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The man whose body was later used as the Preta Path was a Kusagakure ninja, whom Jiraiya met during his travels around the world. In the anime, it was shown that he was both a ninja and a farmer, who had failed to cultivate the land for his family due to his participation in war. After his death, his body was used by Nagato as one of his Six Paths of Pain.


He was a stocky man with beady brown eyes. He had brown hair that was hidden by a bandanna-like forehead protector and wore a tan-coloured shirt with a black shirt underneath. His complexion was also noticeably darker when he was alive.

While his corpse was being used as the Preta Path he, like all of the Six Paths of Pain, is covered in piercings which acted as chakra receivers for Nagato to remotely control the corpse. Other than his hair is dyed orange and tied in a short ponytail, Nagato's Preta Path has small spiked piercings covering his entire bottom lip, two vertical spike studs on the front of his nose, one spike stud on each cheek, a spike going through each ear and a stud on each of his shoulders, close to his neck. As a mark of Nagato's control, the Rinnegan appeared in its eyes.


As part of the Six Paths of Pain, the Preta Path is used for a number of different purposes over the years: all six Paths are used to overthrow and kill Hanzo; when Jiraiya infiltrates Amegakure in order to find out more about Akatsuki, the Preta Path fights him and ultimately contributes to his death; in the anime, the Preta Path assists in the capture of the Six-Tails; it participates during Pain's Assault, and like the other Paths it is defeated by Naruto Uzumaki.