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Kikunojō (菊之丞, Kikunojō) was a skilled ninja from the Land of Vegetables.


He grew up and trained alongside his friend, Yurinojō, who shared a friendly rivalry with him. When still kids, he and Yurinojō developed a huge crush on Tsunade and fought for her affection (at least according to Tsunade). Since a young age, Kikunojō showed tremendous talent for ninja arts and earned great fame throughout the Land of Vegetables. He was later chosen as a personal guard to the daimyō.

Years later when the infamous Janin attacked the Land of Vegetables, the daimyō sent Kikunojō and Yurinojō to protect his own daughter, Haruna. Fearing that their combined skills would not be enough, Kikunojō hired Konoha for assistance. Unfortunately due to little money, they could only be offered assistance at a C-rank level mission under the guise of escorting merchants. To further this deceptions, Kikunojō, Haruna, and Yurinojō disguised themselves as merchants as well. When it soon became clear that the Janin saw through their deceptions, Kikunojō went off to face them head-on.

Kikunojō then found himself in a flower field against the youngest of the Janin, Ruiga. Kikunojō initially had the upper hand and for a while seemed the inevitable winner with his clan's secret techniques. Unfortunately, Ruiga then unveiled his own secret technique and killed him. In the end, Kikunojō was given a proper burial and Haruna apologised for not appreciating his selfless service.

Appearance []

He had tanned skin, with a short crop of dark hair and black eyes.

Abilities []

Since a young age, Kikunojō was regarded as a genius ninja in his country. His skill was presumably high, as he was selected to be a personal guard to the daimyō. With his skill he could constantly keep his opponents off guard though a variety of attack patterns. As he was seen using a sword he was also proficient in kenjutsu, being able to clash evenly with a jōnin-level shinobi.

As a genius, Kikunojō quickly gained mastery of his clan's secret flower-oriented techniques.

For example, he can cause flowers around a opponent to ignite in flames or have them explode like explosive tags. Also, he can cause flowers to float and harden into shuriken or have them surround the opponent for a genjutsu that darkens the area.