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300px-Meg Penner

Meg Penner is the Smith family's dentist. When Stan returns after being captured on a mission in "Wife Insurance", Francine confides that she wouldn't know what to do without him. Stan tells her that he had already planned a marriage with Meg Penner if anything happened to her. Francine is shocked and starts making plans with Stan's co-worker Jim if anything should happen to Stan in an effort to make Stan jealous. Stan decides to appease Francine by breaking off with Meg who is shocked that Stan was serious. When Stan tells Jim that the whole marriage deal with Francine should be forgotten, Jim tells him he can't and tries to kill Stan by kicking him out of a helicopter. Stan lands in a Middle-Eastern village where he gets a hot-air balloon ride back just in time to intercept Jim. When they fight their way into the house, Stan finds that Meg is holding Francine at gunpoint because Meg didn't want to give Stan up. Jim nearly shoots Stan but is shot by Meg to protect Stan. Stan heads into her arms where he grabs the gun and knocks her out, only to be given a final kick by Francine.

She has a crowd scene cameo on the doomed bus in "100 A.D." where she was killed in a bus crash. She returns in the episode recap in "Son of Stan".

Meg Penner is voiced by Amy Sedaris.