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The Not a Place Universe is what happens when you cut down the Tree of Life. If you think of Time and Space as a tree with branches then you and I are on a Leaf that has fallen from it. Only now there is no longer any tree. 

Tree of Life Timelines[]

  1. Ben 10,000 Future
  2. Benwood Dimension
  3. Black Hole
  4. Breach's Pocket Dimension
  5. Cartoon Network Universe
  6. Cosmic Destruction Timeline
  7. Cow and Chicken Dimension
  8. Diagon's World
  9. Dimension 12
  10. Dimension 23
  11. Greenville, Ohio Pocket Dimension
  12. Gwen 10 Timeline
  13. Gwen Alters the Past Timeline
  14. No Watch Timeline
  15. Null Void
  16. Paradox's Failure Timeline
  17. Protector of Earth Timeline
  18. Race Against Time Timeline
  19. Time Has Not Started Yet
  20. Time Stream
  21. Vilgax Attacks Timeline