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Otto Octavius was Peter Parker's science teacher at Science Camp. This relationship of former mentor and pupil made Doctor Octopus fond of Peter even after his descent into villainy. One day, Octavius created a fusion experiment, using four metal tentacles. When the experiment explodes, Octavius' arms were permanently stuck on his back.

Doctor Octopus kidnapped Felicia Hardy for ransom from Felicia's mother Anastasia, who did not have patience to fund Ock's experiments before he was a villain. Octopus later became a member of the Insidious Six.

On one occasion, Octopus wiped Spider-Man's memory and made him believe the two were partners-in-crime. On this occasion he was defeated by a small girl named Taina.[2] He later appeared to blackmail Anastasia Hardy, aware that Anastasia Hardy's husband, John Hardesky, was a cat burglar known as theCat and threatened to release this information if she did not pay him.

Ock was one of the villains chosen to come to Battleworld and fight. When the Doctor's kingdom, Octavia, was captured byDoctor Doom, Octavius went to work for Red Skull and Alistar Smythe. When Doom stole the Beyonder's powers, he sent Ock and the other villains back to earth and erased their memories.