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Yue was the sixteen-year-old daughter of Chief Arnook and princess of the Northern Water Tribe. After the death of Tui the Moon Spirit, during the Siege of the North, she sacrificed her life to replace it, and became the new Moon Spirit.

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After Death[]

Several times following her death, Yue's influence on Sokka became apparent. While in the Foggy Swamp, Sokka, under the swamp's spiritual influence, hallucinated about her. The hallucination of Yue angrily told him that he failed to protect her, reflecting the guilt he felt about her death. During his time in the Si Wong Desert, Sokka directly referred to the moon as Yue while in an intoxicated state brought about by drinking cactus juice.

When Sokka and Suki nearly kissed while crossing the Serpent's Pass, a waning gibbous moon was visible in the background, alluding to Yue's presence, and Sokka's memory of Yue's death prompted him to refuse the kiss, while acting overly protective of Suki. While looking for leads as to disappearances surrounding the full moon, Sokka, in response to Toph's suggestion that the Moon Spirit might be harming people, reacted with anger, declaring that the Moon Spirit was a gentle, loving lady who rules the skies with compassion and lunar goodness, showing that he still cared deeply for Yue. While with Zuko on the way to the Boiling Rock, Sokka mentioned that his first girlfriend turned into the moon.

Coup of Ba Sing Se. Yue took it upon herself to meet the Avatar in the Spirit World. She informed him of the damage that had taken place to the Avatar Spirit and explained how to return to his body, further instructing him to seek out the past four Avatars while avoiding Koh, the Face Stealer. She later appeared to Aang once more to encourage him not to lose hope and to continue fighting. Yue subsequently assisted him in his impressive feat of waterbending to get himself to safety, utilizing her powers as the Moon Spirit.

In one of the few accurate scenes from a play that parodied the Avatar's journey, the Yue character was presented as only woman who's ever taken Sokka's mind off food, before floating away on a crescent moon prop. In the audience, Sokka wept as Suki looked on in confusion, as Sokka had never told the full story of Yue. Sokka shushed her, still crying, showing that he still cared for Yue.