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Spider-Man is a fictional Marvel Comics superhero created by writer and editor Stan Lee and artist and co-plotter Steve Ditko. He first appeared in Amazing Fantasy #15 in 1962.

Bruce wore a Spider-Man sweatshirt in the horror shop at which he worked in "Chitty Chitty Death Bang".

in "[Go to the Hop|Let's Go to the Hop]", he used his webs to save [Griffin|Peter Griffin] from a fatal fall, claiming that everybody who gets in a dangerous situation gets to be saved by Spider-Man once.

In the second segment of [Griffin: The Untold Story|Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story], "[Was His Name Oh|Bango Was His Name Oh]", Peter distracts his wife, [[1]], while she's gardening, by dressing up as Spider-Man, crawling along the clothesline and singing a made up [(song)|song] in the rhythm of [[2]]'s theme song. The scene eventually becomes a romantic cuddle.

In "[Tucker|Mother Tucker]", an obese man dresses up as Spider-Man in an episode of [Wishes|Three Wishes] giving a very sick boy a gift card.

In "[It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air|Believe It or Not, Joe's Walking on Air]" he also saves [Brown|Cleveland Brown] when he falls off a cliff. Peter then tells him what Spider-Man told him when he needed saving, that everybody gets one chance.

In "[to the Woods|Back to the Woods]", when [[3]] asks [[4]] how fast he can forge an ID for Peter, [[5]] says he can do it faster than Spider-Man gets laid. Spider-Man is then seen clad only in his mask and boxer shorts, sitting on the edge of his bed, apologizing to a sexually unsatisfied woman under a spiderweb about his premature ejaculation.

In the DVD version of "[Former Life of Brian|The Former Life of Brian]", [[6]] dresses up as the webslinger with his sights set on Stewie.

In "[Then There Were Fewer|And Then There Were Fewer]", [[7]] gets an Amazing Spider-Man comic in the mail, along with the invitation to [Woods|James Woods]'s mansion.

He appeared in "[Revenge|Joe's Revenge]"; being asked for help by Peter but refuses and becomes offended because the latter called him "Spidey" and not Spider-Man.Peter gets Peter Parker's crotchety boss J. Jonah Jameson pictures of Spider-Man in "[Simpsons Guy|The Simpsons Guy]", which also include pictures of women in thong underwear.

Peter takes a kid's Spider-Man hat and mittens along with his toboggan while trying to get to the [Hotel|Park-Barrington Hotel] in "[2000-Year-Old Virgin|The 2000-Year-Old Virgin]".

Spider-Man is voiced by [Henry|Mike Henry].


  • There is a song called "Spiderman" that was sung by a man coincidentally named Peter Griffin, that was released in 1979.
  • The quote that Spider-Man uses on [Guy|Family Guy] "Everybody Gets One" was adapted into the Spider-Man comics in Amazing Spider-Man #600 during 2009.
  • The short-lived 2005 NBC series Three Wishes is spoofed in a cutaway sequence. The mention of Spider-Man impersonated by an overweight crew member in a horrible costume giving a Sears gift certificate in that sequence is a nod to the heavy involvement Sears’ rival J.C. Penney had with the series.