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"You mess with us and you're not going to jail. You're going to the hospital."
―Luke Cage[src]

Luke Cage (also known as Power Man, though he dislikes being referred to as such) is a Hero for Hire and member of the New Avengers.


Sweet Christmas!

-- 'Luke Cage' [src]

Early life[]

His early life was currently unknown, but he did gain an indestructible skin and became one of the Heroes for Hire along with his friend Iron Fist. He dislikes being called "Power Man" and prefers his real name instead.

To Steal An Ant Man[]

When Hank Pym asked Luke and Iron Fist to help him find the culprit who stole the Ant Man suit, Cage reminded him about their payment once it is over after agreeing to help so long as the pay is good.

In the alley near the bank, Iron Fist had asked him why Pym asked their help while he has his Avengers teammates to help him instead and couldn't understand why. But Luke understood: he told his partner that Pym wouldn't want to tell the Avengers about his own situation he has been and needs a muscle to take down the person who stole his gear. Then, Iron Fist chuckled and said to Cage that they're now working with the Avengers as Power Man and him, which annoyed Cage of his hero name.

After their discussion, Cage and Iron Fist walked out and interrogated the informats of their culprit they're looking for. In another alley, they ran into Mangler and Scythe who wanted to take down superheroes. Before the clash started, Cage had warned the two that they're not going to jail but to the hospital.

As the battle is done, Cage had stated that it's really too easy to take them down. Then they ran into the thief who stole Hank's suit. The two did what they can but were soundly defeated and the thief ran off. After that, Cage had told his partner not to tell anyone about their defeat ever again, which his friend agreed.

After figured out who the culprit was, they followed him to Crossfire's lair along with Pym.

When they showed themselves to Crossfire, he asked them if they were Avengers, which Luke jokingly confirmed that they were. Then the fight has started between the four heroes and Crossfire and his henchmen, which the four prevailed.

After the battle, Scott Lang had offered to return Pym's equipment and turned himself in to the authorities but Hank replied that he'll deal about that and told him that it's his now then left. Cage then yelled at him about when he will pay the two for helping them.

New Avengers[]

Luke was one of the temporary New Avengers after the Avengers were trapped by Kang in time. He aided in distracting Kang while Spider-Man brought the Avengers back to the present.

Defending Earth[]

Luke Cage was among the heroes who heed the Code White protocol and was among the strike team against Air-Walker during the former's invasion of Earth, during which the group emerged victorious.


Luke Cage wears a wrestler-type civilian outfit. He has no hair but has small goatee. He has brown eyes.


He is a man of action. He likes to take down any villain who may dare try to take him head-on. He dislikes to be called "Power Man" for some other reasons and preferred to be called by his real name instead. As a member of Heroes for Hire, he is constantly demanding cash for his heroics. When temporal anomolies happened in New York he thought of charging the city. After the New Avengers stopped Kang, he sent Iron Man a bill for all their hard work.


Iron Fist[]

Iron Fist is Luke Cage's partner and best friend of his. They worked together to get the job done and paid well for their work from their clients.

Powers and Abilities[]

Luke Cage has indestructible skin, making him a highly durable ally (as well as a deadly foe) in combat. With his unbreakable skin, he can withstand powerful blows and attacks from other foes and is stronger than any superhumans but not be as strong as the Hulk or Thor.

He is also quite skilled in hand-to-hand combat and seems to possess some degree of superhuman strength as he was able to knock Mangler (a much larger and heavier foe) off his feet with one bunch and snapped Spear's bolt without effort.