfortunately for them, the ships suddenly spread out, surrounding the Black Lagoon in a net formation at a far distance. While trying to figure out their plan, Benny informed Dutch that a cargo ship was nearby, which was likely hijacked to serve as a blockade for the Black Lagoon while the net forced them in that direction. Rock recommended that they use the torpedoes, but Revy told him that the torpedoes were not onboard, shocking him. Rock asked if they could just use an RPG to destroy the enemies' boats, but Revy answered that an RPG would not sink the ship unless they somehow managed to bust the enemies' engine(s) bad. Agreeing with Revy's advice about the enemies' engines, Dutch elaborated to Rock that they would not have enough time to use a rocket launcher to get their engines since they would arrive at the enemy cargo ship in a few minutes.

Upon Dutch telling Rock about the explosive Semtex, Rock thought of an idea which his fellow sailors agreed to execute. Revy, lying down on the fore deck in front of the bridge, had the Semtex bombs attached to a harpoon. Rock looked through his binoculars and confirmed that the cargo ship's projected route crossed their path, telling Revy that they would move when the enemy boats got within 200 yards. With Dutch and Benny ready on their ends, Revy soon fired the weapon toward the cargo ship's hull. Upon firing, Dutch turned the Black Lagoon at a 180-degree angle in line with the cargo ship's starboard side with Revy hanging onto a hatch while Rock detonated the explosives, causing the left and right enemy pincer boats to run right into the explosion point, sinking the pincer boats and escaping the net.

Right after escaping the net, Dutch told Revy that she and Rock would take the documents and disembark on a Zodiac raft when in view of the Zamboanga Coast while Dutch and Benny would act as a decoy for the remaining pursuers until they reached the rendezvous point. Before leaving at night, Dutch informed Revy that Mister Chang changed the password for the delivery and told her to relay the change to Rock, and the team went their separate ways for the remainder of the mission. In the morning, Rock arrived on Basilan Island and was surprised at the empty village which he was walking through. Revy told Rock that the island had been under martial law for two years due to militants waging war against the Army of the Philippines, making villagers flee to other cities.

Continuing through the abandoned streets, a Jeep suddenly drove near them, causing Revy to push Rock out of the way while she pointed her pistol toward the passenger window. Masahiro Takenaka appeared, posing as a Triad affiliate who would get the documents. When Takenaka said the password, Rock was relieved, but Revy grabbed Takenaka's hand and told him that the second password she got was the true password instead of the outdated password, shocking Rock. Realizing that she had been one step ahead, Takenaka began a quick gunfight with her as Rock ran away, but the car backed up and a soldier knocked out Rock and pushed him into the backseat. Revy shot the soldier but the car fled with Rock, and she became angry that he let himself get abducted.

She immediately took cover as more cars appeared from the abandoned street, shooting and reloading. Running into an alley, she felt cornered but was saved by Shenhua, who told her to duck. The assassin then used throwing knives and killed the soldiers in front of Revy, and Revy ran to the car as Leigharch drove them away. Fleeing the scene, Leigharch remarked that they were going straight back to the military base, but Revy told them that they needed to go back for her partner. Shenhua and Leigharch laughed, telling Revy that they only got paid to deliver the documents. Ticked off, Revy told Shenhua that Rock had the documents in the first place, insulting Shenhua's Chinese accent. Leigharch stopped the car and told Shenhua that she had to take her anger outside the vehicle, and the woman nonchalantly held her kukri to Revy's neck as she clarified that she was Taiwanese and could not speak English fluently.

Putting away her weapon, Shenhua still affirmed that her problem was not hers, but told Revy that the Lagoon Company needed to pay her an additional 20% cost. Revy negotiated down to 15%, which Shenhua agreed to since she did not want to argue, much to Leigharch's dismay and anger. At a distance from the camp, Leigharch waited in his car and he and Revy exchanged insults while Shenhua put on some makeup. The two women then left to surveil the camp in the jungle thicket. At sunset watching the Abu Sayyaf camp in a tree, Revy asked if there were any landmines set up, but Shenhua responded that the camp was constantly moving and it would be too much of a hassle to use landmines. At night, they began their attack as Shenhua stabbed her knife through a man's chest, and they killed some more men, soon being found out.

Rock, hearing the chaos, saw Revy burst through the door, being glad to see her. Revy smiled and joked to Rock that he would be rewarded if he continued to act like a good by, and Shenhua stood by and saw Rock while cleaning her kukri. As Takenaka and two men walked near the house, Revy shot the two men while Takenaka feigned getting shot, and the two women jumped over the bodies. As Rock followed, he exchanged one last hesitant look with Takenaka before Revy ordered him to hurry up. The three got into the car only to see Leigharch high on his drugs. Although Shenhua stated that Leigharch was an excellent driver even on drugs, Revy kicked the driver's backseat and told the Irish man to stop slacking off. Leigharch drove the group toward the base, a six-mile path, and they were soon pursued by Abu Sayyaf cars with Takenaka and Ibraha joining the chase.

Shenhua and Revy did one round of rock-paper-scissors to determine who would attack first, with Shenhua winning and opening the car's sunroof. Revy yelled at her not to kill too many since she wanted a chance, but Shenhua swung her corded knives around and killed several men, crashing two of the enemy cars. Revy berated her and tried to push her out of the way while Rock felt their stomping feet on his shoulders as Leigharch continued to drive wildly. As the enemy vehicles were too far away, Shenhua told Revy that she could take over since her knives would not reach that far, and Revy began to shoot several of the cars. As Revy shot at Ibraha's car, Takenaka purposefully drove the car off the road to avoid being killed. At that point, the reinforcements were greatly dwindled, so Revy got back into the seat and told Rock to try smoking to calm down. Unfortunately, Rock was saddened and talked to himself that Takenaka was right about his life lacking purpose, with Revy confused since Rock had a cheerful demeanor most of the time.

Soon, Leigharch drove into the military base, and the CIA agents Blend and Sugar arrived in a helicopter. Revy joked that they were late, with Sugar replying that their tardiness was due to the many "enemies of freedom and justice" who the CIA was fighting. Blend asked where the documents were, shocking Rock since he completely forgot to bring the briefcase with him. Revy told him not to worry, slightly pulling up her shirt to reveal that she had the sweat-covered documents the entire time. Blend and Sugar were displeased with the sweatiness but accepted the documents, telling Revy to bring them in a better condition next time or their boss would be angry. As Sugar and Blend boarded the helicopter, Blend looked back and remarked that he forgot to tell Revy something, addressing her as Rebecca. He then stated if the police officers of the NYPD's 27th precinct saw her now, then they would be surprised, shocking Revy.

In the helicopter, Blend yelled to her that he was paid to exterminate the United States' enemies and not to catch criminals, telling Revy that she could ponder on that if she wanted to do another delivery job for the CIA, and the helicopter flew off. Afterward, Rock walked up to Revy and thanked her for saving him, making Revy nudge his arm and telling him to not be so formal with her, then bashing Rock's head since he let himself get abducted. Finishing their job, Revy told Rock that the rescue expenses would be deducted from his pay.

Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise[]

Now having been with the Lagoon Company for one year in January 1996, Rock traveled with Balalaika to Japan as a Japanese-English translator, and Revy accompanied him since she was concerned about his safety there. In Japan, Revy first waited near a phone booth that Rock was using to call Benny. She finished smoking her cigarette and then knocked on the booth door to signal to Rock to hurry up. Finishing his call, Rock exited and asked her how she liked Japan so far, with Revy responding that the snow was less than in New York and that she kept being called a "foreigner" by various men who tried to flirt with her. After finishing his first translation job at a meeting between Balalaika and Tsugio Bando of the Washimine Group, Revy accompanied Rock in a car and told their taxi driver to stop since she was interested in the nearby festival.

Exiting the car with her, Rock told her that the event was a Japanese cultural festival, so Revy tried a shooting game and asked Rock about how he felt returning to Japan. Shooting down the targets, Revy did not knock down the last target and in response knocked down the target with her toy rifle's barrel. Rock told the stand-keeper that Revy wanted a prize, but he told Rock that he saw Revy knock down the target with her gun instead of a pellet, angering Revy. As Rock tried to restrain the furious and cussing Revy, Ginji Matsuzaki politely asked her to not make a scene. As Revy deviously stared at the tall Ginji, Yukio Washimine interrupted to say that they should calm down and drink some tea, with Rock agreeing to deescalation. While Rock talked to Yukio, Revy talked with Ginji, who saw Revy's eyes and remarked that he and her had the same vicious monster inside them. When Rock said that his job had some danger, Yukio was confused by his comment, annoying Revy since she overheard his mistake. Once they finished their tea, Yukio and Ginji left the festival with the former telling Rock her name, and Revy left with Rock.

The next morning, Revy sat on a bench in Rock's neighborhood as he left to visit his parents' house. Nearby, some children were playing with toy guns and one accidentally shot a pellet at Revy, angering her. Changing her mood, she took the toy gun and told the children to observe her. Placing some cans on a nearby block, Revy shot all the cans with accuracy, impressing the children as she blew on the toy gun's barrel. Playing with the children, Revy pretended to be the Wild West character Calamity Jane and shot the children with the pellets. Seeing the children act out a death reaction by fake-crying in agony, Revy told them that they were doing it wrong, elaborating that getting shot in real life essentially felt like your whole body going limp. Ordering one of the boys to shoot at her, Revy fell to the ground acting dead and lifeless, with the children commenting that dying sucked.

Rock then walked up to Revy, greatly embarrassing her as she asked how long he saw her play. The Japanese translator stated that he found her when she started role-playing as a Wild West character, telling her that her order of the events was wrong. Grabbing Rock away from the children, Revy angrily told Rock that she would castrate him if he told Benny or Dutch about the incident. As they walked away, Revy calmed down and asked Rock how his reunion with his parents went, but Rock simply told her that his parents were not home and he would have to return another time.

The next night, Revy accompanied Rock to his second translation job at a strip bar and stood in the back of the room. Unknown to her, the Washimine Group enforcer Chaka noticed her and was impressed that she was a gun-slinging woman. When Revy exited the room, Rock soon followed and told her that he was going to use the bathroom. As Revy began smoking a cigarette and leaned against a wall, Chaka appeared and put his hand against the wall. Revy nonchalantly replied that she spoke English, so Chaka attempted to impress her and began speaking good English, asking her how she felt. Revy blew a cloud of smoke into his face, commenting that Chaka's cologne stank. As Chaka coughed away the smoke, Rock exited the bathroom at the same time. Unfazed, Rock told Revy that they needed to leave, causing Chaka to put his foot against the wall and with slight anger told Rock that it was rude to interrupt a conversation.

When Rock repeated his request to Revy, Chaka punched him in the stomach and began furiously kicking him on the ground. Knowing that Revy was angry despite her outward calmness, Chaka tried to further provoke her by putting his hand on his revolver, but they were interrupted by the Washimine Group exiting the room and restraining Chaka. After Bando apologized to Rock for Chaka's behavior, Revy told Rock to call Benny and have her Cutlass pistols smuggled to her since she needed them in the almost certain possibility that Chaka would try to provoke them again with deadly force.

The next day at a local restaurant, Balalaika and Boris met up with Revy and Rock while Boris again informed Balalaika about the Kosa Council, who had surveillance increased by the police. Rock politely interrupted to ask Balalaika a hypothetical question, but she responded that he should not be concerned with her actions since he was not a Hotel Moscow member and only a translator. Revy defended Rock's curiosity since they all needed to trust each other, so Balalaika answered him by saying that she would crush the Washimine Group if they decided to change plans and backstab her. At night, Rock woke up from a nightmare wherein he recalled Bando's murder at Balalaika's hands. When Revy asked what was wrong, Rock simply answered that he had a nightmare likely due to the alcohol that he consumed.

Sitting in the backseat of a car, Rock waited as Revy picked up her Cutlasses at a shipping office. The deliveryman remarked to Revy to tell the Russians to pay him more, but she brushed off his comment and soon returned to the car. As Revy smiled and talked about her pistols, she asked the silent Rock what was wrong, and he saw the news of Yakuza murders on the car's backseat electronic news dashboard. He tried to plead with Revy to help him warn Yukio about continuing her allegiance to her family's crime syndicate, and Revy refused until she realized that she was in Japan to help Rock, not interfere with his actions, so she apologized and told Rock to lead the way.

At Yukio's house, Revy and Rock saw many footsteps outside, so Revy went inside and saw the dead Yoshida, seeing that Yukio was abducted. As they tried to assess the situation, Ginji entered the house, causing a quick standoff between him and Revy. As Ginji saw that Revy was not the murderer, Revy and Rock surmised that Chaka was the likely culprit, so Ginji decided to leave. Rock told Ginji that he knew that the latter arrived on foot and that there were multiple footsteps which indicated a large group following Chaka, advising him to take Revy with him to rescue Yukio. Ginji asked him why he was helping him despite his affiliation with the Russians who turned against the Washimine Group, and Rock stated that he did not want to see Yukio absorbed into a criminal life. After Revy hot-wired a a stolen car, Rock drove her and Ginji to a sports plaza where Chaka took the abducted Yukio. On the way, Revy did not like the radio music but was happy upon hearing Guitar Wolf's song "Can-Nana Fever."

Accordingly, Rock went in a different entrance at the complex while Revy and Ginji took the front entrance, where Revy pointed her gun at an employee to dissuade him from interfering. After killing Chaka's thugs who guarded the inside-entrance, she and Ginji burst into the bowling alley, and she was annoyed at Chaka's attempt to flirt once more. Coordinating her movements nonverbally with Ginji due to the language barrier, the two slaughtered many of Chaka's men, including Hanada. Upon killing a dozen or so men, the other gangsters became scared and futilely took cover, but Revy shot and killed them too. Confronting another criminal in the back, Revy jumped out of her cover and scared Okazaki into surrendering. Waving his arms in the air, the Japanese man tried to say in English that he gave up, but Revy mocked him and asked him what he wanted to give her, shooting Okazaki afterward. Ginji then reconvened with her, and Revy told "Jumbo" that he only had Chaka left to hunt down. When Ginji remained silent and went to another area, Revy taunted and killed the remaining men who were hiding.

In another part of the building, Revy confronted Chaka with a dead glare, and Chaka was glad to see her and asked her to duel him. When Chaka got a soda can and told Revy that they would draw their weapons when it hit the ground, Revy was unconcerned and ran toward Chaka, kicking him to the ground. Revy laughed at his challenge and said that she would let Ginji finish him off, walking away. The insulted Chaka then followed her into a swimming pool room, where Revy stood to the side and told Ginji that Chaka was all his. Chaka pulled out his revolver and fired a shot, but Ginji cut the bullet in two and sliced off Chaka's hands and pushed him into the pool, awing Revy. After Ginji finished drowning Chaka, the impressed Revy told Ginji that she wanted to see his bullet-slicing trick once more, but Ginji pushed the stock of his katana toward her hand, telling her that he still owed her a favor for helping confront Chaka and that she would be unlucky if he drew his katana against her.

The next day at a restaurant, Revy excitedly informed Rock about witnessing Ginji slice a moving bullet in half, but Rock asked her why she was giddy about guns and death. Revy told him to relax and that their line of work just had those norms. Still in a gloomy mood, Rock snapped back about her calm attitude regarding death in the criminal world, angering Revy since he was acting like a jerk. Rock apologized about his attitude and added that his binge drinking was the cause, and Revy begrudgingly accepted his apology. Meanwhile, Rock found Balalaika and Boris in a parking garage, and he demanded that Balalaika wage war with the Kosa Council instead of the Washimine Group, surprising Revy. When Rock tried to reason that the Washimine Group was already weak enough, Balalaika grabbed him and pointed her pistol at his head, telling Rock that his usage of the word "justice" was a mockery. In response, Revy drew a gun on her and on Boris, who drew a gun on Revy in turn. In the standoff, Revy told Balalaika and Boris not to reenact a scene from My Bloody Valentine, and Rock stated that it was his hobby to save people, making Balalaika laugh and withdraw her gun, making Boris withdraw his gun too.

In response, Revy furiously grabbed Rock and asked him why he tried to provoke Balalaika, saying that she could not protect him from Balalaika and berated him for almost throwing his life away. Nonchalantly pushing away her arm, Rock asked her if she could come with him to his hometown one more time. Sitting on a bench with Revy, Rock confirmed his desire to gain closure with his old life and did not come to Japan to see his family again but to solidify his grounding in Roanapur. Finishing their conversation, the children who played with Revy previously saw her again and asked her to demonstrate her marksmanship again, so she used a real gun instead of a toy to shoot a can, shocking the children as she and Rock left the neighborhood.

After Rock finished his final translation job for Balalaika at her meeting with Masami Kousa, they were surrounded by a police barricade who wanted to question them about the gunshots that they heard from inside the compound. Outside nearby, Revy was on her motorcycle and noticed the commotion. After Balalaika exited the building and gestured the police to move aside, Revy stopped her motorcycle suddenly and yelled to Rock, who instinctively ran through the barricade and hopped onto the backseat, successfully escaping the on-foot police with Revy. As Revy drove away, she told Rock that they needed to hurry up since the area would soon be quarantined from travel, but Rock pleaded with her that he needed to relay a message to Yukio Washimine first.

In the anime, Yukio and Ginji intentionally crashed Revy's motorcycle and briefly abducted Rock so that they could escape to Roanapur and use Rock as a hostage, but Rock told them that it would be no use. Revy then chased them and stopped their car, then confronting Ginji in a fight at the seaport. In the manga, Rock and Revy instead waited at a shrine for Yukio and Ginji per Yukio's request on the phone. At the shrine, the kimono-clad Yukio saw them and responded to Rock's message that a promise from Balalaika was empty, and Ginji and Revy began a fight respectively between sword and gun. Ginji dodged her bullets and even put the weight of his katana down onto Revy's dual pistols, giving her a desirable fight. Rock stood by with Yukio as they watched the fight, and Rock continued to tell Yukio that she did not have to confront Hotel Moscow. When Yukio remarked to him that she was fighting to survive, Ginji was surprised by her comment, giving the pinned down Revy the opportunity to shoot him dead.

Although alive, Revy had Ginji's katana blade in her leg, which Rock pulled out in an attempt to stop the bleeding with a rag. As Revy yelled out in extreme pain, Yukio grabbed the katana and apologized to Revy and Rock for the whole situation which she proclaimed to have caused. While Yukio began placing the katana's blade upward under her own head, the gunslinger shouted at Rock to look at Revy instead. Unfortunately, the mentally frozen and terrified Rock saw Yukio's action, seeing her lifeless body fall on the ground next to Ginji's body, much to Revy's dismay. Later, Revy and Rock traveled to the airport to return to Roanapur, and Rock called Dutch to inform him of his return. After finishing the phone call, Revy asked Rock what was wrong, and he saw the "Welcome to Japan" sign and subsequently told Revy that they needed to return home in Roanapur.

Greenback Jane[]

In Roanapur, Revy was displeased with the heat and humidity, so she went to the Rip-Off Church chapel to hang out with Eda. Inside, the place was also hot, and Eda asked Revy how was Japan. With Revy displaying a lack of interest in Japan, Eda clarified that she meant that she wanted to know what happened between her in Rock, specifically if they had sexual intercourse. Revy refused to either confirm or deny anything, making Eda nag Revy that the latter was no fun. As they drank alcohol, Janet Bhai began knocking on the chapel door, with Eda refusing to answer her. Playing rock-paper-scissors, Revy beat Eda, so the nun begrudgingly opened the door and told Jane to leave. As Jane refused to leave, Elvis and his men from the Nuevo Laredo Cartel showed up in their cars with Elvis shooting at the door, angering Eda and Revy.

Elvis told the women that he only wanted Jane, but Revy angrily ran to the door and tossed Eda her Glock pistol, and the two women began shooting at the mafiosos. During the shooting, Rico came to help them with his machine gun, introducing himself as a priest-in-training to Revy. Seconds later, Lobos waved his hands to gesture peace and told Eda and Revy that there was a great misunderstanding, but Revy rejected his plea and called him a liar, continuing to rain bullets onto the Nuevo Laredo affiliates. Sister Yolanda then showed up to berate Eda for drinking in the chapel but also helped in the gunfight, with the four gunslingers scaring off the vengeful Elvis and his men. Putting her gun away, Revy stood by as Yolanda ordered Jane to come inside and explain herself.

Jane discussed her counterfeiting work and how the Nuevo Laredo Cartel were too impatient to understand the time she needed to perfect the outcome, making Eda and Revy bored and impatient from her long talk. Eda interrupted to ask what was the point of her story, so Jane gave the two women two $100 U.S. dollar bills and asked them to point out the counterfeit bill. Revy guessed that the bill in her right hand was the fake bill since the print was finer whereas the left-hand bill had inconsistencies, but Jane laughed at her guess, pointing out that real bills had bleaches occasionally and that the fake bill she held had the letter M in the Federal Reserve seal. Yolanda was slightly impressed that Jane demonstrated Revy's narrow sight but still asked about her predicament.

As Jane explained her deadline and escape, the women claimed that she basically betrayed her end of the deal, causing Jane to yell at them. Revy pulled out her gun in response to her NYPD Blue comment and sarcastically said that she watched Oprah Winfrey, scaring Jane. Yolanda interrupted to tell Jane that she could be saved since Revy was an escape specialist, adding that the Rip-Off Church could also be easily paid with her printing plates. With Yolanda rejecting Jane's offer, Jane left and got some safehouse advice from Eda. Once the Indian girl left, Yolanda commended Eda for tricking Jane, angrily confusing Revy since she was not in on their plan. After Eda called Richie Leroy to tip off Jane's location in exchange for money, the two women went to the Yellow Flag at night.

Inside the bar, Eda told Revy that she already had a full rescue plan to coerce Jane into paying them. Asking if Rock had the car ready, Eda left the bar as the impatient Revy followed her. Rock then drove the two women to an alley near the Ramsap Inn where Jane stayed, and Eda assured them both that she had a plan to rescue Jane. Eda also tried to flirt with Rock and breathe into his ear, shocking him. In response, Revy threatened to injure Eda, so she ceased and told the two about her plan. When the two heard about Eda's plan to guide Jane out of the inn using signs explicitly marked with the word "escape," Revy and Rock found the plan to be too simple, with Revy comparing Eda to Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin. After Revy told Rock to start the car so that they could leave, Jane ran past them, so Rock drove the car backwards as Eda bargained with Jane to hire her for an escape. With the bounty hunters nearby, Jane angrily and begrudgingly agreed, going into the backseat.

Revy and Eda shot the bounty hunters as Rock drove the car into the alleyways, escaping the attack. As the car went to the harbor, Eda paid Revy her share in advance for the job while the nun told Jane that she would board the Black Lagoon. Displeased, Rock told Eda that he tried to tell her earlier that the boat was not at the docks since Dutch and Benny took it out for a shipping job. At the Lagoon Company dry dock, Revy began to radio Dutch to return so that they could escort Jane out of Roanapur, elaborating that the Rip-Off Church would pay the expenses for abandoning their shipping job for Isaac. When Eda asked for the alcohol she saw on the shelf, Revy told her that she would kill her if she tried since it was Dutch's stock, so Rock offered Eda some Jim Beam instead.

Knowing that they were still being pursued, Revy and Eda prepared and subsequently shot a couple bounty hunters who tried to barge into their place. As Revy and Eda got into a long shootout with the surrounding bounty hunters, Revy told Rock to guide Jane out a different door. When Rock tried to use that door, Sawyer's chainsaw burst through, pushing Rock back. Sawyer then charged at Rock, but he defended himself and Jane with a metal rack to push against the chainsaw, and Revy soon covered Rock and forced Sawyer out of the building with her gunfire. To make matters worse, Claude "Torch" Weaver started a fire in the dock area, so Revy told Rock to bring Jane to the roof.

As they began further improvisation after Revy begrudgingly let Eda use an ARWEN to scare off the remaining bounty hunters, Shenhua threw her kukri into the building, smashing the window and forcing Revy to take cover. As Revy exchanged banter with the Taiwanese assassin, she told Eda her plan to get Shenhua off the duct so that Eda could make a clear shot. Beginning her plan, Revy shot at the walls and Eda shot through the window. As Eda walked toward the window, Shenhua wrapped her kukri's cord around Eda's neck, trapping her. Revy gave a pistol to Eda and pretended to leave, with Shenhua remarking that she knew she was lying. When Eda smirkingly stated that Shenhua was the real fool, Shenhua turned around and saw Revy breaking through the window, so she instinctively injured Revy with several throwing knives before she could shoot. Although Revy got injured, Eda landed several shots on Shenhua, toppling her off the duct onto the ground.

After yelling at Eda for not giving her a signal, Revy bandaged her bicep and accompanied Eda to the roof, where they saw Sawyer curled into a ball from anxiety. Revy remarked that she could see Dutch's boat in the distance, pleasing everyone. Unfortunately, the fire in the dock began quickly deteriorating the roof's support, causing the roof to collapse. As Revy slid down the collapsing roof, Lotton the Wizard appeared in a grandiose entrance, so Revy simply shot him in the chest. After a hard fall to the ground, Revy and co. ran further outside and jumped onto the Black Lagoon's deck, but a few bounty hunters like Russell and Claude got on board too. Revy told Rock to bring Jane inside while she and Eda fought against the remaining pursuers on deck, and Revy told Dutch to swerve the boat to swerve off the pursuers. Upon tying Eda to the boat, the two women hung on as Dutch successfully served some of the men off the boat.

To her frustration, Green Tooth Johnny hung on and tried to charge at Revy, but she tossed a hammer from Dutch at Johnny, knocking him off (in the manga, she tossed a pistol at him). With Russell entering the engine room, Eda volunteered to deal with him while Revy fought Claude on board. Revy had difficulty landing a shot on the man since his flamethrower blocked most of her field of vision, so she told Dutch to perform another swerve when she ordered it. Brushing off Claude's offer to burn and char her corpse, Revy dodged his attacks and yelled to Dutch, with the boat's swerve loosening Claude's grip onto the boat. As Claude flew off, Revy shot him in the chest, causing the tank on his back to explode and kill Claude. As the sun began to rise, Eda exited from the engine room and Revy asked her if she killed the cowboy, with Eda smirking and showing Russell's hat.

El Baile de la muerte / Roberta's Blood Trail[]

When rumor spread that Roberta had returned to Roanapur, Revy and Rock were at the Yellow Flag Bar when Bao told them that some guys told him that they saw Roberta, making the two think that he was joking. Afterward, they went back to Benny and Dutch to relay what Bao had told them. When Revy wondered why Isaac had called the office, Benny remarked that he was not as good of an information dealer as Leroy but was not a paranoid individual. At that moment, Bao called the Lagoon Company office. Dutch answered the phone, hearing an angry Bao demanding to know what Dutch knew since Roberta visited his bar thirty minutes ago. After finishing the call, Dutch told the others about the Roberta situation and that he and Benny would gather information and meet Revy and Rock later at the Yellow Flag.

At the Yellow Flag, Revy and Rock talked to Bao, who told them about establishing his bar in 1978 and how the building had been destroyed on fifteen occasions. As Bao told them about the look that he saw on Roberta's face, Gustavo and his men from the Colombian Cartel entered the bar, and Gustavo asked them what they knew about Roberta. As Revy promised to exchange information and told him about Roberta's physical description, Fabiola Iglesias entered the bar, confusing Revy and terrifying Bao since she had the same maid outfit as Roberta.

Fabiola then told Rock that she sought out the Lagoon Company on behalf of her master Garcia Lovelace at Sankan Palace Hotel, causing Revy to refer to Roberta in a derogatory manner to Fabiola's dismay. When a Colombian Cartel member grabbed Fabiola and she stabbed him in the testicles, Gustavo pointed a gun at Bao's head and told his men to search Fabiola. Just then, Bao noticed that Revy took a bottle of Bacardi, and she purposefully dropped it onto the ground to startle the men and let Fabiola pull out her weapons. As a gunfight between the young maid and the Colombians ensued, Bao hid behind his counter and asked Revy why she dropped the bottle, but she only responded that she was having fun. Rock also asked her why she got involved, and she simply answered that they would never find out what Fabiola wanted if she got killed.

Once Fabiola killed or frightened off the remaining Colombians with her grenade launcher, the furious Gustavo pointed his gun at the young girl, but Revy in turn pointed her pistol at his head, glaringly advising Gustavo to back off since people would view him as a child-killer. The defeated Gustavo angrily ran away, and Dutch and Benny arrived at the bar. Driving to the Sankan Palace hotel, Revy sat in the back and teased Fabiola about her outfit, with the young girl pushing the woman's arms away. At the hotel's entrance, Revy helped Fabiola get out of Benny's car and her expression changed upon grasping Fabiola's hand, realizing that she was not as hardened and tough as she acted. Once inside the Sankan Palace suite, Revy was allowed with the others into the room only to see Mister Chang inside with Garcia.

Fabiola angrily charged at Mister Chang and got quickly disarmed, but Garcia assured her that Chang was only there to talk. As she pulled out a cigarette, Chang passively demanded Revy to ask Garcia permission to smoke, with Garcia rejecting her request to Revy's dismay since there was no ashtray in the room. The gunslinger then listened to Garcia's story about how his father Diego got killed in a controlled explosion at a Venezuelan political rally and Roberta's subsequent hunt for the men responsible. Once Garcia told the Lagoon crew about Roberta killing two high-ranking military men, Dutch said that they would reject Garcia's job for them to search for Roberta, with Revy adding that they did not want to make enemies of the United States due to their involvement.

After Rock told Garcia and Fabiola that he would think about considering the job, the meeting adjourned and the next day Revy talked to Eda inside the Rip-Off Church chapel about the job, with Eda once again asking Revy if she had progressed her relationship with Rock. Recalling that the U.S. troops of Grey Fox were involved, Revy got Eda's attention due to the U.S. military's involvement and Roberta's presence in Roanapur as a result of the U.S. troops. Eda hid her surprise and continued to drink and play cards with Revy, even advising Revy to help Rock out since he definitely needed her. The next morning, Rock visited Revy at her place as she was working out. There, he talked to her to convince her to help him with Garcia's job. Before getting into the shower, Revy asked him why he wanted to help the children out and what he gained from the situation.

In response, he told her that he would have self-satisfaction about the children and Roberta's sanity as well as Chang's money, but Revy told him that he was going into another situation to save some someone without thinking it through like he did back in Japan. Smoking a cigarette, Rock responded that she was a gun and how he was her bullet. Exiting the shower, Revy finished drinking her water bottle and told Rock to get some water from the vending machine downstairs, elaborating to use baht instead of U.S. nickels. As Rock poured the water, Revy dressed and came downstairs, tossing a bullet to Rock and implicitly agreeing to help him.

Going to Chang's beach house, Revy found Fabiola swimming and smilingly teased the young maid that she was enjoying herself. As Rock drove the two children and Revy, Fabiola explained that she had always wanted to swim despite having a pool back in Venezuela. Looking back at Garcia, Revy told Garcia that Fabiola wanted a day off, but Fabiola pinched Revy's nose since the latter was cussing in Garcia's presence. Soon, the three arrived at Praiyachat's store, and Revy gave her pistols to Praiyachat to examine. Upon the old man asking if they wanted him to fit Fabiola with a gun like he did with the "maid" who visited earlier, Revy and Rock then knew that Roberta visited his store to repair her musket. Also realizing that Roberta went to Tou Chi for gunpowder, Revy and the others prepared to head to his place, but not before Praiyachat berated Revy for twisting the pistols' grip due to hitting people with the stock.

At Tou Chi's apartment, Fabiola and Revy entered the building, with the latter noticing the shotgun trap outside the place as a result of Tou Chi's paranoia from frequent drug use, and Revy barged into the door. The frightened and hallucinating Tou Chi pointed his gun at Fabiola and asked her if she was an alien, causing Revy to feign that Fabiola was "one of the good aliens." Consequently, Fabiola had to pretend to be an alien since Tou Chi was high on drugs, telling him that she came to save him from the Cylon Empire, a reference which Revy did not understand. The two women found out from Tou Chi that Roberta had help from Richie Leroy, so the group headed to his place.

At Richie Leroy's place, Revy found out from him that he gave shelter to Roberta using a secret hideout, giving her the location. Revy re-entered the car as Rock drove everyone to Tokaīna Hotel where Roberta was near. On the way to the scene of Roberta's rampage on Grey Fox at sunset, Revy told them about Bren the Black Death's involvement and had Rock stop the car so that she could call Shenhua from a payphone for extra help, telling the Taiwanese woman that Garcia would be paying her, Sawyer and Lotton quite well. Leaving Rock behind in the car, Revy helped Shenhua's group and Fabiola prepare for combat and provided protection to Garcia. As they walked in an alleyway, Revy informed Fabiola that she knew that she was not hardened to killing, advising the girl to think of their enemies as targets who would shoot back. While trying to find Roberta, Revy and the others came across FARC soldiers, accordingly killing most of them. One soldier was left alive, so Revy ordered Fabiola to translate her questions. Kneeling down, Fabiola spoke with him in Spanish to ask about his pursuit and Roberta's mental state.

After Fabiola promised she would call medical help for him and relayed the information to Revy, the latter woman killed the soldier, shocking Fabiola. The young maid angrily pointed her gun at Revy, berating her for killing a wounded soldier. Shenhua put her kukri to Fabiola, telling the young girl that she wanted to stick to the job. Garcia interfered to stop both Fabiola and Shenhua so that they could continue the mission, so Revy told Sawyer to lead the way since she knew the underground area well. After killing more FARC soldiers, Garcia got separated from the group, so Revy and co. went into the building which Roberta hid in to find her. While searching for Roberta, the killer maid let out a loud scream after seeing Garcia witness her kill Alberto Camarasa, giving away her position.

After Garcia was rescued by the Grey Fox soldiers, Revy and co. saw the angered Roberta in the hallway, and Shenhua's group failed to land a blow on her. When Fabiola decided that she would try to persuade her head maid, Revy warned her, but Fabiola brushed it off and stopped in Roberta's path. Continuing to lose her grip on reality, Roberta casually told Fabiola to help the young master while she dealt with the troops, and the older maid fled. As Balalaika and her Vysotniki flanked Roberta from killing the Grey Fox troops, Revy and Shenhua saw Garcia around the corner with Shane Caxton and his men. As the two women prepared to attack to take back Garcia, Corporal Zamyatin shot Revy in her arm and Shenhua in the leg, warning them that they would be killed if they continued to interfere further.

After bandaging her arm, Revy accompanied Rock to the Black Lagoon since the latter managed to convince the NSA to have Grey Fox take Dutch's PT boat to complete their mission to capture Shue Yan in the Golden Triangle. On the deck while going up the Mekong River, Fabiola talked with Revy about Garcia's adamant goal to save Roberta, with Revy disagreeing with Fabiola's point about Garcia not needing bullets to win. Angered by Revy's disrespect toward her master, Fabiola tried to attack Revy for thinking that altruistic people like Garcia did not exist in the world, but the two got into a physical fight lasting seconds until Revy had Fabiola at gunpoint. The young maid told Revy that her pessimism was arrogant, attacking Revy's assumption that altruistic people like Garcia did not exist in the world. Laughing and putting her pistol away, Revy told the young girl that everyone involved in their mission engaged in the "dance of the dead" of killing people.

Once Grey Fox's team boarded the Black Lagoon, Revy waited in the boat's hold for the remainder of the mission after the troops arrived to their destination. While the troops faced against Roberta in the jungle at night, Rock hoped that his plan to save Garcia and Roberta worked. Hearing soldiers screaming on the radio frequency that Caxton gave to the Lagoon Company, Revy coldly wished that the killing would speed up. Once Roberta had returned to normal and Grey Fox and the Lovelaces arrived back to the Black Lagoon, Revy witnessed Fabiola shoot Rock with a blank for exploiting her master. When Rock tried to affirm that he really was trying to help the children, Revy defended him by saying that the children would not listen to reason regarding the idea that taking up a gun to kill someone was necessary, but Fabiola rejected her defense and hoped that she and Rock would stay in Roanapur away from them.

The Wired Red Wild Card[]

Eating lunch at the Lagoon Company headquarters, Rock and Benny relayed the story of Feng Yifei's smelly room to Revy, who was surprised to learn that it was a certain room. As the others were eating, Revy recalled the incident where Ronnie the Jaws had four Australians murdered and left their corpses in that room where Feng was staying, laughing about the melted corpses to Rock's disgust. After her story, Dutch told Revy and Rock to visit Ronnie about a recent shipment, so they went to his place at Visconti Food Service. Despite Ronnie being busy, Revy emerged into Ronnie's office unannounced, angering him. Ronnie explained to them that he was on a phone call with his boss in Palermo.

While doing so, two Albanian Mafia members, Mustafa and Çubronik, came from a different room arguing with the Sicilians about recovering "Ali Dragua." Laughing at Luciano's loudness, Revy giddily chastised Ronnie for having such talkative subordinates. At that moment, Çubronik thought that Revy was a Chinese gangster, causing a minute standoff between Revy and Çubronik due to Mustafa's distrust of the Chinese mafia. As Rock stood by shocked while Luciano frantically assured Çubronik that Revy was Chinese-American and not a Chinese mafia member, Ronnie threatened to torture both of them with dynamite if they did not calm down. Once Revy sheathed her pistol and left, Ronnie told Rock to go to the downstairs manager to receive their payment, also threatening him with torture if he discussed what happened in his presence. As Rock drove Revy through town, Rock wondered what the "Ali Dragua" that the Albanian mentioned, but Revy only replied that Rock had that face again where it seemed like he wanted to gamble on people again.

At the dry dock, Benny and Jane were packing up several items since Benny had time off and Jane hired the Lagoon Company to ship her around the sea so that she could spend time with Benny. Revy badmouthed Jane's sexual desires, but Benny assured Revy that Jane was a good person despite her notable sexual appetite. When Jane joked to Revy that she would involve Rock in an orgy, Revy grabbed her by the shirt and told her that she could show her things that would surprise even Jane, throwing her back. After the two lovebirds boarded the Black Lagoon, Revy accompanied Rock again as he drove through town, and they talked about how they needed to tell Dutch that they would cancel the Lagoon Company's most recent job since the client, a bank robber, got killed elsewhere. When Rock stopped the car near the Yellow Flag, Feng (who was exposed as the spy Li Xinlin by Jane) pointed a gun at Rock, scaring him.

Immediately, Revy pulled out her pistol and began a shootout with Feng, and the hot casings from Revy's pistol gave minor burns to the terrified Rock. Nearby, Montero, Rob and Park Seung, who were hired to kill Feng, spotted her beside Rock's car door and began shooting at them. Confused and terrified, Rock drove the car away with Feng hanging onto the car side as Park Seung riddled the car with bullets. Thankfully, Rock managed to swerve the car into a narrow alleyway, escaping Montero's wide Humvee. On the outskirts of Roanapur, Rock then stopped the car and lifted the car's hood, seeing smoke emerge from it. He remarked that he was glad that he did not turn off the engine since the car would not start again if he did, but Revy was angry since she had driven the Pontiac GTO for a while ever since Roberta trashed the Plymouth Roadrunner. As she angrily wondered how she would explain the car's destruction to Benny, Rock told Revy that there was nothing they could do except get Benny a new car later.

In the car's backseat, Feng was sitting there, and Revy berated her for wielding her gun around so brazenly, adding that Feng would die if she acted like an outsider in the city. Revy guessed that Jane set her up, which Feng confirmed. The latter woman then spoke in Chinese to Revy, making her respond that she only spoke English. Feng translated her sentence that Revy should not insult her since they were fellow Chinese people, but Revy told her that she was only related to her insofar as everyone on earth was related to "Lucy or Linus" (referring to the Australopithecus specimen). Rock confirmed to Feng that Jane had a picture of her in a PLA uniform, surprising and angering Feng. Feng was irritated to learn that Revy and Rock would not help her since she had a whole system after her head, and Rock added that it would be too much heat for the Lagoon Company to help a mere outsider. With Feng in a desperate mood, Rock told her that her only choice was to run away as far as possible from her pursuers.

Agreeing, Feng exited the car and walked away, explaining to the two that even with her government's army after her she would fight hard to survive and would not go out without a fight. Before she left, Rock gave her information about a hideout she could use and a weapons store for further self-defense. Affected by Rock's gesture, Feng kissed Rock as a gesture of thanks, greatly surprising both Revy and Rock. Rock immediately told her that he did not want that as a reward and had his own reasons for helping her, and he and Revy left. The same night, Feng heard a knock on her door and pulled out her gun to find no one there, and Revy pointed her pistol at the side. Feng asked if she was jealous that she "kissed her boyfriend," but Revy answered that she could have already killed her if that was her intention. Revy then brought Feng to the Yellow Flag and they drank.

Inside the bar, Feng commented that she would rather die by being shot by Revy than being killed by her bosses. Putting her glass down, Revy stated that she brought Feng to the bar since she could solve each other's problems, confusing Feng. Revy told her that there was a chance that her company could also be targeted, so she needed a chance to plan. Feng raised her glass and told Revy that her grandfather told her that people should not think about their actions and just run, remarking that people were made to reach their destinations. Before continuing her explanation, Revy asked Feng why she had her eye on Rock, and she replied that Rock was an outsider like her, yet he had a grasp on how Roanapur operated.

After drinking several bottles of alcohol, Feng brought the drunk and sick Revy back to Rock's place, wherein Revy threw up and had to lie on the couch. When Revy entered the shower to cope with her overindulgence of alcohol, Feng began a conversation with Rock and recalled what Revy told her back at the bar. During their extended conversation about their life paths and Roanapur, Feng interrupted to ask about Revy, and the two of them found her passed out in the bathroom, with Rock telling Feng to quickly grab a towel for Revy.

Once Revy woke up, she and Rock sat in a taxi, where Rock confirmed to her that he would help out Feng. Seeing Revy's face look away, Rock apologized to Revy for having to worry about him, thanking her and making her blush. Revy hid her blushing and told Rock that she had his back and would let him do what he needed to do, asking him where he wanted to start. Rock remarked that Jane's trap for Feng was thought-out well, and Revy asked if they should force Jane to talk. Rock answered that he did not want to interfere with a colleague for the time being, and Revy reminded him about the hitmen that tried to kill Feng earlier. Rock asked if Revy's hideout for Feng would buy them time, and Revy said she trusted the hideout the most.

Going to the place, Rock saw that the hideout was the strip bar Jackpot Pigeons, where in the back dressing room stayed Feng. Getting onto their topic, Rock told Feng that more people would be sent after her even if Feng's pursuers were killed. Given Jane's trap for Feng, Rock asked Feng to provide him and Revy any details that would help them find a solution to get the ex-PLA agent out of Jane's trap. Feng then explained her situation in which her attempt to hack a German company's avionics data was actually a way for Jane to expose Annenheim Distributions as a PLA front and expose Feng as the culprit hacker.

Rock then got the idea that Feng should hack back into Annenheim Distributions' server, and Feng agreed but did not know how they could find an internet-accessible computer in the city, and Rock told her that they could go to the internet café in Nankwai. After Revy had the strippers disguise Feng in a tight dress and blonde wig, Rock took them to the café. There, Feng was catcalled by several men, including one man who tried to harass her and offer money in exchange for sexual intercourse, but Revy pointed her gun at him and told him to leave. Using the computer, Feng confirmed that she was able to hack back into Annenheim, so Rock asked her to go through all the server's logs to find a clue. When Feng mentioned tracks left behind, Rock asked her if she could decrypt it, and she confirmed that she could and would burn the downloaded data onto a CD.

As Feng was downloading the data, a PLA spy spotted Feng and called someone to inform Montero's group. As Rock told her that they could buy a laptop at the Maplao market to view the CD data, Rob entered the café and began shooting at them, so Revy shot back while Rock and Feng taking cover under a table. During the shooting, Revy insulted Rob, and he in turn asked her if she wanted to engage in sexual intercourse. Revy then continued insulting him as a redneck hillbilly. As Rock gave Feng a fist bump and Feng grabbed the CD, Rob shot the CD, breaking it into pieces. Responding to Rob's comment about Colorado, Revy remarked that she had been to the state. As Revy and Rob reloaded respectively, Rock and Feng improvised and took the hard drive with them, so Revy provided them cover as Rob tried to shoot at them.

Revy managed to save Rock and Feng and forced Rob to take cover. As the two began to continue shooting, Saensak and other officers of the Roanapur City Police entered the café, ordering the two to surrender. The annoyed Saensak angrily told Revy that her public disturbance ruined his plans for that day. Consequently, both gunslingers were arrested and driven to the police station. Arriving at the station's jail, the officer Sanpin kicked Revy into a cell next to Rob's. Revy angrily demanded to see a lawyer and wanted her dual Cutlasses back, but Sanpin told her to try contacting one through sheer will. While in her cell, Revy insulted Rob continuously as he tried to question her, and she in turn asked him why he was after Feng to no avail. Rob then told her that her redneck insult was incorrect since his parents were not farmers but a prostitute and pimp. Smiling, Rob sang a loud folk song to Revy's great annoyance, and the cop guarding the cells did not hear the singing since he had headphones on.

Later the next day when Park Seung began attacking the police station, Saensak begrudgingly guided Rock to the jail cells to free Revy to fight Park Seung. Revy was glad to see him and, through tears of frustration, told Rock to free her or she would lose her mind from Rob's annoying singing. After Saensak thanked her, Revy promised to return the favor and got her Cutlass pistols back. Rob was terrified and argued to Revy that he was unarmed, but she did not care and shot him dead, then exiting the holding area. As the police went to a higher floor to set up a trap, Revy confronted Seung by tossing some coffee onto him, but Seung replied that he would not be fazed so easily. When Revy told him that she killed his brother Rob, that sent the Korean-American into an even more furious rage. As Revy took cover, Seung told her that he would rape her as revenge until he broke every bone in her body.

As the two exchanged gunfire, Revy taunted Seung for being too slow, and his gun soon became jammed. As Seung attempted to fix his machine gun and fired more bullets, Revy managed to shoot him in the shoulder, but the raging Seung told her that her tiny gun would not take him down. Following Revy upstairs, Seung saw that she was cornered and saw that she was out of bullets, so he tried to shoot his gun but it was jammed yet again. Revy then mocked him, saying that the liquid she poured on him earlier easily jammed his weapon. Unconcerned and knowing that he killed the other cops, Seung told Revy to get on her knees or he would break them, and she got on her knees. As he smiled and threatened a second time to rape her, the elevator behind her opened and Revy told him that "he was the one who's getting fucked," and the police killed Seung in a hail of bullets.

Upon Seung's body being blown apart in the hallway, Saensak leaned over Revy, who told the lieutenant that he should be thanking her, but Saensak reminded her that he let her out in the first place, and the police officers began to clean up the area. Rock asked Revy if she was alright, which she confirmed, and Feng asked Rock what to do next. Rock told them they needed to go to Ronnie's bistro to secure Feng's safety. As they exited the police station, Revy reminded Rock that Montero was still around, but he assured her that he already made arrangements to deal with him. Seconds later, Eda knocked Montero off the rooftop with a baseball, killing him. Seeing that Eda was on the roof, Revy asked Rock why he had to get Eda involved.

Arriving at Ronnie's place, the Sicilian leader asked them why they had his money. Rock explained that he wanted to talk business, but Ronnie replied that he made the decisions. Feng then interrupted to defend Rock and mentioned that Cosa Nostra would lose face without their help. Ronnie threatened to torture them all, but Rock said that Feng could take care of the launderer, getting Ronnie's attention. Revy stood by as they continued to make a deal, and soon Ronnie agreed to provide safety to Feng, telling her that she could grab some food and drink from their downstairs place anytime. When Revy asked if she could have some of the food and alcoholic drinks too, Ronnie told her that she had to pay.

Ready to leave, Revy reminded Rock that she needed to hurry to Rowan's place as a favor for the business hiding Feng previously. In the dressing room at Jackpot Pigeons, Rock was surprised to see Revy in a dominatrix outfit, and Revy told Rock to find her some clothes before her performance ended since her clothes went missing for some reason. As Revy tied restraints on her submissive performer Emushira, Revy asked Rock where they would get the money to buy a new car for Benny since money did not grow on trees. Rock said he would get a new car at Meotehap Kai Auto, with Revy remarking that he should have asked Ronnie for car money.

Revy then left to rehearse the performance, telling Feng to come to the audience so that she could keep an eye on her since the fourth brother was still after her. Soon, the show began, and Revy began whipping Emushira in the performance. In the audience, a person dressed in Revy's clothing and hair charged at Feng with a knife, but Revy saw them and pulled out her Cutlass and shot them dead, terrifying the customers out of the establishment. Rock and Feng saw the brother's dead body on the ground as Revy angrily remarked that the assassin ruined her clothes. Afterward, Rock told Benny that he would buy something for Revy as thanks for her tremendous help.

L'homme sombre[]

Eating some food with her comrades, Revy told Rock, Dutch and Benny that Mister Chang told her to inform them of the recent murders of Black men in Roanapur, specifically Black men of big and tall stature. Dutch asked who the target was, and Revy relayed that Chang did not know if the murderers were part of a racist group like the National Alliance or the KKK. Rock asked her what she knew about the murderers, and she replied that she did not know much except the murderers mentioned a date to the survivor Jinx, with Rock asking her what the date was. When Revy mentioned the specific date of September 18, 1989, Dutch's eyebrows raised but kept his surprise hidden. Revy nonchalantly told Dutch to be on his guard, and Dutch got up to her surprise and agreed.

Later, Rock showed Benny some inventory that he did not recognize. Popping her head around the corner, Revy happily asked what they were so secretive about. Rock then asked Revy if she knew about Dutch's recent cancellations of warehouse contracts, which she denied. Realizing that Dutch had not told anyone, Rock then showed both pirates the inventory of their warehouses, pointing out items that he did not recognize as Dutch's personal items, which were firearms purchased from the Rip-Off Church, another company and from overseas. Unconcerned with the purchases, Revy responded that they should not peek into Dutch's business unless they were in danger. Rock agreed and added that he wanted to be absolutely certain first that he and the others were not in harm's way.

Taking Benny's car, Rock drove to Mister Chang's office with Revy accompanying him. In the car, the slightly annoyed Revy asked Rock why he was acting like a detective and savior, but Rock rejected her comparison and said that his motivations were different. Revy iterated that Dutch's problems were his alone, making Rock ask her if she was okay with losing what she had in Roanapur. Adamant, Revy answered that their job meant that they went where the tide took them, with Rock responding that the tide brought him to Roanapur. Continuing to smoke her cigarette, Revy stated that getting attached to a place created weakness, which made one vulnerable and clouded their judgment, elaborating that at any time they might have to go into hiding for various reasons. In agreement, Rock confirmed that he would not get attached to Roanapur but added that he felt discomforted in doing nothing and watching it all fall apart.

Very soon, the two arrived at the Hot River Film Company building and spoke with Mister Chang. nside his office, Chang confirmed that Balalaika recently lost another man and the Hong Kong Triad had lost all its Black men in Roanapur. He then wondered why Revy and Rock came to see him, and Rock stated that Dutch had to be one of the next targets of the assassins. Although reluctant, Chang directed them to the hospital where Jinx, the Black man under Hotel Moscow who survived an attack, was staying. Before Rock and Revy left, Chang used his phone and told them that he would call up some protection for them due to the lack of knowledge on the attackers.

At the hospital, Revy greeted the bedridden Jinx, who asked the two pirates if they were there to make fun of him. Rock assured him that Mister Chang only sent them to learn of the details of the night that the attack occurred. Accordingly, Jinx recalled that the night he was attacked, he was playing a card game with others when five women in black suits busted into their office and pointed guns at everyone and asked him if he was "La Mouche" and also asked if he knew anything regarding the date September 18, 1989 in Burkina Faso. The women shot Jinx in the knee when he did not immediately answer their question and then asked more questions about African names. When Jinx could not answer that question either, the women shot everyone in the room dead except for Jinx, causing him to plea repeatedly to be spared from death. After the women discussed the topic among themselves, one of the women pointed her gun at him but did not shoot since Hotel Moscow showed up and drove off the assassins.

Revy wondered what the term "La Mouche" was, and Rock informed her that it was French for "the fly." After Rock thanked Jinx for his recollection, Jinx told them that he only wanted payback, with Revy promising to fulfill his request. At a restaurant, Revy and Rock met up with Shenhua, whom Chang sent as their protection. The Taiwanese assassin asked Rock if he would also pay for her meals as well as paying 1.3 times the pay that Chang ordered, and Rock happily confirmed that he would. Revy informed Shenhua about the eight killings of Black men in Roanapur, to which Shenhua replied that she only needed them lured out and she could finish them off. She asked Rock about the assassins' appearance and plans, and Rock stated that they needed to capture at least one of the five assassins to find out their orders. Revy remarked that his request was a difficult one, whereas Shenhua had no problem.

Rock said to both women that he was confident that they could complete the task, and Shenhua asked who the assassins would target next. Rock thought that either François Modibo or Duke Moses were the next targets, and he deduced that Modibo would be next since Duke's place was already hit and had security tightened. Subsequently, Rock and Revy headed to the antiques shop where Modibo worked at, and Rock and Shenhua stood by as Revy greeted and informed Isaac about the situation. Modibo came from the back and confirmed that he was not sure why the assassins were killing Black men, so Revy asked Rock where they should head next. Before leaving, Isaac tried to convince Revy to buy an antique, but she replied that she had no use for his wares.

As they prepared to leave, four of the five female killers walked into the store, surprising Rock. When L'annulaire directed Le Majeur to Modibo, Majeur told the three to mind their business, but Revy smiled and encouraged Majeur to try and attack. As the enemies pulled out their guns, Modibo, Revy and Shenhua pulled out their respective weapons and started a gunfight. Revy landed the first shot on L'index's shoulder, but she was protected from her bullet-resistant suit. In the fighting, Shenhua tried to attack L'annulaire but she managed to block Shenhua's kukri, so Revy provided cover for her so that she would not get shot. Because of Revy's group's superior attacks, the women decided to flee, so Revy yelled at Shenhua to capture at least one woman.

In the chaos, Shenhua managed to grab onto Majeur, but L'index's stun grenade distracted Shenhua and freed Majeur. As Majeur tried to flee, L'auriculaire shot her in the left eye, incapacitating her. After the Frenchwomen fled, Shenhua noted that Majeur was still alive and began to carry her. Revy jokingly asked Isaac if his mannequin bodyguard always remained still, and he joked back that she had lots of days like that. Bringing Majeur to the Lagoon Company dry dock, the three had her tied up to a chair. Revy asked Rock if they should have brought her to Doctor Hartland first to treat her eye, but he responded that she still had several questions to answer. Upon waking up, Majeur's expression turned resentful, and Revy and Rock sat down, with the latter asking her what the significance was concerning the date and names that she mentioned to others.

As she refused to cooperate, Rock lighted a cigarette for himself and reminded Majeur that she was a hostage and that they could be friends in order to clean up her mess. Angered, Majeur replied that the Réseau would not stop chasing down La Mouche and would not forget about Antsirabe, surprising the amused Revy. Upon hearing those terms, Rock told Revy that he had to go out for a bit, telling her to be gentle with Majeur. Shenhua herself was hungry and decided that she would leave too, asking Revy what she wanted, so Revy requested pad thai and a Singha. As Shenhua left, Revy started smoking a cigarette and asked Majeur what she wanted to do.

Still resentful, Majeur replied that she did not care since she was a hostage, but Revy stated that unlike the various crime syndicates in town, the Lagoon Company did not care whether she lived or died. Revy even offered her a cigarette, but Majeur rejected it on the basis that smoking would slow her down. Smiling, Revy repeated that she would take Majeur to a doctor for her excruciating pain if she talked, but Majeur retorted back that the Réseau would hunt her down. Letting out a puff of smoke, she reminded her that her own comrade shot her, remarking that Majeur was still alive and could get revenge. Finally, Revy added that covering for her friends would not grant Majeur an award, warning the assassin to make a decision soon.

When Shenhua and Rock returned from their trips, Majeur agreed to talk, receiving a hamburger from Shenhua. Biting into the burger, the Frenchwoman introduced herself and admitted that she worked for France's Service d'Action Civique. She explained to Revy and Rock that the group was a French militia meant to expand the French-Africa ideology, and the militia had a unit called Les Cinq Doigts (French for "the five fingers") to which she belonged. Rock asked her why her group hunted down Black men, and Majeur replied that they were after "La Mouche," a tall man who was a former lieutenant colonel in the Burkinabè Army responsible for procuring and managing funds for the Antisrabe connection. Trying to piece the intel together, Rock informed Revy and Shenhua that La Mouche was connected to a failed coup in Burkina Faso whose survivors were trying to reestablish themselves. Because of this possibility, SAC wanted to eliminate the remaining survivors.

Rock thanked Majeur for her information and promised to take her to Doctor Hartland to treat her eye. On the way there, Revy sat in the back with Shenhua and Majeur. Rock drove them and told Majeur her 3 choices that she would have assuming that La Mouche was Dutch: Majeur could return to her comrades and tell them La Mouche's location in order to trap the women and then run away; she could return to them and tell them about the danger they were in but be hunted by Roanapur's crime syndicates; or she could disappear from town but needed to tell Rock where her group's safehouse was. Majeur decided to go with Rock's first choice, so Rock dropped her off at the doctor and drove to the docks with Revy and Shenhua accompanying him.

After Rock convinced Dutch to play a role in his plan, Rock drove with the two women once more. Sitting in the passenger seat, Revy asked Rock what he found out about Dutch. Smiling, he asked Revy if she was curious, but Revy calmly stated that the info could come in handy some time. With Rock remarking that his job was to end the violence, the ticked off Revy told Rock that her job was to prevent him from doing something reckless. At the Bougainvillea Trade Company office, Rock visited Balalaika to tell her about his plan to use Dutch as bait to lure the Frenchwomen into the open so that the Vysotniki could kill them. Balalaika was skeptical at first, but Rock assured her that Le Majeur would fulfill her end of the plan to convince the women to spring the trap. Boris stood by, and Balalaika agreed to mobilize the Vysotniki.

Three nights later outside a nightclub, Rock sat in Benny's car with Revy and Shenhua, and Revy was skeptical of the plan since they could have just went to the hideout and killed the Frenchwomen there. Rock told her that they needed a secured hunting ground to ensure the women's deaths, making Revy say that she liked Rock's thinking. Once they saw that the Frenchwomen arrived, the three continued to wait in the car. Once the ambush began and the customers fled the nightclub, Rock reminded Revy and Shenhua to help Le Majeur escape alive, and the two women shut the car doors and headed to the club's back.

After the Vysotniki killed L'annulaire and L'index, Revy and Shenhua entered the building from the hidden exit that Rock told them about. Preparing her pistols, Revy commented that they could help Majeur escape if she got to the ducts area. Before going further, Shenhua asked her what they would do if they got caught in the Vysotniki's crossfire, and Revy answered that they would flee and they would not lose any money if Majeur got killed. Finding her pinned down by L'auriculaire, Revy told Majeur to push L'auriculaire's head upward. Upon doing so, Revy shot L'auriculaire in the back of the head, killing her. Revy smiled and told Majeur that she could have ran away by then, but she told Revy that she wanted to see her ex-comrades' deaths for herself. Seeing a trail of blood nearby, Revy remarked that the last Frenchwoman was still alive.

Subsequently, the three women followed the trail of blood to see the fatally bleeding Le Pouce lying down against a wall. Revy and Shenhua stood by as Pouce admitted to Majeur that she knew the whole situation was a trap to begin with, angering Majeur enough to shoot her dead upon hearing the comment. With the tension decreased, Revy told Majeur that she did the right thing. As the women left the building, Majeur remarked that she envied Revy's ability to find solutions, to which Revy agreed that one should not let nonsense control one's life. The following night, Mister Chang hosted a Council meeting between himself, Balalaika, and Ronnie the Jaws to decide Le Majeur's fate for her role in the murders with Revy and Rock in attendance. Chang told the attendees about the information that Rock relayed to him regarding Majeur's betrayal.

Rock himself said to Ronnie during the meeting that Majeur could be a valuable asset, with Chang agreeing but reminding them that Balalaika would be given the final say on her fate since most of the Black men killed were contracted under Hotel Moscow. With Balalaika allowing Majeur to live on condition of being a lapdog for Hotel Moscow, Revy vouched for Majeur and volunteered to take her in and even kill her if she betrayed Hotel Moscow, surprising both Rock and Balalaika. With the meeting adjourned, Chang reiterated to everyone that Le Majeur would be under Balalaika's control. As everyone left, Majeur thanked Revy as the latter brushed off her gratitude and told the girl to come with her and Rock.

The next day at the Roanapur harbor, Majeur was listening to some music when Revy and Rock paid her a visit. As Majeur let Revy listen to her music, Rock remarked that he recognized the song from the 1984 TV series School Wars. Seeing that Rock recognized the Japanese-language song, Majeur asked him if he was Japanese and stated that she was Japanese too. Rock was surprised since he thought that she was French with Asian ancestry, and Majeur elaborated that she was born in Japan but moved to France later in life for certain reasons. Before she could say her real name, Rock interrupted her and told her that she could keep her real name a secret. Accordingly, the two Japanese people exchanged a smile and reintroduced themselves to each other in Japanese, much to the annoyance of Revy since she only spoke English.

New Girl in the Hood[]

Ready to be guided around Roanapur for basic survival needs in the city, Le Majeur visited Rock to ask if Revy was awake. Immediately, Revy got dressed and exited the building with the two, and Rock first drove them to the document counterfeiter Mel. Speaking to the forger, Revy introduced him to Majeur and asked him to give her a fake passport, and Majeur decided on her particular fake nationality for her passport as well as a forged firearm permit and work permit. Afterward, Revy told Majeur that she would need to put the items in her "escape bag," a term that confused Rock. When Rock admitted that he never thought about making an escape bag to leave Roanapur, Revy berated him for his lack of foresight, saying that being prepared to flee when things turned sour was a basic survival skill.

Driving to Doctor Hartland's business, Rock promised Revy that he would make an escape bag when he returned to his place, with Revy replying that he had better done so. After accompanying the two women as Majeur checked up with Hartland, Rock drove them to Praiyachat's place. On the way there, Majeur remarked that she wanted a Jericho pistol, but Revy replied that government guns sucked, adding that the old man would customize guns to her liking. Going inside, Majeur followed Revy as the latter greeted Praiyachat. The old man asked Revy why she did not go to the Rip-Off Church to fit Majeur with a gun, but the Lagoon sailor answered that Praiyachat's models were the best in Roanapur. Beginning her shopping, Majeur responded to Praiyachat's revolver recommendation that she would not mind but did not like revolvers' little bullet capacity, opting for a pistol.

Majeur joked that she wanted a Beretta pistol, making Revy slightly smile and tell her that they could not have the same gun since she needed a distinctive weapon. Putting a Mitchell Arms Signature pistol on the table, Praiyachat asked Majeur about her liking to the gun, which she agreed, so Praiyachat told the women that they could use the shooting range out back. Firing her first several shots, Majeur managed to hit the practice target, so Revy showed off her ambidextrous skills and hit the targets as well, impressing Majeur. Majeur tried to shoot with two pistols but performed terribly. Upon Majeur's inquiry, Revy answered that being ambidextrous with pistols was something she was skilled with since her childhood, adding that one did not need to use the guns' sights. After their firearm practice, Majeur and Revy were driven by Rock, with Revy informing Majeur that she would have to start working for their company as part of their agreement. Inquiring about her health, Majeur answered that she did not do drugs. Arriving at the Lagoon Company dry dock to meet Dutch, Revy and Majeur exited the car as Rock joked about how Dutch would react.

After Majeur briefly met Dutch, she and the Lagoon Company boarded the Black Lagoon to begin Dutch's test to see her employment skills. On deck, Revy wore a bikini and remarked to Dutch that it was painful that they had to consult Bren's help. She then asked Majeur if she tied the knot to the Zodiac boat correctly. Majeur showed her the correctly-tied knot, so Revy told her to get ready to swim, and Majeur disrobed to reveal that she had a large tattoo covering her entire back and shoulders. Revy and Rock both complimented the ink work with Rock recognizing the tattoo's inspiration. Pointing to the large Buddha statue in the Roanapur bay, Revy kicked the Zodiac boat into the water and told Majeur that she would have to swim from the boat to the statue and all the way back for her test for their next diving job. Beginning her test, Majeur dived into the water and began stroking her arms toward the statue, eventually arriving at the base.

In the Zodiac raft, Revy sat with Rock to wait for her while conversing about her own reasoning for taking Majeur under her wing. She reasoned that it was smart to not make enemies in Roanapur and one should take care of their friends to a certain degree, interesting Rock. He replied that he relied on her and hoped that she relied on him to an extent, to which she calmly agreed that she trusted him. After Majeur swam back and completed the test, Rock drove the two women as Revy in the passenger seat told Majeur that she passed Dutch's test, relieving her. Claiming that there was a pickup job the next week, Revy also remarked that business was sporadic and they might have to offer jobs instead of accepting them.

On the way to their next location, Revy asked Majeur about the boombox that she was carrying with her, and the former assassin stated that she made a mixtape since she figured that they would get tired of the car's radio. Upon Majeur happily playing the tape, Rock recognized the song as a theme song for a drama series by Omega Tribe, and he and Majeur happily sang along to Revy's annoyance. Majeur asked Revy about her distaste for the song, and she answered with a grimace that the words were in Japanese and she could not understand a word. Wanting to cheer her up, Majeur asked Revy to listen to the next song and played it. Revy recognized the song as "Easy" by the Commodores, and she began to happily sing along with Majeur and Rock, creating a joyful atmosphere.

Soon, the three arrived at the Yellow Flag and headed inside to greet Bao, with Revy ordering her usual Bacardi. Slamming down a can of beer, Bao rhetorically asked if Majeur was the lucky survivor of the hunters of Black men, which Revy smilingly confirmed. Although remarking that Balalaika was only feeling charitable, Bao agreed that Majeur had quite the luck. Revy said that Majeur had a hard time finding a job while she was a pawn of Hotel Moscow, asking Bao if he had any jobs for her, to which Bao said that he could always use a bouncer. Majeur agreed and clarified that she could work if Hotel Moscow did not call for her, so Bao told her that she could also clean up the place before opening time since his back had been killing him lately.

As they continued talking, Eda entered the bar and leaned next to Majeur, telling her that she was impressed by her luck. When Majeur glared at her for being unusually friendly with her, Eda told Revy that her friend was being impolite. Asking Eda if she thought she could treat her like a nobody, Majeur calmly threatened to kill Eda, who snidely told the "slant-eye" Majeur that she could try if she liked. Consequently, both women immediately attempted to draw their pistols until Revy slammed her glass onto the table, telling the two that they could settle their quarrel over drinks. Waving her hand to Bao, Revy ordered him to give them several rounds. As the drinks were poured, the two women were told that whoever passed out first would lose. As several men began betting on Eda and Majeur, Revy served as referee and ordered them to begin, and the two women swung their heads up.

Where the Chips Fall[]

The next afternoon at the Lagoon Company office, Revy teased Majeur, who continued to suffer from a hangover, about her hesitancy to help Balalaika. Curious about Hotel Moscow's new casino on Yatchalaya Street, Revy reminded Majeur that Balalaika wanted the Frenchwoman to brighten up the place. Per Balalaika's dress code, Revy donned a strapless dress and accompanied the suit-clad Rock to the opening night event. Inside, Revy and Rock saw Majeur in a Playboy Bunny outfit, making Revy burst into laughter. Calming down, the smiling Revy remarked that a bunny girl with tattoos was genuinely savvy, but Majeur commented that at least three strangers had grabbed her buttocks while she fulfilled her bouncer role. Being guided further into the establishment, Majeur complimented Revy's dress, which Revy claimed was quite tight and needed to get her money's worth from the dress. Coming across Balalaika and Mister Chang, Revy greeted the two as Chang had grumbled some stern words toward Rock. Commending the building's luxury, Revy expressed her awe to Balalaika, who encouraged her and the others to play whatever games they wanted, be it craps, roulette or slots. Happy at the choices, Revy had Majeur guide her to the slot machines, leaving behind Rock to bet on roulette with Mister Chang.

Light novel history[]

Shaitane Badi[]

In the first official light novel Shaitane Badi, the Lagoon Company had to ditch a job since their client got caught in a sting operation, but in Indonesia they got a job from a redheaded woman named Jane. Although suspicious about the details surrounding the job, Dutch agreed to the job and the high pay offered. On the Black Lagoon, Jane had an assault team go on the ship (without her) to use as stealth transportation to attack an oil tanker called the Zaltzman. To Revy's detriment, she had to keep an eye on the suspicious mercenaries who they were transporting, so Rock accompanied Revy in the hold to keep an eye on her too. As Jake listened to Caroline Morgan explain her pirate background and her weapon, Caroline looked at Revy, who gave the woman a glare. While Revy remained silent and grew tired of their conversation, Jake looked at Revy and tried to flirt with her, but Revy told them to shut up, surprising Caroline since she thought that the Chinese-American could not speak English.

As Revy angrily dismissed Jake's endeavors, he asked her about her dual Cutlass pistols and remarked that he wanted to see them, but Revy told him to buzz off. He grinned and then pulled out his own customized .45 Colt pistol and pointed it at Revy, catching her off guard. Excited by his gun, Caroline then asked Revy to show her own gun to everyone. Accordingly, Revy nonchalantly pulled out her gun and pressed it against Jake's forehead, advising him not to joke around. Still calm despite a gun at his forehead, Jake pulled out a business card and offered it to her, telling her to go to the URL. Revy turned down the card, then Rock shyly interrupted to inform them that they were almost at their destination. As Revy told everyone to exit the hold, Jake leered at her before exiting the room. When Rock offered Revy a cigarette and commented that he thought that she was going to escalate the situation, Revy replied that she did not want to kill Jake in a place where she would have to clean up the mess, predicting that she would certainly kill him later.

As the mercenaries began to sneak up on the tanker, Revy began to clean her pistols when Mister Chang's helicopter landed on the tanker. In front of the large ship, Revy sat with her RPG launcher ready as Rock used a megaphone to nervously threaten the tanker crew to stop or they would face Revy's fury. Hearing the ship's loudspeaker turn on, Revy and her fellow sailors were shocked to hear Mister Chang's voice. The Triad leader told them that they probably had no idea about the owner of the ship, giving Revy and the others a chance to stop aiding the mercenaries. When Stan began attacking the crew with his sniper rifle, Revy climbed the tanker's emergency ladder to help Mister Chang, and she would have been killed by Stan's lethally accurate shooting if not for Jake pleading with him to keep her alive so that the latter man could kill her.

Immediately after Jake killed a crew member and Caroline in the hall, he shot at the running Revy. Taking cover, Revy then fired blindly behind the corner, scaring Jake's new men into running. Appreciating Revy's fighting which decreased the Triad members' need to get involved, Chang left the bridge to aid her. At the same time, Revy had easily killed several of the enemies despite them being armed with submachine guns. Enjoying the fight as he went to the engine room, Jake had taken pictures of Revy using the camera attached on top of his customized pistol. As Jake taunted and mocked her, Revy continued to be agitated until Chang showed up, catching her by surprise. Smiling, Revy teamed up with Chang, outmatching Jake, who frantically informed Stan that they had to escape. Subsequently, Revy ran into the hallway angrily since she did not want them escaping, but on deck she had to hide after Stan's bullet grazed her shoulder. Chang himself tried to peek out the corner but also took cover when a bullet whizzed by. Consequently, the four surviving attackers fled to Revy's furious disappointment, and she loudly proclaimed that she would murder all the mercenaries.

Embarking the Black Lagoon since his ship got attacked, Mister Chang told Revy and the Lagoon pirates that they could make up for their abetment and his four dead subordinates by finding and killing the mercenaries since he knew that they would still try to assassinate him in Roanapur. Smiling darkly, Revy agreed to kill the men, pleasing Chang. Once in town the next day in the morning, Revy accompanied Rock and let him do the talking and negotiating as they searched for information on the assassins. In the afternoon on the Black Lagoon, Revy called for Benny since Dutch wanted them to eat lunch. At the Lagoon Company office while eating food, Revy glared at Rock when he remembered something important due to her exhausting day. Pulling out Jake's business card, Rock advised Benny to check out the URL, though Revy grumpily assumed that the website was going to be a bad place with many computer viruses.

Leaning next to Benny to see the screen, she saw that it was a blog run by Jake where he documented people he killed. Examining the blog posts and Jake taking pictures using his pistol's camera, Revy became enraged upon noticing a photoshopped picture of herself that Jake made with an accompanying blog post where Jake mentions his desire to violently rape her. Even more enraged, Revy fired one bullet at the computer monitor, frightening her crew. As she further cemented her own desire to kill Jake, they got a phone call from Mister Chang to storm the mercenaries' hideout in the city. Accordingly, Revy left with Shenhua, Leigharch and the Albondigas brothers, and she bickered with Shenhua on the way. Once arriving to the abandoned factory, Revy immediately killed Alonzo outside. Bursting into the front door, Revy was cornered by Pedro's gunfire from Stan's rifle.

Pedro covered Jake while the latter taunted Revy like last time, with the two exchanging insults as both took their respective cover. Tired of Jake's foolish ranting, Revy ran to another spot for cover in order to deduce the sniper's position so that Jake's cover would be gone. Soon, she made one perfect shot and killed Pedro, shocking Jake and causing him to flee. Revy shot a few bullets onto the ground in front of him, becoming the real tantalizer. As she ran toward the fleeing Jake, Shadow Falcon tossed some ball bearings and caltrops in front of her path before she could shoot, tripping her. Revy tried to use her other pistol, but Falcon fired a dart from his blowgun into the barrel, making Revy pause and letting Falcon flee. After the ninja fled, Revy saw that the dart in the barrel was soaked with a flammable material.

After Revy and Shenhua attempted to raid the hideout, they went to see Chang the next day at his office at the Hot River Film Company building. There, Revy brought some of the items left behind by the assassins, with Chang being intrigued by the shuriken and caltrops that Falcon left behind. At Revy, Chang cast aside his doubts about the Lagoon Company's trustworthiness since Shenhua testified that Revy tried to fight the ninja head on and took out two enemies easily. Later, Rock returned to the Lagoon Company office and saw Revy working with Benny, who had hacked into Jake's website. Benny told Rock that Revy agreed to pay for his new computer monitor, and she was making a duplicate plastic replica of Jake's pistol. At that point, Rowan called the office to speak with Revy about her upcoming S&M show at Jackpot Pigeons, so Rock used the phone's speaker setting.

Revy then asked the giddy Rowan if the particular preparation about having a heavyset submissive man was ready, which Rowan confirmed and happily remarked that tickets were sold out despite having jacked up the prices specifically for Revy's show. When Revy sternly told him to only let her team take pictures, Rowan assured her that he would let her be in control. After Rowan hung up, Revy recommended that Rock come to her show, surprising him. She finished making the replica and asked Benny if it was okay, and he confirmed and clarified that he would use photoshop to touch up the pictures anyway, pleasing Revy. That night, Revy performed as a dominatrix in the show dressed in a dominatrix outfit. As she "played" with the heavyset submissive man, her team took pictures of her performance and Benny posted one of the pictures on Jake's website to give the impression that Jake was the cowardly, heavyset man who had a sexual humiliation kink.

When Jake tried to log into his hacked website the next morning and discovered that his fans began to hate him due to Jake's supposed appearance and wimpy attitude, Jake left his motel room and walked despairingly through Roanapur. Arriving at an abandoned graveyard where Jake had stumbled upon, Revy confronted him, mocking and insulting him. Terrified and stressed out, he asked her if she was going to kill him, and Revy told him that he could draw first, encouraging a duel. Jake cried that he did not want to fight since no one would remember him, but Revy continued to take pleasure in knowing that he had suffered. With no choice, Jake tried to pull out his pistol, which had heavy weight due to the customization, and Revy's lighter gun emerged faster, fatally shooting Jake.

Later once the whole ordeal had passed, the Lagoon Company took another job for the Triad to end their debt to Chang, and Revy stared out the bridge window and complained that they could not relax. On deck once Benny detected the ship that they were going to attack, Revy began her usual routine of preparing the RPG launcher while Rock calmly threatened the ship to surrender. As Dutch sped up the boat to get closer to the enemy hull, Benny warned about a ship approaching them from starboard. Looking at the large torpedo boat with a cannon onboard, Revy and Rock shared surprise at seeing Catherine Morgan, who was dressed in stereotypical pirate clothing and accused the Lagoon Company of killing her sister Caroline. Annoyed, Revy denied the allegation, claiming that she saw Caroline's corpse with a bullet in her forehead when she saw her. Happy to fight, Revy put on her headphones and giddily assured Rock that he would not have to pay for her usage of an RPG, and she aimed the firearm at the ship's bridge.

Ballad of the Sinful Wizard[]

In the second official light novel Ballad of the Sinful Wizard, Revy was drinking with Rock at the Yellow Flag and saw the American Tricia O'Sullivan. Not fond of the woman's snobby demeanor, Revy glared at her, so Tricia walked away but two Budaibang gangsters began to hassle her. When Lotton appeared and escalated the situation by threatening to fight them, the two gangsters shot at him but only hit his pillow, making feathers fly everywhere. Startled by the many feathers, the two men began to recklessly shoot in various directions, prompting Revy to shoot and kill them both with one bullet each. Immediately after, Tricia had thought that Lotton killed the men and followed him for safety.

Soon, Sawyer the Cleaner arrived at the bar to clean up the two corpses, and Revy told Sawyer about how she, not Lotton, was the one who killed the two men. Bao had hired Sawyer to clean up the scene and was angry about the situation. Declaring to him that she had helped, Revy asked Bao if she could get free drinks for stopping the gangsters, but Bao only answered that he would not ban her from his bar. Later, Revy was with the Lagoon Company at their office, and she cleaned her Cutlass pistols while Mister Chang visited and spoke with Dutch and Benny. When Chang finished speaking to them about Tricia's presence and the CIA's possible involvement and left, Revy grumpily advised Rock not to stick his head where it did not belong. Once Rock and Dutch quickly discussed the situation, Dutch informed the two that Lotton was their clue, so Revy and Rock left to find the Wizard.

Later that evening, Revy and Rock came across Shenhua and Sawyer, both of whom were also looking for Lotton. The four then went to Sankan Palace Hotel after hearing about Lotton and Tricia going there. Going to the sixth floor after discovering Lotton's room number from the front desk clerk, Revy kicked down the room door and found no one inside. Hearing Chinese gangsters nearby, Revy waited until they entered the room and then shot at several of them. When more gangsters arrived, Revy fled to the balcony and advised Shenhua that she could escape to the higher floor using the emergency stairs. On the seventh floor, Revy entered one room and killed the two gangsters surrounding Lotton with one bullet each. Stepping into the pool of blood without care, Revy berated Lotton for his cluelessness. Subsequently, Revy and Rock helped Tricia and Lotton escape the building and fled.

Revy and Rock then brought Lotton and Tricia to the Lagoon Company dry dock, and Lotton rested on the roof whereas Tricia slept on the dirty couch. As Rock talked with Lotton to persuade him to confess his story, Revy was impatient and asked Dutch how much longer Rock would talk with the Wizard. Revy was about to explode in anger when Rock returned to the second floor from the roof, telling his fellow sailors that Lotton agreed to cooperate. Accordingly, Rock had Dutch and Benny carry out their part of the deal while he would try to trick the caller on Lotton's cellphone. The three men then left while Revy was assigned to keep an eye on Lotton and Tricia.

Later the next day in the evening, Revy got a phone call and learned that Mister Chang changed plans and arranged for Tricia to instead be picked up by him and other Triad gangsters per the request of Budaibang. Hanging up the phone, Revy coldly relayed the news to Tricia, who was displeased with her fate. In response, Revy glared at the blonde woman and told her that she had not won the ability to choose her own fate like Roanapur's denizens could. The girl then clung to Lotton and was worried that Revy would kill her, prompting Lotton to hold his pistol. Snorting at the idea, Revy remarked that Lotton could not beat her at all. Wanting to leave with Tricia, Lotton told Revy that he would disobey her and flee with the girl, to which Revy did not show concern and replied that they could try if they liked.

As the Triad gangsters arrived at the dock to pick up Tricia, Lotton had climbed a nearby derrick crane with Tricia, and the Wizard began clashing with Shadow Falcon, who wanted to fight Lotton to secure Tricia on the Triad's behalf. Tens of meters below the battle, the baffled Revy saw the fight occurring, and she let out an impatient sigh at the fight's length. When Chang asked Revy if Lotton and Tricia were truly in love with each other, Revy shook her head.

Later the next day at the Yellow Flag, Revy again drank with Rock, who only suffered a minor graze on his head during his confrontation with Eda's patsy. Seeing that Rock had drank 5 glasses of alcohol already, Revy offered him a glass of water to calm his chill. The two then discussed the dead man unlikely being CIA and how Rock's gamble with Balalaika and future gambles would not work so well without Revy's help. Eda then entered the bar and greeted them, offering her own bottle of Trois Riviere to the two. Rock did not hesitate to drink whereas Revy was suspicious. Tired after her failed mission, Eda told Revy to not worry about God's plan, and the gunslinger agreed to drink up.

Gore Gore Girl history[]

Revy is a recurring character in the official spinoff series Dismemberment Galore! The Gore Gore Girl.

Volume 1[]

Traveling to a karaoke bar, Rock was surprised to see one in Roanapur of all places. Revy asked what the word meant in Japanese (thinking it was "carry okay") and smiled, telling Rock to follow her inside to his hesitancy and saying that they had time to kill until their next job. Inside Rock told Revy that the place was probably not entertainment, but Revy was not dissuaded, remarking that the long hallway felt like a boarding house. Continuing into the halls, Revy explained to Rock that two years ago, the guys who ran the joint disappeared, and afterward the place became popular with Roanapur denizens for its completely soundproof rooms.

Entering room 23, Rock examined the machine and stated that it was an older LD player. Lighting a cigarette and smiling, Revy looked at Rock and reminded him that it was a private room with soundproofing, adding that they could enjoy their time together while they wait, surprising Rock. After Rock turned on the karaoke machine, Revy angrily asked Rock why he was acting scared after traveling all the way to the building, insulting his manhood. Loosening his necktie, the nervous Rock then began to sing to Ann Lewis's song "Roppongi Suicide," with Revy laughing and saying that it was cool. Soon, both Rock and Revy began to sing together to the song "Dancing Queen," but they were interrupted by several men looking for Sawyer the Cleaner and threatening her with death, angering Revy enough to pull out her Cutlasses and kill the men.

Volume 2[]

The Lagoon Company got a job to deliver cargo of four containers of frozen corpses, so Dutch waited in the dry dock building with Sawyer. When Rock drove the car and arrived outside the dry dock with the scattered containers, Revy angrily called for Dutch, and she yelled at Rock not to throw up. Revy then yelled to Dutch that other groups wanted to steal the corpses' organs, and Dutch himself awkwardly faced away from the window. As Revy continued yelling outside in anger about the whole ordeal, Dutch muttered that Revy needed to calm down lest she added a corpse to the collection. In the end, Sawyer got the bigger cut of the pay since her role was to do the cleaning.

Volume 3[]

Relaxing at the beach, Revy and Rock salivated as they watched meat cook while Dutch and Benny relaxed on beach chairs. When Revy asked Dutch if she could start eating the meat, Dutch replied that she did not have to hesitate, as he already received the shipping fee and it was not his fault that their client disappeared. Mentioning that he sold the product to the correct people, Dutch remarked that they had various leftover meat, including the Kobe beef which Revy was excited about. As Rock salivated at the meat, Revy asked him if it was good and not too greasy or fat, but he suddenly became irritated that she somehow thought that the meat could be bad, much to her surprise. Checking the cooler, Revy finished drinking the beer, telling Rock to buy some more for her. As Rock awkwardly asked if there was truly no more alcohol left, Revy flashed a drunken smile and teased him that he could just leave the meat behind. Hesitating, he ordered Revy to stay put and not eat the Kobe beef or he would be angry with her. As he left, Revy teased him to slave away.

While he was in town, Revy noticed that Eda had arrived to the cookout, and the latter smiled at her with a thumbs up after trying a piece of the delicious meat. Revy merely glared at her and asked why she was there, telling her to go eat her bread and wine. Pointing to her own United States of America-flag shirt, Eda happily stated that she was dressed up for a barbeque, but Revy berated her, saying that the meat was not for her. Eda defended herself by saying that Dutch invited her, trying another piece of meat and asking who cooked the delicious beef. Dutch chimed in and said that the Yellow Flag cook was responsible, surprising the women. Subsequently, Revy and Eda checked out the brisket and sauce while the broad-shouldered cook, Nhân, introduced himself.

While Rock was in town with Sawyer, Revy and Eda watched Nhân put the meat through a mincer, and Eda joked that Rock would faint if he saw the meat being ground, with Revy agreeing and both women not knowing that Rock at the same time had watched parts of a corpse be put into a mincer. When Rock overheard from Sawyer's affiliates that Nhân was a frequent customer of buying meat from them that was actually human meat passed off as authentic Kobe beef, Rock was disgusted and only bought the beer. Nhân prepared the remaining ingredients for the burgers, with Revy and Eda complimenting the buns, special sauce, and triple cheese. Immediately, the two women, Dutch and Benny began to try the human burgers thinking they were consuming real beef and enjoyed the taste. Rock subsequently arrived and Revy showed him the burger and assured him that there was plenty left. Biting his lip in anguish, Rock screamed and vomited, making Revy ask what was wrong and berating him for throwing up in front of them.

At the Lagoon Company office after Rock had gotten rid of an unfamiliar box with clothes in the Black Lagoon's hold, Revy smoked a cigarette and asked Rock about it, and he confirmed that he dealt with the matter. When Revy informed him that some guy spotted a similar looking box, the surprised Rock asked where, also asking if it was related to the mansion massacre across the street the other day. Remembering it, Revy clarified that it was a drug house where hitmen killed everyone there since they were business rivals. She then added that one guy left the mansion before the murders and said that he saw a crate full of old clothes. Deducing the story, Rock thought about a killer who was rumored to sneak in under old clothes and could have possibly been inside the Black Lagoon, but he remembered that he only saw clothes inside the crate. Crushing her cigarette pack, Revy angrily asked him where he was since she declared that it was dangerous to go inside the PT boat without permission, throwing her pack at Rock and telling him to look more carefully.

Volume 4[]

While Rock accompanied Sawyer at a small storehouse for the latter's job to clean off blood off products which the Lagoon Company had stored, Revy drank at the Yellow Flag counter with Eda. Eda looked at her and teasingly asked if Rock needed help, but Revy rebuffed her, responding that she already took care of the thugs who vandalized their products. Smiling, Eda teased her by asking if she even knew how to clean up the mess, also asking her if Rock would be alright being alone with another woman. Although confused for a second, Revy remembered and moved her head back in laughter, saying that Rock and the "goth girl" would be an interesting couple. Eda then teased her that it could happen since Rock's former country, Japan, was the home of hentai and they had "many fun toys." Revy remained silent and drank her glass, hitting back by passive-aggressively telling Eda to try one of those "toys" herself.

After leaving the bar, Revy went to the storehouse and saw that the thugs from before were trying to set the place on fire with Rock and Sawyer trapped inside. She then immediately dealt with them and then burst into the front door and yelled to Rock if he was alright, but she saw Sawyer sitting upright on top of Rock with her skirt covering Rock's face (since the former accidentally fell on Rock's shoulders while he was trying to hoist her up to a window). As Sawyer made an awkward face, Revy briefly stuttered and glared, sarcastically and angrily asking Rock if he was busy. Smiling angrily, Revy clarified that the thugs had been dealt with, telling Rock that he could take his time to enjoy himself. As she left, Sawyer stood still as Rock called for Revy since the fire was still burning, but Revy shut the storehouse door on him and furiously told Rock that he could come out once he was done "cleaning" with Sawyer.

Volume 6[]

While drinking at the Yellow Flag, Revy had met Feng Yifei there by chance and drank heavily. As they drank together, Revy broke Feng's glasses, gaining the latter's ire. After Revy was completely drunk, Feng left Revy out on the street as revenge for damaging her glasses, and Revy had thrown up a sea of vomit around her. Soon, a random hoodlum saw Revy and was amused, so he put her in a body bag and sent her to Sawyer the Cleaner's place. At night in her workshop, Sawyer found the body bag outside with a note saying "Finish it." Dragging the bag inside, she unzipped it and saw an unconscious Revy, who yawned, causing Sawyer to cover her mouth since she could smell Revy's alcoholic breath. After placing Revy's Cutlasses on the table, Sawyer examined Revy's arms and saw metal wrist cuffs, lifting her out of the bag onto the tile floor.

Opening her eyes slightly, Revy saw Sawyer towering over her and also saw various meat hooks dangling from the ceiling. Drunkenly thinking that she was still at the bar, Revy asked for another drink and called for "Four eyes," but she noticed the person she was talking to was Sawyer with her protective glasses and mask on. The drooling Revy asked her who she was, and she remarked that she felt sick and could not move her body. When Revy asked for a glass of water, Sawyer crouched down and let her gulp water from a glass. Only having a blank face for a moment, Revy began to loudly groan again, asking Sawyer what she made her drink.

She continued to ask Sawyer where she was, starting to remember that she was at the Yellow Flag. Facing down on her stomach, Revy noticed that her pistols were gone, demanding Sawyer to give them back. The latter grabbed Revy's head and calmly forced her to drink a bottle of liquid containing medicine and turmeric, then pushing Revy away onto her side. Wondering how she was still drunk, Revy mumbled that she was conscious again. As Revy noticed the dangling meat hooks again, Sawyer turned on her chainsaw as Revy dizzily saw a glance of her. While Sawyer was washing her gloves, Rock burst into the room wondering where Revy was, so she pointed him to Revy on a small bed. As he checked on her, Sawyer stomped her mop on the floor, with Rock rhetorically asking if she had to clean up Revy's mess.

Carrying Revy's arm over his shoulder, Rock thanked Sawyer and promised her that he would not tell Revy about it. The next morning at the Lagoon Company office, Revy slouched on the couch and claimed that she still felt ill. Rock asked her if she still had alcohol in her system, and she angrily rejected his question, saying that she felt fine despite knowing that she drank heavily last night, wondering why she did not have a hangover. As she yelled, Rock noticed that she still had not noticed the word "Stupid" written on her forehead, making him chuckle. In response, Revy furiously asked him what he was laughing about.

When a murderer called Wraith had a $50,000 bounty put on him, Revy was one of many who wanted the bounty, but everyone could not find the man since his appearance, real name and whereabouts were unknown. At the Yellow Flag, Revy drank at the counter with Eda and lamentingly concluded that she and Eda could not do anything and must leave the work to an informant. Interested, Eda lifted her glass and asked about the situation, and Revy stated that a share of the bounty would be taken by the informant after tracking down the killer's appearance and whereabouts, adding that they would have to wait and see how the hunt turned out. Just then, several men entered the bar with one yelling that Wraith killed the informant who was searching for him, surprising the two women. Later when Wraith was discovered and injured, he evaded bounty hunters several times until being taken down by Revy and his corpse handed over to the Clay brothers.

After Sawyer had killed several murderers who had tried to make her participate in a gladiatorial match on an island, Choptop ordered another cleaner to call for a boat so that they could leave the island. Subsequently, the Black Lagoon arrived with Revy and Rock standing on deck. Extending her hand out to Sawyer, Revy took the cleaner's hand and smilingly told her that she had come to pick her up. Sailing out, she yelled loudly that Sawyer was quite dirty and needed to be cleaned up.

Volume 7[]

After picking up Sawyer and her fellow cleaners, Revy and her fellow sailors noticed a large ship towering behind the PT boat. Entering the hold, Revy ordered Choptop and Sawyer to come with her, and they began to board the empty ship to explore it.



Revy first meets Rock when she kidnaps him from a ship that she and Dutch are robbing, hoping to ransom him for some extra money. During this initial meeting she repeatedly threatens him to keep him in line and at one point tries to execute him upon realizing they might not get a good ransom for him. After his resourcefulness manages to save the Lagoon Company from being killed by soldiers and destroying a gunship, Revy is impressed and, once he turns his back on his former employer and life, invites him to join the crew of the Black Lagoon. She even buys him a Hawaiian shirt from the market, which later becomes the source of a brief recurring joke in that he thinks it is ugly and so never wears it. Their professional relationship begins fairly well (about as well as relationships with Revy go), although Revy remains somewhat introverted and distant.

Their friendship sours when Rock begins to address her on a much more personal level, criticizing some of her more immoral actions (such as corpse robbing), causing her to become furious with Rock for lecturing her. Thinking his continued partnership with her will create even more friction, she initially attempts to push him out of her life and becomes more hostile towards him, culminating in an explosive confrontation at a dinner. Rock refuses to apologize to Revy for questioning her way of life, as she is beginning to act like the people in Rock's previous job who always expected him to be submissive and apologetic in spite of their mistreating and abusing him. She tries to execute him on the spot, but he moves her gun away at the last second and disarms her. Rock berates Revy's arrogance and shameless preoccupation with money and profit (traits Rock saw in his superiors) and exposes Revy's masochistic inner cycle of self-pity over her turbulent childhood and self-destructive urges. After the fight with Rock, however, she realizes he understands what it is like to be powerless and abused by those with power (due to Rock's previous employers' disposing of him) and the two reconcile.

It is increasingly implied throughout the series that Revy, in her own emotionally crippled way, has romantic feelings for Rock, but her severe reactive attachment disorder, nihilism, past traumas and violent temperament prevents her from acting on those feelings. Instead, she manifests them by being jealously possessive and protective of Rock, always being by his side and reacting with violent hostility to anyone she perceives as a threat to Rock's safety or as a potential rival for his attention, always using the excuse that Rock is too "reckless" to be with the Lagoon Company. For instance, during the "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise" arc, Revy admitted to being Rock's "gun", and she is there to protect him from harm to the point of going against her rationale just to follow Rock's sense of "justice"; likewise Rock confessed in "El Baile de la muerte" that he was a bullet to her gun.

Furthermore, in the "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise" and "El Baile de la muerte" story arcs, it becomes much more apparent how much Rock means to Revy, and how much the thought of losing him distresses her. She has even gone out of her way to save Rock from abduction and danger several times, such as in "Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll," "Fujiyama Gangsta Paradise," and in "The Wired Red Wild Card." Additionally, their relationship has progressed to the point where Revy admits that she will follow Rock on his decisions even if she disagrees about getting involved in other people's fates, such as agreeing to help Rock "save" Yukio and when she agreed to help him "save" Feng Yifei as well. When Rock thanked her for her help in the latter situation, she blushed and attempted to change the subject. She also tries her best to prevent him from seeing bad sights, such as when she yelled at Rock to look away from Yukio committing suicide.

There have also been numerous instances of other female characters either implying, or outright asking about, a relationship between the two in Revy's presence. In none of these instances has Revy either confirmed or denied such a thing, such as Eda questioning her whether or not she had slept with Rock during their trip to Japan. Though it is virtually certain that she did not, Revy replied "ain't telling" rather than denying it. Whenever Eda attempts to flirt with Rock, Revy shoots her down and Eda taunts her about her feelings. Rock himself does not appear aware of Revy's feelings for him. She also does not openly admit to him that she does care about him, but she instead displays it when she hands him a silver bullet.

Rock is also the only person capable of keeping Revy in balance, other than Dutch who can only influence her by virtue of being her employer and the guy who "signs [her] checks". Rock's presence appears to keep Revy's more volatile tendencies in check, as she often remarks how much worse any situation might have gotten had anyone other than Rock been there. In general, Revy seems to become much more self-conscious and easily embarrassed around Rock; on another occasion, when Rock walks in on Revy's playing Wild West with a group of kids she met in the park, Revy, who had clearly been enjoying herself, first turns red with embarrassment then acts out in defensive anger, breaking one of the kids' cork guns and promising violent retribution should Rock breathe a word about it to Dutch or Benny.

There are many other indications of her embarrassment and anger as well, such as her fierce reaction towards Jane's interest in involving Rock with an orgy in a later chapter, and with Bao's comment that it was unusual to see Revy not by Rock's side now. Another instance of this is seen when Rock decided to lend aid to Feng Yifei after Jane set her up. After Rock finished speaking to Feng, she gave him a surprise kiss to which Revy pointedly reacted in a comically flabbergasted manner, although she barely questioned Rock about the kiss later. However, after the three parted ways, Revy showed up at the motel which Feng was staying at and decided to help her, whereas Rock had wanted to stay uninvolved initially. It was confirmed later that Revy decided to do this more as a way to help Rock than Feng.

During Roberta's Blood Trail, Revy was very angry at Rock's new attitude, thinking he was becoming corrupt due to being in Roanapur too long, and she at first demanded that he leave Roanapur for good once the job was over. Her anger over Rock's transformation was made clear to when he fully explained his plan to her, saying that he had to step into the darkness like she did to make it work. Infuriated that Rock thought he knew what it was like to be her, Revy violently kicked him across the deck. Fabiola also noticed her anger and theorized that Revy was afraid that he would lose his humane side and leave her stranded in the darkness, but was unable to express her true feelings to him to stop his dark descent.


Dutch is Revy's employer to the Lagoon Company. As the boss and initial manager of the company he usually dishes out orders and stabilizes some situations outside or within the group, especially with Revy, who he would occasionally have to knock some sense into. In episode 4, he says that if shooting was her only skill he wouldn't have hired her. As cool-headed as Dutch is (contrasting greatly to Revy's behavior), he seems to get along or at least work smoothly with Revy, and there is more or less a respectful relationship between them. They work well in sync when performing their usual tasks and other adventures such as raiding ships, when they fought off Luak and his goons, and helping Jane escape. In "Moonlit Hunting Grounds," as Revy seemed troubled after the events in the submarine with Rock, he pointed out that a similar situation happened when Benny first joined. He also mentions the times when she had "Whitman Fever".


At times, it seems that Benny serves as little more than a source of annoyance and teasing for Revy. In the past, however, Revy saved him when he simultaneously caught the unwanted and dangerous attention of the FBI and the Mafia. In some ways, their relationship could be seen as similar to her relationship with Rock, only in the later stages. Nonetheless, they are on friendly terms.


Revy and Eda can be considered "friends", in terms of the teasing, the head-butting, and explosive behavior in combat or to each other, sometimes revolving around Rock. They are very much alike, with Eda being obviously more levelheaded and stable. They sometimes hang out at the Yellow Flag or drink at the Rip-Off Church together. They would also frequently take on bounty hunter jobs together. Eda has been known to playfully tease Revy about her relationship with Rock due to her hesitancy to be explicitly romantic; Revy typically responds in an embarrassed manner and tries changing the subject.


Balalaika is more or less tolerant of Revy's behavior, and Revy normally calls her "sis." While their relationship is typically amiable, Balalaika views Revy as little more than the occasional help provided by the Lagoon Company, but it does not mean that she is not grateful or appreciative. Balalaika and Revy nearly came to blows in Tokyo when she threatened to kill Rock, with Revy trying to talk her down; had it not been for Rock's clever words, a fight would've ensued between the two. Additionally, she is one of the few people who have earned Revy's respect to some extent.

Mister Chang[]

Mister Chang and Revy both use a unique double-handed gun-slinging style, leading to speculation that Chang served as Revy's coach or mentor at some point in the past. This theory is supported by Revy's respect for Chang, whom she refers to as "Boss" or "Sir". Chang and Revy are seen fighting side-by-side while in the roles of mentor and student during the "Goat, Jihad, Rock'N Roll" arc. Chang offers pointers and advice while Revy, in turn, admits that she is "not yet on [his] level," which is her goal.


  • Rei Hiroe, the creator of Black Lagoon, stated that Revy's image was based on the image of a strong Chinese girl. Revy's tribal tattoo was inspired by George Clooney's character's tattoo in the 1996 movie From Dusk Till Dawn, saying that he thought it would be cool if a woman had a tattoo like that. Another inspiration for Revy was thinking that Sarah Connor (a character from the Terminator franchise) would look cool wearing a black tank top.
  • Revy has a total kill count of approximately 128 kills throughout the anime.
  • Out of all the members of the Lagoon Company, Revy has been shown smoking cigarettes the most.
  • Revy is fond of the Peanuts series by Charles Schulz and has referenced the series in the following instances: comparing Eda waiting for Jane to Linus waiting for the Great Pumpkin, remarking that everyone's ancestors go back to "Lucy and Linus," and telling Rock that "the Great Pumpkin will be upset" if Les Cinq Doigts did not show up.
  • Revy is able to drive motorcycles, as she rescued Rock with precise, albeit risky, driving on a red sports bike after a meeting gone awry in Japan.
  • In a popularity contest released for the May/June 2008 issue of Monthly Sunday Gene-X, Revy ranked 1st with 823 votes.
  • In a popularity contest during the 10th manga collection release, Revy ranked 2nd with 2,411 votes.
  • In a popularity contest during the 12th manga collection release, Revy again ranked 2nd with 3,874 votes.
  • In "Greenback Jane", Revy stated that she watches Oprah Winfrey, but this could be mere sarcasm.
  • In a flashback, a young Revy is seen using a Smith & Wesson Model 439 to shoot cans.
  • There are various references to Revy's music tastes throughout the manga and the first light novel (but not in the anime due to copyright reasons). Revy is a big fan of rock and metal and has a personal shootout playlist named the "Jitterbug of Death" collection. Some of the songs named on the playlist are "Electric Head Part 1" by White Zombie, "Shooter" by Rednex, and "Sleep Now in the Fire" by Rage Against the Machine. Revy is also shown to be a fan of the band Guitar Wolf. She is at least also aware of The Doors, as she referenced the song "Light My Fire" at one point.
  • In the first three Japanese volumes, her name is written as "Levi" (due to the common R-L-problem and I or Y in translations), but ever since the release of volume 4, the spelling has been changed to "Revy."
  • The feathers that can be seen throughout the series mainly through the opening theme likely represent the feathers of the pillow that Revy used to suppress the shot that killed her alcoholic father.
  • In a volume 4 omake, where everyone included has changed their sex and in which Rock is the only one who notices the sudden change, Revy appears to be the only one who supposedly still looks exactly the same, the only difference being that her chest has become completely flat. It is only then "she" reveals that she is a man, even pulling down his pants to reveal his penis and testicles (much to sex-switched Rock's horror).