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The first person to achieve God status among the Saiyans.


The Super Saiyan God can only exist temporally in your world. It is achieved when Multiple Saiyans project there Energies onto another one. You have to be Pure Hearted in order to achieve it. Five Saiyans with Rightous hearts must join hands and instill there inner light into there friend.

  • According to Bulma Briefs Goku's hair, and eyes turn completely Red.
  • According to Piccolo the way the Battle was progressing it was almost as if Beerus God of Destruction was training him.
  • According to Krillin he couldn't get a read on Goku's Power Level. 
  • According to Master Roshi Goku dropped a few pounds when he transformed.
  • During the Battle Goku was only using about 80 % of his Strength.
  • Goku didn't like being a Deity because it wasn't a Power he could achieve on his own.
  • When in this form the Punches are like Earthquakes.
  • When Goku obtained God form his body learned from the experience. Merely feeling that level of power was able to push him to knew heights. 


  1. Beerus God of Destruction
  2. Whis