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Lau Gan-Lan is the son of the cabbage merchant and current owner of Cabbage Corp, the rival company of Future Industries in Republic City. His tenure was marked by considerable troubles, as he was framed by Hiroshi Sato as the manufacturer of Equalist weaponry and his company's properties in Republic City were heavily damaged during a series of crises in the early 170s AG. Overall, he and Cabbage Corp endured these problematic times rather well, and Lau Gan-Lan subsequently worked on further improving his company's public perception as well as diversifying their production.


Born to the cabbage merchant, Lau Gan-Lan inherited the leadership of Cabbage Corp as well as his father's extensive insurance policies. He maintained the latter and further expanded the former.

In 170 AG, Republic City Police was alerted of Lau Gan-Lan's alleged Equalist ties. After finding sufficient evidence, the police came to Cabbage Corp's headquarters and arrested him. Despite his assertions that the allegations were false, authorities proceeded with carrying away Lau Gan-Lan, causing him to begin crying upon hearing that his assets would be frozen and Cabbage Corp would be closed. It was later discovered that Hiroshi Sato had framed Lau Gan-Lan, who was subsequently released and continued running his company. The next years saw further troubles, as Republic City and, by extension Cabbage Corp property, suffered significant damage due to the Unalaq Crisis, the emergence of urban Spirit Wilds, and the Earth Empire invasion. With his company being exceptionally well insured, however, Cabbage Corp emerged financially unscathed. Using his funds amid the struggles of other companies, Lau Gan-Lan invested into various smaller corporations and startups, turning them into Cabbage Corp subsidiaries.

In addition, Lau Gan-Lan attempted to change his company's public perception. The company was mainly known for its cheap products, but he wanted it to also produce a unique product of high quality to demonstrate Cabbage Corp's ability to be a technological leader instead of just an affordable alternative to its corporate rivals. Before long, Lau Gan-Lan thus became the most important source of corporate espionage bribes in all of Republic City's Downtown, trying to identify the next big technological discovery so that Cabbage Corp could buy it before the competition.


Cabbage merchant
Lau Gan-Lan


The Legend of Korra[]

Book One: Air (气)[]

  • 107. "The Aftermath"

Avatar Legends: The Roleplaying Game[]

  • Republic City


  • Lau yelled "No! Not my Cabbage Corp!" when he was taken into custody by the metalbending police, which is strikingly similar to "My cabbages!", the catchphrase of his father, the cabbage merchant.
    • Both characters were voiced by the same actor, James Sie.
  • Lau Gan-Lan is a pun on the Chinese words 老, which is a respectful title meaning "old man" or "Mr." and 甘藍, meaning "wild cabbage": his name could therefore be translated as "Old Man Cabbage" or "Mr. Cabbage".