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Norm the Genie is a minor antagonist in The Fairly OddParents. Despite being one of the most powerful characters in the entire show, he is effectively trapped in a lava lamp made of Smoof, and by extent must obey the whims of any human who possesses it. He constantly hatches plans to gain his freedom, as well as get his revenge on Timmy, although both of these ventures tend to fail miserably. He was voiced by and named after the late Norm Macdonald, his first voice actor, and by Robert Cait in his final appearance.


Norm is a Genie that can grant wishes free of Da Rules that limit the magic of fairies. Timmy quickly discovers that wishes granted by Norm are usually taken too literally or intentionally misinterpreted; in essence, he is a trickster. He enjoys seeing others fail miserably, causing them harm, predicting their wishes for fame and fortune to come crashing down (which they always do). Despite his deep-rooted schadenfreude, Norm seems to show some sympathy by at least warning his victims of his nature, usually through sarcasm, but the people he encounters are usually too dumb to notice until it is too late for them.


Norm has the typical appearance of a genie, including a long goatee and black hair pulled in a fez. He wears gold earrings and teal blue clothing with a red bow tie, and always wears a pair of sunglases at the bridge of his nose. He has no feet, instead, his lower body flows in the air into a swirl tail, like a ghost, although he has demonstrated the ability to reshape them into legs. He has very pronounced dimples while smiling, which give him a very disarming "friendly" face, in light of his true taunting disposition.


Norm is best described as a selfish jerk, never acting in anybody's interest other than his own. He takes delight in taunting and tormenting others, either for kicks or as a means of turning his current master's wishes against them. He holds no shame in leading people to misfortune, but very rarely will attempt to guide his Master towards a better, if less stupid wish, which typically fails for one reason or another. In truth, Norm's every action is usually motivated towards his own hedonistic wants. His one true desire is to escape the obligations his status as a Genie imposes, being perpetually trapped in his magic lava lamp, by whatever means necessary. He appears to enjoy theater, concerts and parties, which he can only truly indulge in without a Master to frequently bother him.


Prior to being discovered by Timmy Turner, Norm resided in a lava lamp, which was actually his genie lamp. The lamp somehow ended up in the possession of one of Timmy's teachers, Mr. Birkenbake, who eventually attempted to sell it while being unfamiliar of its contents. Timmy inadvertantly freed Norm, quickly attempting to take advantage of his ability to grant rule-free wishes, only to quickly discover Norm's sadistic attitude when his wishes ended up turned against him. Norm attempted to gain his freedom by tricking Cosmo and Wanda into his lamp once the final wish had been granted, but through quick thinking by Timmy and the assistance of fairy lawyer Fairy Mason, he ended up trapped in the lamp once more. Norm later allied himself with Denzel Crocker in order to get rid of Timmy forever, but this went poorly due to Crocker's maniacle nature and poorly thought-out plans. Unwilling to put up with Crocker, Norm ultimately returned to Timmy, plotting with him to send Crocker to Mars.

Fairy Idol[]

Norm plays a big part in the special of "Fairy Idol" as the main antagonist, once again attempting to free himself of his lamp. After discovering what happens when a fairy quits their job through Da Rules (after obtaining a copy from Cosmo, who discarded it because there were no pictures in it), he decides to use this to get out of his lamp. After seeing a photo of Timmy and his godparents, he decides to make Cosmo and Wanda as part of his plan.

Norm creates a clone of Timmy, who acts abusive towards the unknowing Cosmo and Wanda, causing them to quit their jobs as fairy godparents. By fairy law, Cosmo and Wanda's decision to quit leads to a singing contest to replace them, as by leaving Timmy, they unknowingly quit being Fairy Godparents entirely. Norm participates in the contest in order to become a fairy and free himself from his lamp. His plan was thwarted at the Fairy Idol competition when Cosmo and Wanda realized they have been tricked. He then incapacitates them temporarily and bribes Jorgen with a piece of rope while using a wrecking ball to injure Cosmo and Wanda, becoming the new fairy godparent, shortly afterwards being assigned to Timmy's friend Chester, whom he had already conned earlier while still a Genie. Despite his newfound freedom Norm was quickly annoyed due to Chester constantly calling him to make wishes to "help" the world in the form of poorly-thought out wishes that caused more harm than good. After seeing Timmy sad due to losing his fairies, Chester made Norm Timmy's new fairy godparent, after which Timmy got revenge by not wishing for anything for two weeks, causing Norm to explode due to Magical Back-up. Fed up with being a Fairy, Norm quits being Timmy's Godparent, causing Jorgen to appear to remove Timmy's memory and make Norm into a genie again. Despite the loss of his freedom, Norm doesn't care and believes he still won in the end, having gotten his revenge by cheating Timmy out of his fairy godparents and Cosmo and Wanda out of a job, but Chester, now aware Norm had conned him, appears to suck Norm back into the lamp with his last genie wish, imprisoning Norm and returning everything to normal.


  • In "Fairy Idol", Norm is voiced by Robert Cait instead of Norm Macdonald who did not return to reprise his role.
  • Despite most of his actions being motivated by efforts to free himself from his lamp, Norm is able to use his magic freely for his own wants and needs, usually summoning food, clothing or comforts for himself. His bid for freedom appears to be more motivated to be rid of his obligations to serve any human in possession of his lamp, as well as the fact he seems unable to use his magic to directly bring harm to others without a human master to wish for it.
  • Although Norm claims to only be able to grant three wishes per master as per Genie rules, he is fully capable of granting more than three, provided he is not trapped in the lamp. The only rule he seemingly cannot avoid is the fact that after the third wish is completed, his lamp will magically draw him back into it, leaving him unable to leave it again of his own free will. Norm was able to circumvent this by handing off his lamp to Cosmo after granting Timmy's third wish, demonstrating that rather than Norm specifically, the lamp actually draws in the nearest and largest source of magic, which caused Cosmo and Wanda to be trapped in the lamp instead. Norm can alternativly replenish his master's wishes if they wish for more wishes as the third or earlier wish, claiming Genies had been scamming humans for years by claiming they cannot.
  • Norm has only three known weaknesses; Magic Lamps, "The charms of Barbara Eden", and anything made from Smoof. His own magic lava lamp is apparantly made of Smoof, and Timmy managed to trap him in a vacuum cleaner made of the same material.
    • Norm's succeptability to "the charms of Barbara Eden" is likely a reference to the actress' lead role in the 1965 sitcom "I Dream of Genie".
  • Norm claims to hate Canada, but why is never explained, beyond Norm declaring "They've had it too good for too long."
    • Ironically, both of Norm's voice actors are Canadian. Norm Macdonald was from Quebec City, Quebec, while Robert Cait is from Toronto, Ontario.
  • Norm has had two different catchphrases. In "Genie Meanie Minie Moe", he declared "Aw Smoof", while in "Fairy Idol" he instead said "Aw fez." He had no such catchphrase in "Back to the Norm".
  • Despite appearing in only three episodes of the show's fifth season, Norm is a fairly popular character with a relatively large fanbase.
  • Norm's magic is typically trigged by a snap of his fingers, and accentuated by the sound of a gong being hit.
  • In every episode that Norm appeared in, Mr. Crocker appeared in as well. However, Back to the Norm was the only one of the three in which he actually had a starring role.
  • Norm's theme tune sounds similar to "Friend Like Me", a song from the movie "Aladdin", sung by the Genie. This tune is also used as the base rhythm to "Gimme the Wand".