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As a child, Ororo was trapped in a collapsing building that killed her parents. This traumatic incident gave her a lifelong claustrophobia.

She spent her childhood an orphan in Cairo, Egypt working as a thief for Shadow King who was disguised as a local crime lord. At the age of 11, Ororo pick pocketed a young Charles Xavier who later met the Shadow King and battled him and trapped him in another dimension.

As a young girl, Storm moved to her mothers home of Kenya where she settled with her extended family in a small village in the Serengeti. It was here that her powers manifested, and and she was worshiped as a goddess. Her powers aided the village tremendously.

During this period, she helped a friend of hers deliver a son,MjNari, whom she resuscitated. This act earned her the title of godmother to the boy, who would later form his own powers. Munroe returned to the village after the Shadow King returned and took control of her surrogate son. She and Rogue were able to send him back to his dimension and save MjNari.

Storm was a member of the X-Men. She resided at the Xavier Institute.

Super Powers[]

Because she can control the Weather they call her Storm.


Storm was featured in the X-Men animated series of the mid-1990s. Storm was originally voiced by Iona Morrisin Season 1 and then Alison Sealy-Smith for all subsequent seasons. Storm also guest starred in the Spider-Man: The Animated Series in the 1990s in Parts 2 and 3 of the Secret Wars arc. In the Spider-Man series, Storm was once again voiced by Iona Morris because it was recorded in Los Angeles, where Iona Morris is now based. The X-Men animated series was recorded in Canada and it would have been too costly to get the Canadian voice actress back.


Storm was virtually similar to her comic counterpart right down to her costume. One difference in the series was the addition of MjNari, her foster son, who did not exist in the comic, but was instead a reference to a much older character from the story arc, "Lifedeath II."

She was almost always referred to as 'Storm,' even in scenes where her real name would have been more appropriate. Only Beast and the Shadow King ever called her 'Ororo' on the show.

Though her eyes are supposed to be blue, there are many times throughout the series when her eyes are brown.