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Miss Flamiel is a character in Animaniacs. She is the Warners' stern schoolteacher (at least in the beginning), and works at the WB School. She is voiced by Tress MacNeille.


Miss Flamiel is an older, slightly overweight woman with brown hair in a bun, a pointed nose, a purple dress, black shoes, and two pairs of glasses, one on her face and another around her neck.


Miss Flamiel is a very strict teacher that doesn't tolerate anything and writes an "F" on people's foreheads with a red marker (black in Wakko's case to accommodate his red hat) whenever someone doesn't follow the school rules or does something incorrect (including improper grammar). She does not like recess.


She debuts in Chalkboard Bungle, being hired by Mr. Plotz to discipline and educate Yakko Warner, Wakko Warner, and Dot Warner. Although he was reluctant she could handle them, she was extremely confident in her skills. She stated that there was no child she couldn't control, except for Buddy Hackett but brushed it off as genetics. However, the Warners were able to deal with her. In the end, the Warners, disguised as Miss Flamiel, had the real Flamiel sealed in a crate and got Ralph, who thought the Warners were inside the crate, to lock her inside the water tower. Despite all that, Miss Flamiel continued to be the Warners' teacher as shown in other cartoons, only this time she seems to be less strict and the Warners being more cooperative.


Animaniacs (Original Series)[]

  • "Chalkboard Bungle"
  • "Wakko's America"
  • "Multiplication Song"
  • "The Big Wrap Party Tonight"
  • "Ralph's Wedding"


  • Flamiel is a nonsense word that writer Paul Rugg often uses along with "Froynlaven," especially when he imitates Jerry Lewis as Mr. Director.
  • Miss Flamiel has two pairs of spectacles, one on her nose and another she wears around her neck.
  • Among the school rules, wearing shoes and shirts is forbidden, but ironically, Miss Flamiel is wearing a dress and shoes and Wakko is still wearing his shirt.