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Mindy, known in Japan as Momoe Hamaguchi, is an Obelisk Blue student, who is friends with Jasmine and Alexis Rhodes.


In the second season Jasmine and Mindy are two of the few Obelisk Blue students who were not forced to join the Society of Light. During the GX Tournament, she and Jasmine were only seen Dueling once, though it appears that the girls have poor Dueling skills, and were about to admit defeat until Alexis came and took over the match for them.

It is interpreted Mindy and Jasmine share many crushes in the anime. Their eyes turn into hearts whenever an attractive male walks by, as seen with Harrington Rosewood, Atticus Rhodes,Yugi Muto, and Aster Phoenix. It is implied in episode 13 that Mindy finds Chazz Princeton attractive and just the week before she had a crush on Bastion Misawa and that she finds Syrus Truesdale cute.

She was one of the last students at Duel Academy during the Trueman siege but lost along with Jasmine, going to the World of Darkness. She was revived when Jaden defeated Nightshroud.