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She is a Student at the DWMA.


A new 14-year-old meister to the DWMA. She is shy and ditzy but makes quick friends with Tsugumi and Anya. She decides to be Tsugumi's meister after their first meeting.


  • Meme's surname, Tatane, literally means, 'lots of sound.'
  • 'Funes' is a reference to the story of Funes the Memorious. It tells of a boy named Ireneo Funes who has fallen off of a horse, received a great head injury and so received a perfect memory. In this sense, to refer to her friends as 'her Funes', Meme could be referring to them as the safeguards of her memory.
  • The manga later reveals that Meme may have another identity: Clay discovers her Halloween outfit is that of Texas Mask, a serial killer on the DWMA wanted list. How Meme came in possession of the outfit, and whether she is the one who--or the only one who--wore that outfit is not yet clear. However, the anime reinforces that she may be Texas Mask, as when possessed by Shaula she uses Texas Mask's signature weapon, a chainsaw, to combat Tsugumi and Anya.
  • Meme's alter ego, Texas Mask, is based on a character from the movie Texas Chainsaw Massacre. Even the character's name borrows the sound of the title, "Mask" sounding like the first syllable of "Massacre."