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300px-Nagato RI

He was a member of Akatsuki from the Hidden Rain Village.


  1. Almighty Push
  2. Animal Path
  3. Astral Projection Jutsu
  4. Asura Path
  5. Bazooka Arm
  6. Chakra Receiver Manifestation
  7. Deva Path
  8. Earth Style: Mud Wall
  9. Five Seal Barrier
  10. Genjutsu Block
  11. Green Egg Bombs
  12. Heretical Art of Rinne Rebirth
  13. Hidden Doorway Technique
  14. Human Path
  15. Impersonation Jutsu
  16. Jutsu Absorption
  17. Mirror Reflection Jutsu
  18. Naraka Path
  19. Outer Path
  20. Planetary Devastation
  21. Preta Path
  22. Rainmaker Jutsu
  23. Sealing Jutsu: Nine Phantom Dragons
  24. Self Replication Summoning Jutsu
  25. Sensory Jutsu
  26. Shadow Clone Jutsu
  27. Shura Attack
  28. Six Paths Jutsu
  29. Soul-Sucking Jutsu
  30. Summoning Rinnegan
  31. Universal Pull
  32. Water Style: Foam Scattered Waves

Super Powers[]

He's got a Pulling Jutsu, a Repelling Jutsu, a Summoning Jutsu, and a Jutsu that absorbs Ninjutsu. You can use every Jutsu from each version of Pain.

Planetary Devastation: Has quite a Strong Gravitational Pull. Naruto only got out of it because the Nine Tails went on a Rampage. I am assuming that the Sphere that Nagato threw is the center core of this Gravity. So destroying it is the answer. We have to use are strongest long ranged Ninjutsu, and all attack the core as one. Because it will hit even if you don't aim at him at all. This tactic exploits the cores Gravity. Every Jutsu has a weakness. You simple have to find it.