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Princess Misa is the princess of Fiend Village, a village terrorized by demons.


One night, when Princess Misa was standing by her room's mirror, a demon using her reflection takes her through the mirror whilst she screams. It is not until later the next morning that her kidnapping is realized.

On Goku's arrival in the village, her father, King Kress, sends him to rescue his daughter. On his arrival in the Demon Realm, Goku learns that Misa is to be married to a powerful demon named Shula. It seems that this is not by choice; it is clear by the fact that Princess Misa does not look happy even during the party and was relieved that Goku came to rescue her. Goku manages to defeat Shula and escape with Misa.

Misa was last seen at a party celebrating her return, where she seemed to take an romantic interest in Goku.

Voice actresses[]

  • Japanese voice: Naoko Watanabe