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Margie is one of the "Naughty Stewardesses" who got into the business for love in "Introducing the Naughty Stewardesses".

As Stan and Francine wait at the airport, they overhear several stewardesses talking and Francine notes that they are having fun and Stan agrees. The stewardesses convince them that they should make their own fun and introduce themselves. When Mark Cuban stops by and recognizes Margie after a night of sex, they decide to continue their tryst and Margie manages to get Stan and Francine hired as stewardesses as well, rather than go on a boring vacation to Sacramento. In the air, they notice Mark's bodyguard has an oversized carry-on he refuses to relinquish. The other stewardesses create a diversion for Stan who get the bag and discovers plans to blow up the sun. At a party at Mark's mansion, they sneak in to stop the plot. After confronting Mark, he reveals that he was really plotting to blow up the Suns basketball team for potentially being at the top of their division and further admits that "blow up" was a poor choice of words for what amounts to dirty tricks. But the stewardesses burst in and reveal they are the official supporters of the Suns and defeat Mark as his bodyguard reveals himself to really be Denise's long-lost father working in disguise.

Margie is voiced by Becki Newton.