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Professor Carolina (Japanese: カラシナ博士 Dr. Karashina) is a professor that appears in the anime. She is also Cynthia's grandmother. She also appears in the games and in multiple manga, but is not referred by name.


Professor Carolina made her debut appearance in Losing Its Lustrous!. She is the Head of the Celestic Town Historical Research Center, which originally contained the Lustrous Orb before the events in Losing Its Lustrous! and Double Team Turnover! which led to Team Galactic obtaining the orb.

She is a very outspoken lady and even directly asked Ash to battle her granddaughter, Cynthia. She was shown to be very proud of her granddaughter's status as Champion, telling Ash that he would have to train a lot harder if he wanted to beat Cynthia.

She appeared again in Saving the World From Ruins!, studying the connection between the Iron Island ruins and the Veilstone City meteorites.

Her latest appearance was in The Needs of the Three!, where she was at Lake Acuity, working with Professor Rowan and Gary to keep the three lake guardians safe.


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