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Lindsay Coolidge is a girl that Steve tries to date in "Francine's Flashback". Lindsay told Steve that if Steve got her friend Jewel a date, she would go out with Steve, so Steve got Roger to go out with Jewel. All goes well, as Steve is successful in getting Lindsay to go back to his house, but all the while Jewel is getting quite hands-on with Roger. While trying to escape Jewel's advances, Roger's costume comes off, and she sees him as the alien he is. When Jewel runs to tell her friend the truth, Roger is forced to clobber her in the head with a frying pan. Lindsay sees what happens and tries to run, but Roger hits her on the head by throwing the pan at her. As Roger and Steve stand over the two unconscious girls, Roger suggests that they should pin the assault on "black guys".

Stan and Francine come home only to find Roger and Steve with two girls tied up and gagged. The solution is obvious: take them to the CIA secret lab and have the last 24 hours erased from their memories. While this is done, Stan is relieved to find out that Steve was hanging out with the cute girl.

Lindsay returns in "Big Trouble in Little Langley" when she offers to let Steve feel her breast if he blows something up with the fireworks given to him by his grandparents, Ma Ma Ling and Bah Bah Ling. When Steve convinces Roger to go along with the stunt, he accidentally blows off his own thumb. The paramedics are able to reattach it by numbing his hand and sewing it back on. Lindsay offers to go through with her promise of letting him touch her, but due to the anesthetic, Steve is unable to feel anything and Lindsay believes he is insulting her for having small breasts.

Steve tries to impress Lindsay with his cello playing in "Choosy Wives Choose Smith". Lindsay is ready to accept him, but Steve dumps her for Simon, a cat he attempted to rescue that was hit by a car.

Lindsay has a crowd scene cameo in "My Morning Straitjacket". She also appears at Vince Chung's halloween party in "Best Little Horror House in Langley Falls" and in "The Scarlett Getter", and also appears in "I Am the Walrus" in the church praying to God. In "Daddy Queerest", she appears in the school gym, and is surprised when she sees that anyone could get drunk and make out with a girl like Jewel.

She appears in the audience during Stan's match with Roger in "The Wrestler".

She is voiced by Terri Lyn Rodriguez. It is noted in the commentary for "Big Trouble in Little Langley", that she is married to actor Jeff Fischer.