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Leonidas Van Rook is a tertiary antagonist in The Secret Saturdays. He serves as a mercenary and a capitalistic cryptozoologist, offering his services to whoever pays him the highest bid even at the expense of cryptids, usually V.V. Argost.


Van Rook was a tall middle-aged man of a muscular build; he had unkempt black hair slicked back with gray sideburns and tan skin with a noticeable greenish tint.

He usually wore a set of light green armor, brown gloves, black wrist warmers and light green pants, and black knee-length combat boots.

Other accessories included a jetpack, wrist gauntlets, and a metal faceplate which he wore in order to conceal his identity. He also had a tattoo on his right bicep of a snake wrapped around a skull.


Being indecisive is never an issue for Van Rook. He is a man without morals who knows what he wants: money, and he'll do almost any job assigned to him in order to get it. He doesn't align himself with anyone officially and merely works for anyone who can afford his services.

Van Rook is very impatient. Once he has what he wants, he doesn't waste time sticking around for personal unfinished business or loose ends.

He has a very dry sense of humor, mostly relying on sarcasm and insults.

Due to his frugal nature, Van Rook isn't one to hold a grudge. Despite his disliking of the Saturday family during season one and the bitterness between them, he's perfectly willing to take jobs for them as well as Doyle so long as they are paying him.


Before the Show[]

Leonidas Van Rook was a rival cryptozoologist and mercenary. Van Rook was solely interested in proving the existence of cryptids for money.

He had built a reputation for himself which allows him to command large fees from those that hire him. Van Rook was an exceptional marksman, being able to shoot small quick-moving objects out of the air.

He had a relationship with Drew Saturday in the past, as they dated in college. She broke up with him after realizing what he did for a living. He's also been hinted at having more apprentices before Doyle Blackwell.

Season One[]

As of The Kur Stone: Part One, Van Rook has a new apprentice, breaking into the Saturday household under orders from V.V. Argost in order to collect a piece of the Kur Stone. When he doesn't find it, Van Rook and his apprentice are defeated by Doc and Drew before leaving without much fuss.

The Ice Caverns of Ellef Ringnes features Van Rook and his apprentice digging up ancient burial mounds to make a profit by selling the artifacts within. When this awakens Amaroks and Zak tells Van Rook to put the artifacts back, Van Rook causes the tunnel to collapse and leaves Zak and Fiskerton to be eaten alive. Luckily, Van Rook accidentally causes a cave-in, and Drew and Doc are able to find him and assist their son. Van Rook drops the artifacts and then has his jetpack stolen when his apprentice goes after Zak to help him. He isn't seen afterward.

As the title suggests, Van Rook's Apprentice features more of Van Rook's apprentice, Doyle, than Van Rook himself. Van Rook is in the beginning of the episode, telling Doyle to do the dirty job, and arrives to help Doyle get away after they fail to retrieve the Alkali Horn. Later, Van Rook arrives with Munya at Saturday HQ while Drew is meeting up with Doyle, believing him to be her brother. With Doc home alone, defeating him is simple and Van Rook and Munya retreat with the Alkali Horn for Argost.

In the episode Cryptid vs. Cryptid, he was running a cryptid fighting ring out of an ancient temple. The whole thing was actually an elaborate set up by Argost to get the Saturday's attention and use them to remove the temple's guardian, a cryptid that served as the last thing standing between Argost and Kur's tomb. At the end of the episode, Van Rook had his jetpack destroyed by Doyle and was found by police after trying to escape. He was swiftly arrested.

He appears in prison at the beginning of Target: Fiskerton, notably without his mask. He was seen trying to bribe the guard into getting him a softer pillow for his room, using an American penny. Not long after, he was released by Argost, and "persuaded" (I.E., threatened) into helping Argost with his latest plan. Under orders and with payment, Van Rook attacks the Saturdays with Piecemeal, leading Zak Saturday into a train trap in order to orchestrate Fiskerton's capture. He is shot off of the train with a blast from Drew's fire sword and was not seen afterward.

In the episode Food of the Giants, he was revealed to have taken on a new apprentice, Abbey Grey, who he had tasked with luring the Saturday family into the forest to be eaten by an Allegewi. Van Rook mentions that the Saturdays have so many enemies that he had to take out a betting pool to decide on how they would die and who would pay for it.

Season Two[]

Starting season two six months after the events of Kur Rising, Doyle finds Van Rook working for Ron Bantington as a petty thug. He explains that he trained Abbey "too well," as she had successfully cheated him out of his business. Throughout Kur: Part One and Part Two, Van Rook takes a job helping Doyle track down Argost. Although they initially believe him to be dead, Zak sets them on the path of digging into Argost's past instead, which is how they spend the rest of the second season.

During The Return of Tsul 'Kalu, Van Rook confronts Abbey again since she took his business. While he was angry at being tricked, he was proud of her similar business savvy, calling her his "star pupil." He similarly mocks Doyle the rest of the episode for doing so much "manual labor" for free, but Van Rook still takes his orders and goes along with what he says.

In And Your Enemies Closer, he accompanied Doyle to the Himilayan mountains where the Xing-Xing was from, where he mostly complained and flirted with Drew. However, he was notably disgusted to find the souvenirs in the lair of the Yeti, revealing that it killed only for sport, not money or food.

In War of the Cryptids, Van Rook is paid to assist the Saturday family in fighting against Argost. During the final assault on Weird World, Rani Nagi shoots at Drew with her own fire sword and Van Rook takes the hit for her, dying in her arms. Van Rook's last words are, "Ah, Drew. You were the only thing I liked almost as much as money."

At the end of the episode the Saturday family, Doyle, Wadi, Ulraj, Dr. Grey, and Dr. Cheechoo are seen at his grave, holding a funeral to honor his sacrifice.


  • His face is not shown in the show until the episode Cryptid vs. Cryptid.
  • At his funeral, there was an interesting callback from Doyle: He threw three flowers on onto Van Rook's grave and then picked one of them up, saying "two is plenty." This is a reference to something that Van Rook said to Doyle when discussing his overuse of explosives in The Kur Stone: Part One.
  • A recurring theme is that like Van Rook, his apprentices wear masks similar to his.
  • His and his apprentices' masks resemble the mask of Marvel hero, Iron Man.
  • Van Rook is a playable fighter in Cartoon Network's game, TKO, along with Zak Saturday and Munya. His special move in TKO is that several concussion grenades strike his opponent.
  • He is neither good nor evil, just a mercenary who works for both sides
  • According to Van Rook, a good mercenary should be able to overlook their own feelings and just do the job.
  • He dislikes Zon, as he calls her birdasaurus, flying crocodile, etc. This might be because Zon has a habit of attacking Van Rook.
  • In season two, his face is shown the whole time without the mask ever since Abbey put him out of his business.
  • The tattoo on Van Rook's arm resembles the Dark Mark, the symbol of Voldemort and his Death Eaters from the Harry Potter franchise, which is a skull with a snake protruding from its mouth.
  • He is clearly inspired by Boba Fett from Star Wars franchise, as they are both masked bounty hunters who use jetpacks.
  • He is possibly of Greek ethnicity, due to his name, accent, and appearance.