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Old Man Dexter is one of Dexter's Future Selves from "Ego Trip". He is an old man who has to either use a cane when he walks or fly in a UFO.


Old Man Dexter seems to rule the world in the future where he makes everything perfect because of his science. He is very old and weary now so he is confused and not fully functional. He is forgetful and is usually having problems for instance he is always mistakenly calling people Billy. Although he can't do much, he was seen having the ability to do lots of inventing and work in Ego Trip when he helped his past selves defeat the evil Mandarks.

Episode Appearances[]

  • Old Man Dexter
  • Ego Trip
  • Bygone Errors


  • He greatly resembles and shares the same voice actor as his grandfather.
  • He made a cameo in the 20th episode of I Am Weasel.