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George Washington is a character who first appeared in A New Dawn. He is also a historical figure in American history. He was seen several times in the franchise as a sculpture at Mount Rushmore.


George is a dedicated individual, helping out those in need. He is able to take in and accept knowledge and discoveries that are radically-new for his time (such as aliens and time travel) and integrate it into his Plumbier duties to protect people and fight off unearthly threats. He gets confused when Ben and Rook inadvertently told him some instances of knowledge of the future (like the war for independence or him being president). George is also anti-xenophobic for a person who has not encountered any aliens before 1773, refusing to attack or engage aliens or non-human creatures before they've proven themselves to be hostile.

Powers And Abilities[]

George displays no supernatural powers, but he is a skilled combatant, able to take on several of Vilgax's drones single-handedly.


George's signature Plumbier weapon is a musket that's been modified to fire beam energy and channel electrical currents from lightning using a rocket-launched kite provided by Dr. Benjamin Franklin.


George wouldn't attack any potential enemies until they show a sign they are dangerous to human lives.


  • According to Derrick J. Wyatt,
    • They wanted to show the Earthly origins of the Plumbers fighting the supernatural, which was the original idea for the Plumbers before first alien contact.
    • Washington was originally going to be traveling with Ezekiel Saturday from the Saturday family, but that idea was nixed due to time constraint.