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Natalia Romanoff was an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. who became a member of The Ultimate Avengers.

Ultimate Avengers[]

Natalia Romanoff is of Russian descent. Though it is unknown if she is from Russia or merely born to Russian parents.

For unknown reasons she had a personal crisis in her life. This caused her to take on suicidal missions which almost killed her.

At some point she took up the name Black Widow. She became expert in various weapons and became a highly skilled athlete. She usually relies on two pistols. Her typical uniform consisted of tight leather with a zip up jacket.

Eventually she joined S.H.I.E.L.D. and moved her way up to the top position under Nick Fury. She participated in their preparations to combat the alien Chitauri threat.

After a S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite was destroyed by the Chitauri, the higher ups proceeded with Project: Avenger. The purpose was to create a team of superpowered beings to combat the threat. S.H.I.E.L.D. then began searching for various people who could join the team. When Betty Ross complained about Stark Enterprisesnot getting their equipment in on time, Fury sent Natalia to get Tony Stark's attention. Natalia put on a revealing red dress and went to the restaurant in Stark's skyscraper.

Natalia watched him as he entered the restaurant, sat down at the bar, and offered a toast to a nearby woman. She then started seductively walking towards him catching the eye of every man in the room. Tony was startled by her beauty.

She sat at the bar next to him and ordered the same drink he had. Natalia and Tony flirted a bit. Natalia took his olive and ate it before she got her drink. She paid for the drink and walked off. Tony caught up to her and the two began flirting again. When he asked her name she told him she wanted to talk in private.

They headed upstairs to Tony's office, where Fury was secretly waiting for Natalia to bring Tony to him. As they got into the office Tony tried to kiss her. He asked her name again and she told him what it was. She then pulled his jacket down pinning his arms behind his back. She then pulled out a gun and pointed it at him. Tony recognized her name as that of the Black Widow.

Fury entered the conversation by saying she was his number one agent. Natalia let him go and the two men started talking about who put who on the map. Tony told Fury that the parts shipped that morning, but knew Fury wanted something else.

Natalia walked over and sat on Tony's desk. Fury held up a copy of Modern News saying he wanted Iron Man. Fury believed that Tony knew who was in the suit and built it for him. Tony denied knowing anything about the armored hero and claimed the suit was a cheap toy.

Tony's butler Edwin Jarvis entered and told his boss that his helicopter was ready to take him to a meeting with the governor. As Tony left the room he asked Natalia if she wanted a drink later, but she turned him down.

Natalia and Fury followed Tony and Jarvis up to the roof. Fury tries to stop Tony by revealing that it's a national security issue. Tony then agreed to give Fury some plasma cannons to take with them. Tony climbed into the helicopter leaving the three of them behind.

The next day Black Widow and Fury boarded a VTOL and headed to Pym Industries. Fury got a call asking ifSteve Rogers, whose body had just been rediscovered, walk around the city. The aircraft landed letting Widow and Fury out. As they entered the building Fury told the agent on the phone that Steve could leave as long as he had security with him at all times.

The two entered the building and found an army of ants forming large letters saying "SHIELD SUCKS". Fury found Dr. Hank Pym, the man responsible. The two traded quips before Fury finally asked for Hank's wifeJanet.

Wasp entered and told her husband to go to his lab with the ants. Fury wondered what Janet saw in Hank but she said Hank felt the same. She pointed out that Hank loosing the super soldier program to Bruce Bannerwas the best thing for him. She said he accomplished so much to rub it in Fury's face.

Fury tells her he came to get superhumans for a situation greater than S.H.I.E.L.D. can handle, though he could not divulge the details. Wasp was unsure, but agreed on the condition that they let Hank also join. Fury claimed he wanted a hero not a scientist, but Wasp pulled him along to show him what Hank was working on.

Widow was about to join them when she got a call on her headset. She was told that an airliner had lost two engines and was going down in the city. She was told that Iron Man was saving the plane.

She went into the other room to see an almost sixty foot tall Hank. She told Fury about the situation and they left, after he welcomed the couple to the team.

That night, Fury and Steve tried but failed to recruit Thor. They returned and the confirmed team members gathered for a debriefing. Natalia walked in with Fury and Steve where Bruce, Betty, Hank, and Janet were already waiting. Hank gave Janet trouble for noticing Steve, but she elbowed him in the ribs when he started to stare at Natalia.

Hank asked who was going to lead the team, but Fury counters that it is too early for his promotion. Fury then started explaining about Project: Avenger. He said they were all part of a team under Captain America. Hank, however, did not think he could lead the team.

Just then Iron Man walked into the room, having been informed by Fury after he saved the plane. Hank began to tease the armored hero about the rematch. Fury stopped him as he explained the mission.

Fury went on to explain the mission that caused Captain America to become frozen. The Nazis built a fortress off the coast of Norway to launch a nuclear warhead.

Betty asked how the Nazis got nuclear capabilities and Fury explained that aliens helped them. Hank doesn't believe in aliens, but Steve assures him that they are real and killed his men. Fury showed them a picture taken by Bucky Barnes of what the Germans called the Chitauri.

He went on to say that the aliens had been hiding out on Earth since World War II. They used their three ships to buzz around nuclear power plants and military facilities. He told them that they found a way to track the metal in their hulls, but then showed the group footage of the space shuttle being attacked and destroyed.

Hank asked how they were able to get any information on the alien ships. Fury raised a podium with a piece of metal from the ship that was destroyed when Captain America destroyed the nuclear missile. He explains that the aliens had not recovered all the pieces of the ship.

Bruce moved in to examine the hull piece and asked what it is. Fury said they did not know what it is but they were calling it vibranium. He explained that it absorbed energy like a sponge.

Three S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers enter the room with large weapons. One fired a machine gun, another a flame thrower, and the last a rocket. After the smoke cleared the podium was damaged but the vibranium was unharmed.

Fury went on the explain that nothing short of a nuclear blast could penetrate it, except for more vibranium. Widow pulled out a vibranium knife and threw it at the metal causing it to stick. Fury regrets that they were unable to recover more of the hull to create enough effective weapons.

Janet asked if Stark Enterprises was working on anything. Betty angrily claimed that unless money was to be made Tony Stark wouldn't care. Hank asked why they put up with that "arrogant jerk," catching the attention of Iron Man.

Janet then confirmed with Fury that they couldn't find the ships nor shoot them down if they did. Fury agreed and said it would not be easy. He looked around the room but none of the others quit. Widow likely had orders not to quite. Fury smiled and the meeting ended.

While they were meeting, a Chitauri soldier infiltrated a S.H.I.E.L.D. base where they stored extra satellites. The newly formed team was called to stop the alien threat.

Natalia grabbed Captain America's new shield and met with Fury, Hank, and Janet at a S.H.I.E.L.D. transport outside the headquarters. They were talking when Steve walked up to them asking what was happening.

Fury told him that the Chitauri had killed everyone in the base and activated the defenses, which could not be remotely shut down. It was using the base to locate every S.H.I.E.L.D. satellite to destroy.

Fury told the group that he wanted the team to stop the alien and possibly capture it. Widow gave the shield to Fury who then handed it over to Steve, one made of a combination of vibranium and adamantium so it could not be dented.

Hank made fun of the shield saying they should have used the metal for more weapons. Fury countered that the shield was a weapon in the hands of Captain America.

The transport took them just outside the base while the team changed and Steve got into his new Captain America outfit. The team exited and were greeted by the landing Iron Man. He told them that he wanted to see how the mission went before officially joining the team.

Cap explained to the team about the automated defenses. However, Wasp went on ahead believing she would not set them off. Cap then decided to go off to the east. He ordered Iron Man to scan from above to find the Chitauri while Black Widow headed to the loading dock and Giant Man stayed behind. Giant Man believed he should go in as he felt he was the strongest, but Cap restated his orders.

The team all went their separate ways into the base. Widow got to a door leading to the loading docks and fired at the locks. She fired at an overhead turret then informed the others that the room was clear. Over the radio she heard that Iron Man found the Chitauri but noticed that Wasp was surrounded by infrared triggers.

Giant Man overheard Iron Man and Wasp getting into danger while caught in explosions. He then grew in size and began bounding on the building smashing the roof in. Cap ordered him to stop.

As Widow made her way through the facility she saw Cap fighting a couple of turrets. He destroyed the turrets with his shield but it got stuck in the wall. Two more rose up behind him, which he did not see.

Widow stepped in and shot the two turrets before they shot him. Widow complained to him that the other "amateurs" would get them killed. She spun her guns around and put them in their holsters. He grabbed his shield and thanked her for rescuing him.

Together they walked through the facility and she attached a rocket to her gun. She fired it to open the door in front of them. They entered the satellite room to find that the Chitauri had put bombs on them all. Cap grabbed Widow and the two ran out.

The Chitauri blew the bombs destroying most of the facility.

Widow and Cap raced through the facility until they found Wasp trying to help Iron Man. She claimed he wasn't getting any air but couldn't get the helmet off. The two ran over and Cap ripped off the faceplate off. They gasped as they all saw that it was Tony Stark in the armor.

The four walked out through a cloud of smoke. A second transport landed and Fury got out. Wasp helped Giant Man as he noticed Tony for the first time.

Fury walked up to them and berated the team for letting the alien destroy the facility. He claimed the Chitauri got away because they all disobeyed orders. Giant Man reasoned that he was trying to save his wife. Fury countered by firing him as he was tired of his arrogance.

Giant Man stormed off followed by Wasp. Tony put on his helmet saying this was why he worked along. He then blasted off. Cap handed Fury the shield and walked away. Widow decided to follow to talk to him.

Widow followed Cap to New York Harbor. Widow got ahead of him and waited while leaning against a lamppost. When he passed her she tried to tell him that it wasn't his fault, that it was the team that failed him.

Cap countered that he was in command and it was not so easy to say that it was their fault. Widow said she would follow him regardless of what happened. But he said she shouldn't and walked away.

Widow left Cap and returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. While doing so the Chitauri revealed themselves and moved to attack S.H.I.E.L.D. The group sent a fleet of helicarriers, which was ineffective.

Presumably Widow went to the armory. She picked up two rifles and a handful of magazines that had vibranium tipped cartridges. She went to the control room and threw one of the rifles to Fury.

The Chitauri moved onto the headquarters and began dropping troops onto the base. They began attacking and vaporizing the S.H.I.E.L.D. soldiers.

Chitauri soldiers attacked the control room forcing Widow and Fury to duck behind a control panel and dodge their energy blasts. Widow threw one of the vibranium cartridge magazines to Fury and the two began attacking back.

The two began running through the facility defeating the alien soldiers. As they were they saw the rereleasedHulk emerge from the floor carrying Betty. He dropped Betty and moved to attack the aliens.

She ran towards them and they shot several soldiers that would have attacked Betty. Betty then told them that Bruce used the supposed super soldier formula he had been making on himself. He never intended to make more super soldiers, but wanted to control the Hulk. He used the Rebirth Chamber to release and control the Hulk. Though Betty said he appeared successful Fury was not so optimistic.

Fury and Widow left the facility and began driving in a Jeep. They soon passed Captain America, who was firing a vehicle mounted rocket launcher at the ships to no effect. Fury handed Cap's shield to Widow and she threw it to Cap.

Widow and Fury watched as he used the shield to save himself when the Chitauri destroyed the launcher. They watched as Hulk landed near Cap, knocks the smaller hero away, and told him to stay out of the fight. Hulk then destroyed one of the ships.

As they continued fighting Widow, Cap, and Fury watched a convoy of S.H.I.E.L.D. vehicles try to leave but was stopped by a Chitauri ship firing on a nearby building. They watched in amazement as suddenly Giant Man appeared to catch the building. Wasp and Iron Man followed behind them.

The aliens moved in so Cap ordered Giant Man to crush them with the buildings. The heroes attacked the aliens with their combined effort. Iron Man fired in repulsor beams. Widow and Fury decided to help the heroes and fired their guns. Giant Man picked up a large piece of debris at the aliens. Wasp entered their bodies to open them up.

As they attacked Iron Man destroyed the second ship. Suddenly Thor appeared and destroyed the last remaining ship. All the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents cheered as the alien threat was defeated. Dawn soon broke after.

The group of heroes gathered together and looked over to see Hulk still smashing Chitauri soldiers. Cap walked up to him thinking that Bruce was still in control. He tried to calm Hulk down but was knocked away.

Hulk leapt into the air and landed near the team. He grabbed Iron Man to knock Widow and Fury away. The other heroes attacked the Hulk but each one was unsuccessful. Cap eventually told Betty to find some tranquilizers to calm Hulk down.

Because of their lack of powers, Widow and Fury stayed out of the majority of the battle. After Iron Man and Cap were both defeated Widow and Fury arrived to fire their guns at him. However, their guns did nothing to him.

Hulk then grabbed the rotor of a downed helicopter and threw it at the two. It missed Widow but Fury was forced to leap out of the way as it cut apart the pavement. Hulk then let out a mighty roar.

Betty arrived with a tranquilizer and gun. She gave it to Cap but Hulk destroyed the gun. Widow watched as Hulk grabbed Cap and began to crush him with a bear hug.

Widow ran forward and grabbed the tranquilizer dart. She leapt on his back and drove the dart in. Hulk dropped Cap to grab her. She dodged one attack but was hit by a second and flew behind Betty.

Hulk began to move to attack Widow but was stopped by Betty. She calmed him down and he returned to Bruce Banner before collapsing. Widow got up and joined the other heroes to surround Bruce. Afterwards, Steve was hospitalized and Bruce was imprisoned. To help Steve, Widow found Bucky, who was Cap's sidekick in WWII, and Gail Barnes, who used to date Steve, and brought the two to his room.

Natalia watched as Bucky went into Steve's room and woke him up. He then brought Gail into the room so the two could talk, she had previously declined to see him. Bucky left and closed the door but looked in. Natalia walked up to Bucky and watched with him. They agreed that the two needed to meet again.

Later, Natalia joined Tony, Thor, Janet, Hank, and Betty on a balcony for a party. Steve walked out on a set of crutches and joined the team. They all stood and Tony offered a toast to him for helping them save the day. The group walked over and patted him on the back while Janet kissed him on the cheek.

Natalia waited till they were all finished and walked up to him to kiss him on the lips. Natalia walked off the balcony while Steve watched her.

She walked upstairs and found Fury watching the group. Fury was glad to see her and Natalia said it was thanks to Steve. They left and Fury dropped a copy of the New York News. On the cover was an article about the superhero team dubbed the Avengers.

Over the next couple of months S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Avengers relaxed and focused on other priorities. Several S.H.I.E.L.D. agents decided to handle a group called HYDRA.

Ultimate Avengers 2[]

At the same time Steve became more suicidal and took more dangerous risks with his life. Natalia tried to engage in a relationship with him but he continued his suicidal actions.

She realized he was taking on a HYDRA group alone in a warehouse without calling for back up like he was supposed to. She took a squad of agents and followed him. She and the other agents watched as he battled and singlehandedly defeated the group.

She dropped through the windows along with the other agents. They dropped into a cloud of steam and emerged to find Captain America trying to stop his wound. He jokingly put his hands up in surrender.

The other agents arrested the remaining HYDRA men. They went outside where a VTOL waited for them. Widow voiced her concerns about doing the mission alone. She tried to comfort him and even tried to hug him. She also said that those kind of decisions would kill him, comparing him to her own personal crisis.

However, he brushes her indicating he wanted to die. He entered the VTOL as it powered up. He closed the door and took off. Widow was left staring at the aircraft as it left in the distance.

Natalia returned to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters and, feeling she had no other choice, told Fury about what had happened. She changed into her casual clothing and met up wit Fury. Together they waited outside Steve's room as he changed into his casual clothing.

As he left his room Natalia confronted him telling him she told Fury. Fury told him he would have a toe tag if he kept it up. However, Steve counters that he was merely doing his job. He tried to leave on a raid with Bravo Team but Fury stopped him.

Fury knew that Steve was accepting any and every job he could get his hands on and refusing any rest and recuperation just to keep busy. Steve claimed that as a supersoldier he could handle anything. Fury pointed out he is still a man.

Natalia interjected realizing that he was battling so much to forget about his problems. However, Steve didn't think she knew anything about him. She did know that Steve did not want to risk losing a second personal life.

Fury explained that Steve had been through a traumatic experience but still needed to rest. Steve agreed and walked away.

When they were alone Natalia told Fury she didn't think he would really listen. Fury told her that if he didn't he would lock him away with Bruce. That night T'Challa, who was now the Black Panther and ruler of Wakanda, broke into Steve's room looking for advice. It was then that S.H.I.E.L.D. learned that the Chitauri had returned and intended to invade Wakanda.

The next day S.H.I.E.L.D. called all the members of the Avengers. They all gathered in the meeting room. Janet, Hank, Tony, and Widow all got there first.

Steve walked in next and Widow decided to try to talk to him again. She asked him about Herr Kleiser, the Chitauri who caused Steve to get frozen. He told her that he was going to Kleiser once and for all. He walked passed her and sat down.

Fury entered the room and started the meeting. He introduced the team to Kleiser, director of Nazi Germany's secret Totenkopf Division and the only known Chitauri. He called Kleiser the Chitauri version of the supersoldier.

Fury told them that he was assumed killed when the nuclear missile exploded over the Atlantic. He showed them footage of the explosion. Fury went on to say that he was alive because he assassinated T'Chaka, king of Wakanda.

Janet asked about Wakanda but Fury didn't have any answers. He explained that they were an isolationist nation who heavily protected their borders and was constantly under a cover of clouds. He told them that the Avengers weren't wanted there.

Steve volunteered to go in alone reasoning that he was the only one who knew Kleiser. Fury refused saying that it was to be a team effort. However, Hank said to let him go. Fury informed them that their mission was to go in fast, set up surveillance, and get out before they caused an international incident.

Steve claimed that was exactly the reason he should go in alone. However, Fury did not believe that he was thinking straight and refused him. He gave command of the team over to the Black Widow, which delighted Hank.

The meeting ended at the team left the room. The team boarded an aircraft and headed towards Wakanda. The craft came in low and eventually landed.

The team disembarked the aircraft lead by Widow. She ordered the team to move out in a twenty meter spread through the jungle. Iron Man flew off and Giant Man increased in size. She then ordered Wasp to check above the canopy.

She suddenly heard Cap fighting with someone. She went over to him and saw him fighting Black Panther. When Panther told them to leave Widow pointed a gun at his head. She told him they came for answers.

Giant Man, Iron Man, and Wasp soon joined them. Cap told Panther that he came to help. However, Panther was looking for guidance not participation. Cap told Panther they were looking for the same thing since Kleiser killed his people close to him also.

Panther relented and allowed Cap to follow. However, he told the others to stay behind and return to their ship. Cap and Panther left, but the others did not return to the aircraft. They continued their reconnaissance of the jungle.

As it grew to night Widow ran through the jungle followed by Wasp and Iron Man. She heard something behind her, turned, and managed to to dodge spears thrown by the following Wakandan warriors. She started firing her guns and even managed to shoot some out of the air.

The other Avengers began attacking the warriors.

Widow continued her method of running and gunning. She stopped, turned around, and fired at the approaching warriors. However, the shields blocked all the bullets. As the warriors closed in on Widow Panther dropped down onto a tree and ordered them to stop the fighting. The warriors looked confused but continued forward.

Panther dropped down between Widow and the approaching warriors. He told them all that he allowed them to enter and the warriors stopped the advance. The heavily damaged Iron Man approached followed by more warriors. Cap dropped in the middle of it all. Wasp flew in telling them that Hank had been poisoned.

Panther agreed to give them the antidote if they left immediately. Widow went over and helped keep Iron Man up. Panther explained that the warriors would killed them if they returned.

Widow took Iron Man to the plane while Cap and Wasp found Giant Man. As they entered Iron Man closed the door and Widow went to the control room. She stood there talking to a hologram of Fury requesting more soldiers to back them up. However, Fury refuses saying he did not want to cause an incident.

He ordered them back to the base for a debriefing and ended the conversation. Widow complied and the team moved to return home. As they were leaving Widow and Cap were scanning the area. Suddenly Cap spotted a Chitauri soldier on the ground. Widow went to see for herself as Wasp and Hank walked in. She claims there is nothing they can do since they were ordered back to base.

However, Cap headed to the elevator to go to the lower level. He closed the door before Widow could run over and stop him. She ran to the nearby stairs to go down. She ran down the stairs and got to the lower level just after Cap.

He ran to the ladder leading down to a smaller aircraft attached to the bottom and closed the door. Once again, Widow tried to stop him but was barely too slow. Widow returned to the command center and ordered them to follow Cap.

However, Hank told her to let him go saying it was the best for the team. Widow watched as Wasp and Hank walked into the recreation area and began arguing. Tony, who was sitting there, realized they should be alone and left.

Wasp exploded saying she was tired of Hank's ego and stormed off. Hank also stormed off saying he didn't need her. Widow waited as Wasp walked back to the control center. She pulled out one of her guns and offered it to her. Wasp smirked and walked off.

They stayed over Wakanda waiting for Cap to return. Eventually his plane ascended out of the jungle and docked with their ship.

The team went down to the docking area to meet Cap. However, he had brought along Panther and a Chitauri soldier. Widow entered and upon seeing the alien asked if Cap had lost his mind. He told her they had to find out what it knew. The rest of the team joined them and watched. Widow told them that they were all at risk because of the alien.

Suddenly Panther morphed into Herr Kleiser and the Chitauri stood up. The two aliens began shooting at them. Widow and Cap dodged while she began firing her guns. However, she did no damage to the two. Wasp was hit in the chest and Giant Man and Iron Man protected her.

Cap threw his shield but it was grabbed by Kleiser. The two protected themselves as they headed towards the smaller craft. Widow led the others as they tried to get the two aliens.

As the smaller craft left the aircraft was suddenly attacked by the Chitauri Command Ship. The ship began falling apart as everything was engulfed in flames. Iron Man used his energy shield to protect them all as the command ship's attack continued. Suddenly Thor appeared and teleported them all away. The craft was destroyed behind them.

Thor teleported the team back to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Widow held onto Wasp as Iron Man collapsed in Thor's arms. She ordered the infirmary to expect wounded and Giant Man took Wasp. He took his wife to the infirmary and Widow got up to follow.

Fury asked if Iron Man needed a medic. But the armored hero replied that he needed a mechanic and drugs. Fury tried to talk to Cap but he walked away before he could. A technician then told Fury that the command ship remained in orbit and was projecting an energy field that was engulfing the planet.

On the monitors everyone in the room saw a field covering the planet. Fury asked how long it would take and the technician told him only ten minutes.

The group spent the next couple of minutes preparing for the coming battle. Tony went off to Stark Enterprises to remove his damaged armor to get the War Machine armor. Janet was taken to the infirmary.

During this time Natalia's homeland was attacked. While people filled Red Square in Moscow the Chitauri damaged the city.

The team consisting of Widow, Fury, Giant Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor regrouped and Thor transported the team to the top of the city. Panther jumped up to join them, glad that they were not dead.

The team saw a group of approaching Chitauri fliers approaching them. The team ran away while Iron Man and Thor flew up to battle them. A blast hit the position where they stood.

Widow moved to the streets and fired at a group of Chitauri soldiers causing them to explode. As she fought her way through the facility she saw Fury drop his empty rocket launcher and leapt behind a broken wall to avoid a flier's attack. However, he was knocked out.

She ran over to him and grabbed his headset. She took a call from Betty about her plan to use a gamma generator to destroy the command ship's core. She contacted Iron Man to tell him about Betty's idea.

Widow picked up the unconscious Fury and carried him through the city. She saw Betty's approaching craft and handed him off to a group of Wakandans. She told the group that the Avengers needed a distraction. The chief elder told his warriors to attack.

The craft landed and the door opened letting out Betty and the reawakened Wasp. Widow and Iron Man met them and Betty handed him the gamma generator with attached gun. He put it on with the help of Widow and Betty.

Betty explained the plan as Giant Man and Wasp approached after a small spat. Iron Man was supposed to enter the ship and destroy the core, but he worried about the large cannon underneath the ship pointed at them. Thor landed and said he could handle it.

Giant Man interrupted saying that Iron Man would need back up and proposed joining him. However, the armored hero said that he had no room for him but Giant Man suggested shrinking down.

Wasp interjected saying she didn't think his body could handle becoming smaller. Giant Man shrank down anyways despite the pain. Iron Man offered his hand to the little hero and Hank leapt on. Wasp told him to be careful and they said their good byes. Iron Man and Thor soon flew away.

The team continued to fight when Iron Man entered the core. Thor was eventually knocked out. The command ship suddenly blew up and the field dropped. Widow was joined by Cap and Panther who had killed Kleiser, and Betty and Wasp. Iron Man came carrying Giant Man. Giant Man had been severely injured in the command ship and in the fall.

Widow and the group cleared the area so Iron Man could land and put down Giant Man. Wasp ran up and kneeled next to him, taking off his mask. Hank told his wife that he had finally become the man she always wanted him to be. He then died in her arms. Widow and the group closed in as Wasp wept over her fallen husband.

Panther then looked up to see the command ship heading towards them. Iron Man thought he could deflect it, but Cap asked if he could survive. Iron Man told him he would take a posthumous award and flew off.

Iron Man was able to divert the wreckage away but his Life Support powered down and he fell. Widow and Cap saw fall to the ground. Cap ran over and took his helmet off. Thor stood and used Mjölnir and his powers to recharge Tony's chest piece.

Widow watched the reawakened Fury descend from the plane with a bandage on his head. The team closed in around Betty and Wasp who were kneeling next to Hank. They took his body into the aircraft and left Wakanda.

The team made it back to New York that night and landed at the again damaged S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. Destroyed walkers littered the area around them. The vehicle slowed to a halt and the lamp lowered letting the team out.

Later the team gathered for a funeral for Hank while the rest of the city celebrated the Chitauri's defeat. Natalia changed into her small red dress and joined Fury in his full military dress uniform. The two walked out to the balcony for the funeral.

Tony sat at the bar and offered a toast to Fury. Natalia stopped while Fury went on and sat next to Tony. She took the olive out of his drink and ate it seductively. They looked into each others eyes before she stood and walked away.

She walked over to the edge and looked out when Steve walked up. Natalia tried to talk about their recent troubles but Steve stopped her. He said they should look at their future and the two kissed passionately.

Fury watched, happy that the two made up. The two continued kissing as three jets flew by trailing red, white, and blue smoke.

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