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Queen Hasabataslapya was the queen of Egypt and the ancestor to Libby Folfax. She died at some point in her life at age 18. She also declared as a curse "whoever disturbs her resting place and shall endure eternal punishment. She seems to look a lot like Libby which was stated several times during the episode. Libby gets a makeover to look like her to control the mummies and she sends them to sleep for ten trillion years. It is unknown if Libby's parents know that Libby is related to Queen Hasabataslapya because they rarely appear in the series.


  • Queen Hasabataslapya's name is a pun on the phrase, "How's about I slap ya?".
  • The queen looks exactly like Libby's new design. Libby even states at the end of the episode that she likes her new look and will keep it, and she did.
  • Her death at 18 might be a parody of King Tutankhamun's death at age 19, and his legandary lost tomb.