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Perfect Machine King Nezbitt

Nezbitt is the former chief technical engineer of KaibaCorp, a villain in Yu-Gi-Oh! and the most significant member of The Big Five.


Nezbitt initially created weapons for Gozaburo Kaiba's military, though once Seto Kaiba took over the company, he destroyed Nezbitt's lab and had him replace his lab with the Duel Tower, to which Nezbitt vowed vengeance. He and his colleagues betrayed Kaiba to Maximillion Pegasus J. Crawford in an effort to gain his company to a new leader. Pegasus lost to Yami Yugi and the five businessmen trapped Kaiba in his own game, where Nezbitt controlled the fire head of the Five-Headed Dragon, which was destroyed by Yugi Muto and Kaiba's teamwork and the big five were trapped in the virtual world. Noah Kaiba made an agreement with the five and they trapped Yugi, Kaiba, Mokuba Kaiba and Yugi's friends in Noah's Virtual World. Gansley, Adrian Randolph Crump III and Johnson lost to Yugi, Tea Gardner and Joey Wheeler while Nezbitt would prove significant via defeating Tristan Taylor. Duke Devlin and Serenity Wheeler avenged Taylor's loss, though Nezbitt got his body. He would kidnap Mokuba for Noah before Kaiba defeated Leichter and Nezbitt later let his 4 colleagues share Taylor's body with him and they lost their Duel to Yugi and Joey. Noah then imprisoned them in the Virtual World for disrespecting his rules and failing him over and over shortly before going to Duel Kaiba personally and Noah would've won had Yugi not taken over to prove Noah had only destroyed Blue-Eyes White Dragon and Kaiba's other monsters with deceitful tactics before Noah could declare an automatic victory with Last Turn's effect. Yugi defeated Noah and Kaiba defeated Gozaburo, the former of whom tried to destroy Kaiba and the others before dying alongside Noah and The Big Five in the virtual world's destruction. Nezbitt Was later seen in a flashback when Alister mentions Gozaburo kidnapping Alister's parents and brother to Kaiba. As Dartz revealed he was the true culprit, this leaves in question whether Nezbitt was truly there or just another illusion.


Mechanicalchaser x3
Robotic Knight
Ground Attacker Bugroth
Oni Tank T-34
Cyber Falcon
Giga-Tech Wolf
Gradius x3
Perfect Machine King
Barrel Dragon
Machine King x2
Reflect Bounder
Blast Sphere x2
Cannon Soldier x2
Gradius' Option x2
Heavy Storm
Hammer Shot
Card of Sanctity
Upstart Goblin
Short Circuit
Dark Factory of Mass Production
Mystical Space Typhoon
Limiter Removal
Cyclon Laser
United We Stand
Autonomous Action Unit
7 Completed x2
Backup Soldier
Mirror Force
Sakuretsu Armor
Call of the Haunted

 Gatling Dragon
 Labyrinth Tank
 Amphibious Bugroth