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Seemingly being pursued by Kokuyō who wants to forcibly take her hand in marriage, Shizuka destroys his puppet robot with ease sending him flying away. It is revealed that she and her attendant Tokiwa were on their way to the Land of Fire to find Jiraiya's student whom he had carelessly promised would one day have to fight Shizuka and take her hand in marriage. Having found Naruto, Shizuka soon engaged him in battle.

Launching her Nadeshiko-Style Deep Crimson Dance Performance and her Dance Performance: Second Step and Violent Whirlwind techniques, she is able to successfully keep him at bay while dispatching his shadow clones. When she moves in for the kill however, thinking that Naruto was defeated, she is surprised to see that it was merely a shadow clone. Their battle is however interrupted by Kokuyō again, but Shizuka easily destroys his giant puppet. This time however, Kokuyō's Hundred Puppet Soul Binding technique is activated and Shizuka falls under Kokuyō's control. She is however saved by Naruto who easily dispatches Kokuyō. After this, Naruto speaks to her about the rules of her village and the power to change them, revealing to her in the process that he has crush on someone else. With this, Shizuka has a change of heart and after seeing Naruto she vows to get stronger for her certain someone.