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300px-Oyone and Kumadori

Oyone (オヨネ, Oyone) is a medical-nin of Konohagakure.

Appearance []

Oyone wears a white medical uniform. She has a short crop of smooth black hair that hangs down to her cheeks framing her face.

Abilities []

Being put in a team alongside Shizune and Kumadori to analyse the captured body of Pain's Animal Path proves that Oyone has a great knowledge about medical ninjutsu. As a medical-nin, Oyone must also have an excellent chakra control.

Part II []

Pain's Assault []

Being part of the Analysis Team, Oyone and Kumadori were selected to assist Shizune with the autopsy of the Animal Path. Through their investigation, they were able to determine that the black rods that appeared to just be body piercings, were actually black receivers.