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Irma was a student at Roosevelt High School and April O'Neil's best friend for an entire year during season 2. In The Invasion, Part 1, she is revealed to be the master Kraang spy, Kraang Subprime. In Annihilation Earth, Part 1, Subprime was revealed to have originally been an Utrom along with Bishop.

Personality []

Kraang Sub-Prime, whose true name is Knight, is the only known Krang who can speak English flawlessly, a skill he developed from his work as a spy. Unlike the other Kraang, Knight can act like a human flawlessly and is easily annoyed by the other Kraang's inability to speak English properly. He hates incompetence and often yells at his subordinates. Originally an Utrom hero, Knight betrayed them and became Kraang Prime's loyal second in command, being proud of his subservience to the Kraang leader.


  • As a Kraang spy, "Irma" was far more convincing than the Normans or the Ms. Campbells.
  • Irma possesses none of the Kraang's grammar tics, and had more organically human mannerisms than an android. When Kraang Subprime revealed his true identity, his speech continued to have the same natural grammatical constructs, not typically heard from other speaking Kraang.
    • In Battle for New York, Kraang Subprime questions why other Kraang can not speak proper english as they have been on Earth for thousands of years.
  • Irma wears a red hexagon-shaped bracelet on her right wrist. As seen on mutagen canisters and on the TCRI buildings, the Kraang's symbol is composed by hexagons.
  • Just like all Kraang, Irma has green eyes.
  • In Pizza Face, when the Pizza Guy runs his motorcycle into Irma, the collision's sound is a noticeable clang of metal against metal, foreshadowing Irma's true nature as an Irmabot—Kraang Subprime's droid body.

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