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Kitane (キタネ, Kitane) was once a member of theTwelve Guardian Ninja. He appears to have once been friends with Asuma Sarutobi before his death.


While he was still alive, he was part of the Twelve Guardian Ninja. Ten years before the start of the series, when six of the members tried a coup d'etat, he alongside Asuma SarutobiChirikuNaumaTōu, and Seito fought against them, only to be killed by Kazuma when Kitane and the three other lightning users tried to use Limelight on Kazuma.

His, Nauma's, Tou's, and Seito's corpses are stolen by grave robbers, and later revived using lightning. After being revived, they were all approached by Asuma, who had figured out the scheme of the robbers. There, he tries without luck to stop the three who seem to have become mindless puppets, while Kitane, the only one of them who still seems to think clearly, attacks Asuma, saying that he cannot go against his summoner's orders.

He was later "killed" again by Asuma before he got to the Limelight spot. When Kazuma's plan failed, he decided to release the summoned Nauma, Tōu and Seito.

Super Powers[]

He along with Nauma, Tōu, and Seito were known as the greatest lightning-chakra masters of their time. Like Asuma, his battle style revolved around combining superb taijutsu skill with his elemental affinity through a unique weapon. He was skilled in bōjutsu, using a three-parted metal staff that could conduct his lightning based attacks. He was skilled enough to fight on par with Asuma, another skilled practioner of bukijutsu, and achieving victory in the end.

Nature Transformation []

Kitane could send lightning through the ground to attack by striking his staff into the ground. When separating his staff into three pieces he can use his Lightning Release: Thunder Binding to form a barrier around a target. When in one of the four cardinal directions, he along with Nauma, Tōu, and Seito could use a technique called Limelight to destroy everything within that area to ash.


  1. Lightning Style: Lightning Bind
  2. Limelight