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Longshot was a member of the Earth Kingdom rebel force known as theFreedom Fighters. He was often taciturn, though his opinions were greatly valued by his peers. He was understood by his companions through his eyes and facial expressions, which indicated his thoughts and viewpoints on particular subjects. In addition, Longshot was a very skilled archer, able to aim with extreme precision at enemies, even while upside-down or while using multiple arrows at once.


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Longshot was a skilled archer, able to effectively use a bow and arrow while in motion or while in an inverted position. In a battle against Fire Nation infantry, he was able to effectively battle troops while upside down, using several arrows concurrently with flawless precision and accuracy.[4]

In one particular battle, Longshot exhibited his impeccable aim when he was able to target the weaponry of several soldiers, and strike them with enough force so that the soldiers would be disarmed. Earlier in the battle, he was able to target the leader of the opposing force, incapacitating him with an arrow to the back.